Stories About Monsters

Stories About Monsters

Welcome to the Top 14 Stories About Monsters, a fantastic online collection catered to children looking for some bedtime reading! These exciting stories are perfect for kids, boys and girls, who enjoy learning about fascinating creatures through educational and enchanting tales. Our selection is packed with short stories to tell and read aloud, with some even having pictures for extra fun and engagement. So, whether you’re looking for classic fairy tales or more modern monster stories, we’ve got you covered!

Each story in our collection is available in an easy-to-understand format, designed especially for early years learners, preschoolers, kindergarten students, EYFS children, toddlers, and elementary students. Simply download these stories as a free PDF, and enjoy a printable, online version that is quick and easy to access. Need an audio option? No problem – some of our stories come with audio, so you can have the perfect story time, even for those night time tales. Our collection is perfect for adding a touch of excitement and adventure to English learning while making it fun and enjoyable.

Stories About Monsters have always been a favorite among kids, offering them a chance to explore the world of imagination and fantasy while learning valuable lessons. These stories not only ignite children’s curiosity but also teach important morals that help them grow and develop as individuals. Monsters can represent our fears or teach us how to overcome challenges as we follow the characters in the story. Kids love these thrilling tales because they can relate to the characters and learn from their journeys, while also discovering new and interesting monsters from different cultures and traditions. So, dive into our world of monstrous adventures and enjoy these amazing stories that will captivate the hearts of young readers everywhere, lulling them into a peaceful sleep, dreaming of fantastic adventures and the triumph of good over evil. Happy reading!

Top 14 Stories About Monsters for kids to read online:

  1. Theseus and the Minotaur: The story tells of a young hero named Theseus who travels to Athens to meet his father, the king, defeating monsters and robbers along the way. He learns of the Minotaur, a creature in a labyrinth on the island of Crete that the king must send young men and women to be devoured by every year to maintain peace with Crete. Theseus volunteers to go, defeats the Minotaur with the help of a silk thread left by the king’s daughter, Ariadne, but forgets to change his sails to white when he returns to Athens. Believing his son is dead, the king throws himself into the sea, making Theseus the new king of Athens.
  2. The good sea monster: The story is about a sea monster who is actually a kind creature, but his appearance makes people fear him. One day he saves a boy from a shipwreck and takes care of him on his island. With the boy’s help, the monster transforms back to his true self as a sea-god. Ko-Ko and a little girl who was also saved by the monster live on the island and are promised a beautiful life by the sea-god. The story is available for download as an ebook in PDF format.
  3. The Loch Ness Monster: The story is about Nessie, the Loch Ness monster, who lived in a deep lake in Scotland and was loved by the people around her. But one day, an evil man came to catch her, and Nessie had to hide in a secret cave in the deep waters. Although she was rarely seen after that, people still talked about her and the legend of the magical Loch Ness monster. The story is available to read as an ebook.
  4. The Fever Dream Monster: The protagonist, Kai, has a frightening dream in which he is being chased by a monster that he can’t escape. After trying to defend himself, Kai believes that it’s the end for him until he wakes up and realizes it was just a nightmare caused by his fever. He recovers from the flu and moves on with his life, grateful that the monster was not real. An ebook version of the story is available for download.
  5. Go Away, Monster!: This is a story about a little boy named Elijah who was afraid of the dark. He would listen to the creaks and groans of the old house and was convinced there were monsters hiding under his bed and in his closet, waiting to grab him. This led to him falling asleep in class. One day, a fairy appeared to him in a dream and gave him a magic wand to make the monsters and scary sounds go away. With the wand, Elijah was able to sleep soundly and even scare off sounds that scared him. He never heard the monsters again and was able to play and learn new things during the day.
  6. The Monster Tea Party: A little girl named Mia was scared of monsters under her bed, despite her parents doing everything they could to reassure her. One day, Mia’s mother organised a tea party under the bed for the monsters, and Mia joined the party. To her surprise, she found that the monsters were friendly and kind, and they explained that they were in charge of bedtime performance and helping children sleep soundly. Mia was never afraid of monsters under the bed again, and she went to bed with a smile on her face every night.
  7. King Kojata: In this story, King Kojata makes a deal with a monster to regain his freedom after being trapped in a well. However, he later realizes that he has promised his newborn son to the monster. Years later, the prince seeks help from a girl from the Kingdom of the Underworld, who aids him in a series of dangerous tasks that the monster has demanded of him. Despite the prince momentarily forgetting the girl, they are ultimately reunited and live happily ever after. Downloads for an ebook version of the story are available.
  8. Schippeitaro: The story is about a young warrior in search of adventure who stumbles upon a village where a girl is about to be sacrificed to the Spirit of the Mountain. The warrior learns about Schippeitaro, the big dog belonging to the supervisor of the prince, and convinces the supervisor to lend him the dog. He then saves the girl by hiding Schippeitaro in the sacrificial box and killing the Spirit of the Mountain when it opens the box. From then on, all the girls in the village are safe, and a festival is held every year in memory of the warrior and Schippeitaro.
  9. Uncle Wiggily and the Campfire: In this story, Uncle Wiggily seeks his fortune and is helped by a friendly berry bush that suggests he dig a tunnel to avoid its prickly branches. He then visits different places, looking for his fortune and finally finds a tin bank full of pennies in a house made of clothespins. However, when the cat who lives in the house returns, Uncle Wiggily realizes his mistake and returns the bank. The cat offers to help Uncle Wiggily find his fortune and they set off to search, camping overnight in the woods and scaring off a wushky-woshky with a campfire. The next morning, they continue their adventure.
  10. The Enchanted Boat: In this story, a scheming Queen wants her son Tito to become King, so she convinces the King to make his daughter marry Tito. However, the Princess does not love Tito and runs away to a strange castle where she meets a leopard-man prince. The prince tells her that he was turned into a leopard-man by a witch, and only a golden root growing on a blue mountain-peak can save him. The Princess decides to help and, with the aid of an eagle, retrieves the root. She gives the root to the prince, and he is restored to his human form. They fall in love and return to the Princess’s kingdom, where they find that Tito and the Queen have taken over. However, the prince sets things right, and the Princess and the prince marry.
  11. Nicko and the Ogre: The story is about an ogre who lives near a river and eats all the fish, making it impossible for the townspeople to fish. One day, Nicko decides to seek help from an old witch in the forest who tells him that only a mermaid knows the secret to getting rid of the ogre. Nicko makes a suit to look like a fish and swims to where the mermaid is. She agrees to tell him but reveals it’s impossible, as the only solution is for a mortal to marry her. Nicko offers to marry the mermaid, and they go to see her father, Neptune. He gives his blessing and helps them get rid of the ogre. The mermaid reveals she is a princess, they get married, and Nicko becomes King.
  12. The King’s Son and the Ogress: A prince goes hunting with his vizier but gets lost and meets a young woman who seems lost as well. The prince offers her help, but she turns out to be an ogress who tries to eat him. She advises him to pray to God for help, and when he does, she leaves him alone. He eventually returns to his father, the king, and tells him what happened, and the king executes the vizier who had intentionally led the prince astray. A downloadable PDF is available.
  13. The Ogre: In this story, a simple-minded boy named Antonio runs away from home and becomes the servant of an ogre who treats him well. After growing fat and lazy, Antonio becomes homesick and is given a donkey by the ogre to visit his family. The donkey can produce jewels when a certain word is spoken, but Antonio loses it to a dishonest innkeeper who substitutes a worthless animal in its place. Antonio returns to the ogre, who scolds him for his carelessness. The ogre eventually grants Antonio another home visit, this time gifting him a magic tablecloth and a stick that can beat people if the wrong word is spoken. Antonio tricks the innkeeper into restoring his stolen items, using the stick to threaten him. Finally, Antonio is able to return home with his treasures.
  14. The Milk-White Horse and the Prince: A white horse with a red velvet saddle and a gilded leather bridle without a rider appeared one night at the foot of a tree. The tree transformed into a prince who stroked the horse and mounted it gracefully. Inside a house atop a snow-white mountain lived a princess held captive by three monstrous creatures. The prince, an enchanted prince, was tasked by the fairies to rescue the princess, but he needed the milk-white horse to carry him to the top of the mountain. The prince rescued the princess with the help of a talking mouse who revealed that he was the prince in a different form. On the stroke of midnight, the prince returned in his true form, mounted on the milk-white horse, and rescued the princess. The prince transmuted the monsters into stone, and the little princess’s parents invited the prince to reside with them and marry their daughter.

In conclusion, these Top 14 Stories About Monsters offer a delightful and thrilling journey for young readers, providing them with enchanting tales of friendship, bravery, and understanding. These stories not only ignite their imagination but also help them realize that sometimes, our fears are just a product of our minds and that even the most fearsome monsters can teach us valuable life lessons. So, embark on this magical adventure, as these captivating tales of mystical creatures and courageous heroes leave a lasting impression on young minds, inspiring them to face their fears and embrace the extraordinary wonders that lie within their own imaginations.