Stories About Dolls

Stories About Dolls

There is an irresistible charm in the world of dolls – a world that intertwines reality and imagination, allowing children to express themselves, explore different roles, and learn about the world around them. Beyond the pure joy of playing with dolls, there is another extraordinary pleasure waiting for kids: entering the world of enchanting stories about dolls. Whether during daytime story times or cozy night time readings, these tales have the power to transport children into a whimsical universe filled with adventures, magic, and meaningful life lessons.

In our special collection, we’ve curated the 10 best stories about dolls for kids to read online, perfect for girls and boys alike. These narratives range from fun, short tales, ideal for quick reads and to tell aloud during kindergarten and preschool classes, to longer, classic stories that will captivate elementary students. The joy of learning through these stories doesn’t stop at their exciting plots – each story carries a moral lesson, introducing children to important values and principles.

Available in both English and an easy-to-understand audio version, these stories cater to every learning style. Each story comes with vivid pictures to keep the early years foundation stage (EYFS) learners and toddlers engaged. Besides, for children just learning to read, the combination of text and illustrations aids comprehension, making these tales both fun and educational.

And the best part? This beautiful assortment of stories is completely free to access. You can download them as a PDF and print them for a physical copy or read them directly online. The printable version is a great option for those unplugged nights when you want to encourage children to fall asleep naturally after a good old-fashioned bedtime story. These PDFs are also handy during traveling or anytime you want to make sure that a fascinating story is just within arm’s reach.

So, gather your little ones around for story time, and let these delightful tales ignite their imagination, make learning a pleasure, and help them drift into dreamland. These doll stories, famous and new alike, promise to become the perfect companions for your children’s bedtime routine. With an entertaining blend of fun, fairy tale magic, and educational content, they offer a memorable reading experience that your kids will love to revisit time and again.

Enjoy this remarkable collection, and may every story bring a smile to your child’s face and a twinkle to their eyes as they embark on these wonderful literary adventures.

Top 10 Stories About Dolls:

  1. Pinocchio: Once upon a time, a shoemaker named Gepetto carved a wooden doll named Pinnochio who came to life. Pinnochio wanted to go to school, so Gepetto sold his coat to buy him a reading book. However, Pinnochio got distracted and sold his book for a ticket to a puppet show. The puppeteer gave Pinnochio coins to buy a new coat, but he was tricked by con men who stole the coins. The fairy helped Pinnochio escape and sent him back to Gepetto. Pinnochio later turned into a donkey and had many adventures, including being swallowed by a shark. Inside the shark, he reunited with Gepetto, and they escaped together. When they returned home, Gepetto used his last money to help the fairy, who then turned Pinnochio into a real boy. They lived happily ever after.
  2. Grandmother Rabbit’s Story: Patty Rabbit is dissatisfied with her storybook filled with pictures and stories of boy rabbits. She longs for a story about a little girl rabbit. Her grandmother tells her the story of Susie Rabbit, a poor girl rabbit who couldn’t afford a doll. Susie’s resourceful mother creates a doll out of a carrot and lettuce, but Susie ends up eating the doll piece by piece. Patty loves the story and suggests her grandmother have it printed so other children can enjoy reading about girl rabbits too. And that’s how the story came to be.
  3. The Worsted Doll: Good Mother Munster and her husband Jacob wished for a son but only had five daughters. They decided to knit Worsted Dolls for an order, with half of them being girl dolls and half being boy dolls. While knitting the last doll, a boy doll, Good Mother Munster unknowingly poured all her wishes into it, giving it the ability to do all the things she wanted. The boy doll was shipped overseas and ended up with a little girl who desperately wanted a father for her doll family. The boy doll, named Theodor, struggled with his new role as a father, longing to be back with Good Mother Munster. When the opportunity arose, Theodor hid in a suitcase and accompanied the little girl and her family on their travels, eventually reaching Germany. By chance, they visited the doll-making village where Good Mother Munster lived. Theodor was left behind and found by Good Mother Munster, who welcomed him as her long-awaited son. He lived happily with her and Jacob, free from the responsibilities of being a father. Though he sometimes dreams of his previous family, Theodor knows he is a happy man.
  4. The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz: The Dainty China Country (20/24): While the Woodman was making a ladder, Dorothy and her companions rest and sleep. The Scarecrow questions the purpose of a nearby wall, but the Woodman suggests they climb over it to find out what lies beyond. After completing the ladder, they all climb over the wall and discover a land filled with small houses and people made of china. As they navigate through this land, they accidentally break a cow’s leg and a church. They realize the fragility of the china people and proceed with caution. Eventually, they reach another wall and manage to climb over it, reflecting on their fortunate circumstances and the Scarecrow expressing gratitude for being made of straw.
  5. Little Never-Upset: Little Never-Upset is a small, cheerful toy who never gets upset or joins in arguments. One night, when the toys in the playroom start bickering, Little Never-Upset sets an example by calmly listening. However, the old Elephant, who thought he owned the shelf, slaps Little Never-Upset, causing him to fall. To everyone’s surprise, Little Never-Upset quickly gets back up, laughing and showing no resentment. His positive attitude and refusal to quarrel make the other toys realize the futility of their arguments. Laughter and fun return to the playroom, and even the old Elephant apologizes to Little Never-Upset, inviting him back on the shelf. Little Never-Upset happily accepts, continuing to spread his contagious smile.
  6. The Money Pig: In a child’s room filled with toys, a proud and haughty piggy bank made of clay sat on top of a tall wardrobe. It was filled to the brim with coins and considered itself superior to the other toys. When a play was organized, the piggy bank agreed to participate but only from its high place. As the play unfolded, the toys became engrossed and forgot about the tea party. Meanwhile, the piggy bank had grand plans for its will and funeral. However, unexpectedly, the piggy bank fell and shattered into pieces, releasing all the coins. The broken pieces were discarded, and a new empty piggy bank took its place. This marks the end of the story of the old piggy bank but the beginning of a new one.
  7. The Porcelain Shepherdess: On a farmhouse mantelpiece, a porcelain shepherdess and a porcelain flute player stood side by side. The flute player had long been in love with the shepherdess, but she never paid him any attention. The porcelain cat advised the flute player to stop looking at the shepherdess and instead focus on the flower girl on the middle table. Following the cat’s advice, the flute player played a lively tune, capturing the shepherdess’s attention. As she watched him and danced, she began to find him more pleasant. However, the flute player remained fixated on the flower girl. With the cat’s intervention, the shepherdess and the flute player finally connected as he played a sweet, sad tune for her. They sat together at the end of the mantelpiece, and the shepherdess requested a sad melody, finding joy in tears. The porcelain cat observed contentedly, remarking on the complexities of girls.
  8. Suzette And The Butcher: Suzette, a stylish French doll, feels lonely and unappreciated by the other toys in the playroom. When a new boy doll arrives, Suzette hopes for companionship, but he snubs the other toys and looks down on them, believing they are beneath him. Suzette, disenchanted with the boy doll’s attitude, chooses to befriend the other toys instead. Boy doll arrogantly claims that no one else would marry Suzette, but the butcher toy expresses his love for her, and they get married. Suzette finds happiness in her marriage, while the boy doll becomes isolated and realizes the value of companionship. Ultimately, Suzette appreciates her choice and is grateful to be the wife of the butcher toy, rather than living alone on the other side of the playroom.
  9. The China Shepherdess And The Picture: In an old farmhouse parlor, a delicate china shepherdess stands on the mantel, gazing at a newly hung picture of a little boy. Although she has no sheep and her candlestick holder remains empty, she feels a connection with the boy in the picture. Eventually, they engage in a conversation and realize they have a shared history. The boy reveals that he accidentally broke her wrist long ago and was punished for it. Despite the broken wrist, their love for each other endures. Years later, the boy returns as a grown man, and they are reunited. The shepherdess cherishes their connection, knowing that their love transcends time.
  10. The Jumping-Jack: In a shop window, little wooden Jumping Jack longs for someone to pull his string and catch the attention of the doll named Rose. Despite Rose’s indifference, Jack admires her and dreams of winning her admiration. One day, Jack is purchased by a little boy and taken to a big house with other toys. The boy makes Jack jump for a little girl in a neighboring window, and to Jack’s delight, Rose is there and watches him with admiration. However, Jack ends up on the floor, and with the help of a cat, Rose falls beside him. They finally express their love for each other, and Rose realizes the genuine affection in Jack’s wooden heart, leading to a happy ending for the two dolls.

In conclusion, this carefully curated collection of the top 10 best doll stories offers a unique, magical, and educational experience for children. From toddlers in their early years to preschool and elementary students, these stories span a broad range of themes, sparking imagination, encouraging learning, and inspiring moral values. With the ease of free online access, printable PDF versions, and audio read-alouds, these tales about dolls become a charming, multifaceted resource. They serve as much more than just bedtime stories; they become companions for kids, enriching their doll-playing experiences, shaping their dreams, and fostering a lifelong love for reading. Enjoy these captivating narratives, and let the wonderful world of dolls unfold in your child’s imagination, one story at a time.