Exciting Stories

Exciting Stories

Welcome to the Top 29 Exciting Stories for kids to read online! This amazing collection of children’s stories is specially designed to provide endless entertainment and education for your little ones. Every bedtime, parents and guardians across the world search for engaging, fun, and educational stories to tell their kids, and this collection covers all their needs. It features a range of story types, from classic fairy tales to good moral stories, all available for free online in various formats such as PDF, printable, and audio – with many also accompanied by beautiful pictures.

The importance of Exciting Stories cannot be overstated. Besides being an enjoyable way for kids to wind down at night time, these stories also play a crucial role in their early years’ development. The enchanting tales in this collection will spark the curiosity of young minds across preschool, kindergarten, and elementary levels, eagerly following the adventures of both boys and girls. Stories are an integral part of learning in the EYFS, helping toddlers through to elementary students in their educational journey, teaching values and morals that they can carry with them throughout their lives.

What makes our collection stand apart is its versatility and the variety of stories on offer. With both short, easy-to-read tales and longer, more complex narratives, we have something for everyone. Children can read them independently or have them read aloud during story time, enhancing their English language skills in a fun and engaging manner. Designed to cater to different age groups, from preschoolers to elementary students, our stories will have kids looking forward to bedtime before they drift off to sleep.

So, get ready to embark on magical journeys, filled with fun and wisdom, by diving into our Top 29 Exciting Stories collection. Whether you’re a parent looking to provide a memorable bedtime experience or a teacher seeking English material for your students, these stories offer something for everyone.

Top 29 Exciting Stories for kids to read online:

  1. Rumpelstiltskin: A poor miller’s daughter is given the task of spinning straw into gold by the king. She despairs until a small man offers to do it for her in exchange for increasingly valuable items. When the king is still not satisfied, the miller’s daughter must promise her first child to the little man. When the child is born, he gives her three days to guess his name, and when she finally does, he disappears forever.
  2. Bluebeard: In this story, a wealthy man with a blue beard tries to marry one of his two neighbours, but they are repulsed by his appearance and the mysterious disappearance of his previous wives. He invites them to stay in one of his mansions, and they have a great time, leading the youngest neighbour to agree to marry him. After the wedding, the man goes away on business and gives his wife all the keys to his house, except for one room. She can’t resist and opens the room, finding the bodies of his previous wives. Her husband finds out and tries to kill her, but her brothers arrive just in time to save her. She inherits all his wealth and eventually marries a nice man.
  3. The Snow Queen: In this story, an evil troll makes a mirror that makes everything look ugly and bad. When it breaks, people get splinters in their eyes or hearts, which makes them see only bad things or turn their hearts into ice. A boy named Kay gets a splinter in his eye and heart, and he is kidnapped by the Snow Queen. His friend Gerda goes on a long journey to rescue him, and with her warm tears, she thaws Kay’s frozen heart and removes the splinter from his eye. They return home as grownups but still the same children in their hearts. The story can be downloaded as an ebook.
  4. Batcha and the dragon: The story follows the shepherd Batcha, who discovers a magical cave full of snakes and precious gems. However, upon trying to leave, he realizes he is trapped and spends the winter with the snakes. When he finally escapes and returns to his cabin, he finds that he has been gone for several months, and his wife believes him to be dead. The Wizard of the Mountain forces him to reveal the secret of the cave, and a dragon arises from it. Batcha is saved by a skylark carrying a message to God, who helps him return to his normal life.
  5. Zlatovlaska with the golden hair: This is a fairy tale about a king who eats a snake and learns to talk to animals. His cook Yirik also eats the snake by mistake and gains the ability to hear animals’ conversations. The king learns of a beautiful princess with golden hair and orders Yirik to find her. Yirik helps various creatures along the way and receives their aid in return. He successfully completes three tasks set by the princess’s father to win her hand in marriage. After bringing the princess to his master, the king kills Yirik. The princess revives him with water of death and water of life. The king uses the water of death on himself, and Yirik becomes the new king and marries the princess.
  6. The girl and the goblin: The story is about a little girl called Little Daughter who has a beautiful room full of treasures. She has a string of pearls that grows longer and more beautiful every day as a gift from the king of the country, and she is waiting for him to call her. One day, a goblin visits her room and starts to make a mess of everything. The girl is too distracted by the goblin to notice the mess he is making. When the goblin touches her precious string of pearls, he soils one pearl, and the little girl becomes upset. The goblin suggests that they wash the pearl, but it only gets darker. The girl tries to close the door between her and her mother, but it gets stuck, and her mother rushes in to help. Together they clean up and restore the room to its previous beauty, except for one pearl on the string that remains a little blue. The mother and daughter put two golden hearts on the door and never close it again.
  7. The End of the Great Treasure War: Two boys named Jack and Jake are overcome with greed as they stumble upon a treasure chest hidden in the woods that they both want for themselves. The two boys call on their families to help settle the dispute, and the dispute quickly turns into a full-blown battle. As the humans continue to fight, a little boy who has the gift of talking to animals and magical creatures decides to bring an end to the fighting by having the creatures dig tunnels beneath the treasure and make it disappear. Over time, the humans learn the error of their ways and work together to make peace and live in harmony.
  8. The Brave Princess and the Magic Forest: A young girl named Lucy asks her mother to tell her a magical adventure. Her mother begins the story of a brave princess who received a message from an old woman, urging her to defeat a threatening dragon. The princess bravely sets off on a journey through the forest, facing magical creatures and ultimately defeating the dragon. The people of the kingdom rejoiced, and the princess lived happily ever after. Lucy falls asleep dreaming of her own magical adventures. The story is available for download as an eBook.
  9. The Great Amazon Wildfire: A wildfire breaks out in the Amazon rainforest during a hot and dry summer, threatening the lives of the animals and the delicate balance of the ecosystem. The Guerreiros de Fogo or Fire Warriors, a group of skilled warriors who protect the rainforest, come to the rescue, working tirelessly for days to put out the flames. Despite the fire’s stubbornness, the Fire Warriors refused to give up. Finally, after many days, with the help of a cool breeze and much-needed rain, the wildfire is put out, and the animals can return home. Their bravery and determination are remembered for generations to come.
  10. The Arctic Explorer: The story is about a sailor who, fueled by curiosity, embarks on a journey to explore the frozen Arctic with a team of determined men. They encounter the Inuit people who help them navigate the land and survive the harsh conditions. The Arctic proves to be a land of wonder and danger with sightings of polar bears, aurora borealis, and glaciers. Despite the challenges, the sailor is filled with a sense of awe and adventure, making memories that will last a lifetime. A downloadable Ebook (PDF) version of the story is available.
  11. The Fever Dream Monster: A young boy named Kai was woken up in the middle of the night by a monster towering over him. He tried running to escape, but the monster followed him, and the ground became sticky syrup, making it difficult for Kai to run. Kai managed to grab a frying pan and swing it at the monster, but it didn’t work. Eventually, Kai realised that it was all a terrifying nightmare induced by his fever from being sick with the flu. He felt relieved that the monster wasn’t real, and he gradually recovered from the illness over the next few days.
  12. Dreaming of Dinosaurs: A young boy named Archie goes to a dinosaur museum and dreams of an adventure with them. He is transported to a world where dinosaurs have created a theme park just for him. Archie enjoys sliding off the back of the Argentinosaurus in Argentina, racing across the North American plains on the back of the Dromiceiomimus, surfing across oceans on the marine reptile Elasmosaurus, and meeting the oldest dinosaur of them all, the Saltopus, and listening to its stories. Although a ferocious Tyrannosaurus rex scares him, Archie is glad to have experienced an incredible adventure and learns that living in a world full of dinosaurs would be very dangerous.
  13. The Good Little Mouse: In this story, a jealous king attacks a happy neighboring kingdom, kills the king, and takes the queen captive, hoping to marry her newborn daughter to his son. A fairy helps the queen, who spends her days spinning wool on a spinning wheel and feeding a mouse. The mouse helps the queen with her newborn, but a cruel fairy later steals the child. Years later, a beautiful girl refuses to marry the prince, so she is locked up in a tower until her wedding day. The mouse transforms into a fairy and helps the girl, revealing that she is the princess and helps her become queen, finding love with a handsome prince.
  14. Rubezahl: The story is about Rubezahl, the Spirit of the Giant Mountains, who kidnaps the Princess Emma out of love for her and takes her to his castle. Emma becomes sad and lonely despite Rubezahl’s efforts to entertain her until he gives her a magic wand that allows her to transform turnips into anything she wants. Emma conjures up friends, but they wither away as the turnips dry up. Emma hatches a plan to escape and sends a magpie with a message to Prince Ratibor to rescue her. She turns a turnip into a horse and flees with the prince, leaving Rubezahl furious and alone. The villagers call him Rubezahl, which means “turnip counter,” after he obsessively counted the turnips in his field.
  15. Soccer on a lake: The story is about a son named Chai who had to make a long journey across a lake where his father had tragically drowned years ago. While anchored in the lake, Chai saw five men emerge from the water, spreading out a huge mat and serving food and wine. They then played soccer using a monstrously large, silver ball that momentarily landed in Chai’s boat. However, when Chai kicked the ball, he discovered it was made of a light and soft material, and it caused a multicolored light to spill out. The men got angry and chased after Chai, but he defended himself and his father, who had surprisingly not drowned, revealed himself and explained that the men playing soccer were actually fish goblins serving the Dragon King. They then had to escape before the Dragon King could catch them.
  16. Maya the Bee in the Hornet’s Fortress: Maya the Bee meets Thomas, a centipede, who warns her about the hornet fortress in a nearby willow tree. Maya is captured by the hornets and overhears their plan to attack her bee city. She hopes for a miracle to warn her people and save them from the impending attack.
  17. The Pumpkin Giant: The story is about a bad Giant called the Pumpkin Giant who terrorized the kingdom, eating anything that’s fat, including the king’s daughter who was the fattest princess in the world. The king promises to make the person who brings the head of the Giant a knight. Patroclus, who owns a potato field, succeeds in killing the Giant by throwing a potato into his mouth, and chops off his head. Spring comes, and pumpkins grow in the field where the Giant died, so they are called Giant Heads. Patroclus’ family eats the Giant Head cake, which turns out to be delicious, so they store them in the cellar and start making pies out of them. The king tastes the pie and rewards Patroclus by knighting him and making Daphne a lady. Aeneas marries the king’s daughter, Princess Ariadne Diana, and they live happily ever after.
  18. Dr. Dolittle Escapes from the Pirates: Doctor Dolittle and his animal friends are on a ship sailing near Barbary when they spot a fast pirate ship. After realizing that their ship is too slow to escape, they ask the swallows for help. The swallows fly down to the ship and tell the doctor to tie long pieces of rope to the front of the ship and make many thin strings. Thousands of swallows tie themselves to the strings and pull the ship at incredible speeds. The pirates are left behind, and the doctor and his companions escape safely.
  19. Maya the Bee in battle: In a hive of bees, the hornets were approaching and the queen ordered the soldiers to defend their kingdom. The bees followed the queen’s tactics and remained disciplined. The hornets attacked one by one, but the bees did not retaliate until the queen’s order. One young bee got impatient and attacked a hornet but was caught and died. However, the hornets couldn’t withstand the bees’ strength and retreated. The bee kingdom prevailed but lost many soldiers in the battle. The hornets sent a message asking for their dead to be returned, and the bees complied but remained wary. The bees did not celebrate their victory, but every bee went back to work silently, carrying their pride and sorrow in their heart.
  20. Robinson Crusoe: Friday Rescued from the Man-eaters: In this story, the protagonist, who has been stranded on an island, witnesses a group of savages landing on his side of the island. He fears they may attack him, but he discovers they are roasting meat and have brought captive prisoners to the island to kill. One of the prisoners escapes and runs towards the protagonist’s direction. The protagonist decides to help the man and kills the two men who were chasing him. The escaped man becomes the protagonist’s loyal companion, and they work together to create a comfortable life.
  21. Robinson Crusoe: The Footprint of a Man in the Sand: The protagonist of the story lives on an island and has complete control over his subjects; he can hang them, set them free, or have them killed. While he lives abundantly, he still wishes for something different. He decides to travel along the edge of the coast but is afraid of being swept away again by the current or dying in an accident. One day, he finds a human footprint in the sand on the shore, causing him to become paranoid and afraid for his safety. He decides to take all necessary precautions to protect himself and prevent anyone else from finding him on the island.
  22. Robinson Crusoe: Building the Boat: The protagonist of the story has trained his mind to accept his fate and has stopped constantly scanning the sea for a ship. He has built a tent dwelling and expanded it with a turf wall, and later covered it with reeds and branches. He has also made a cave to store his goods. Over time, he has learned to use tools and has made a chair, table, shelves, and even a boat. However, all attempts to get the boat into the water have failed, and he realizes the foolishness of his plan. He reflects on the nature of possessions and concludes that all the good things in the world are only as good for us as we can use them.
  23. The Shipwreck of Robinson Crusoe: The protagonist of the story has spent four years in Brazil, building friendships with planters and merchants, and trading with the Guinea coast. He is asked to manage the trading part of a secret trip to Guinea; he agrees and takes precautions, including making a will. However, during the journey, the ship is caught in two violent storms which carry them to the coast of Guyana, and the ship is destroyed. The protagonist is the only one to survive but is stranded on an unknown island, with no survival resources, and is afraid of wild beasts. He finds freshwater and climbs a tree to spend the night, thinking he will not survive.
  24. Schippeitaro: The story is about a young warrior who left his home to venture out for adventure. He gets lost in a magical forest and ends up staying the night in a church where he overhears cats discussing a girl being sacrificed to the Spirit of the Mountain. The warrior discovers Schippeitaro, the dog placed in a box for sacrifice, takes the dog, and sets a trap for the Spirit of the Mountain by waiting until the full moon to catch it. The cats and the monster were surprised when Schippeitaro attacked the monster and saved the girl. The village was saved, and a festival is held in memory of the young warrior and his dog.
  25. The Master Mariner: A fisherman saves the life of the King of the Caves of the Sea, who rewards him with a talisman that brings him great luck. The fisherman becomes a master mariner and falls in love with the most beautiful princess of Silkland. When he saves her from pirates, they get married and live happily ever after.
  26. Little Dorothy and Toto: In this story, Dorothy and Toto find themselves in the wild wooded hills of Southeast Oz, where they encounter a tiny ferryman who takes them to a giant named Crinklink. Crinklink forces Dorothy to wash dishes and threatens to harm her if she breaks any. However, it turns out that it was all a trick played by the Wizard of Oz to teach Dorothy a lesson about the dangers of traveling alone in a fairy country. In the end, Dorothy and Toto return to the Emerald City.
  27. A Narrow Escape: In the story, two young bees named Buz and Hum are allowed to fly for the first time. An older bee accompanies them and advises them not to leave the garden. Buz disobeys and finds a field of clover, but while trying to drink from a pond, she falls in and nearly drowns. She manages to save herself by clinging to a stick and returns to the hive, relieved to be safe and sound.
  28. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: The Journey to the Great Oz: In this story, the group of travelers have to camp out in the forest overnight and find themselves facing a large ditch that seems impossible to cross. However, the Cowardly Lion manages to jump over it and carry the others on his back. They continue on their journey, chopping down a tree to build a raft to cross a river, and narrowly escape being attacked by the Kalidahs. They finally reach a beautiful country with delicious fruits, and Dorothy dreams of returning home with the help of the Wizard of Oz. Downloads for the ebook are available.
  29. The Adventure Of The Blue Carbuncle: In this story, a boy who lives in an impoverished community tries to find a way to help his family. He discovers an opportunity to earn money by carrying suitcases for tourists, and does so while also attending school. Despite facing challenges along the way, he continues to work hard and prioritize his education, ultimately achieving his goal of studying in America.

In conclusion, the Top 29 Exciting Stories for kids to read online offer a diverse and thrilling collection of tales that enchant and entertain young readers. These stories not only spark their creativity, but also foster a love for reading and enhance their vocabulary. With captivating characters, intriguing plots, and valuable life lessons, these stories are sure to inspire young minds, stimulate their imagination, and bring them endless hours of joy and adventure. So, dive into this remarkable literary trove and discover the wonders and excitement each tale has in store, making it a perfect companion for young readers as they embark on their unique journey through the colorful world of literature.