Stories About Thieves

Stories About Thieves

Welcome to the Top 18 Stories About Thieves collection, specially curated for kids! This unique collection offers children a variety of bedtime stories to read online or download as a pdf for free. Dive into the exciting world of famous thieves through this exceptional selection of stories that can be enjoyed by both boys and girls. These tales are perfect to read during story time, or for a fun, educational learning experience. They are designed to suit the interests of preschool children, kindergarteners, and elementary students, making them excellent for early years and EYFS learners.

Bond with your little ones over a thrilling lineup of short stories that come equipped with pictures and are easy to comprehend. The Top 18 Stories About Thieves are both entertaining and enlightening, and each story contains a moral that will be etched in the minds of your young readers. Explore a myriad of fairy tales spanning classic, good, and longer stories that are best enjoyed with audio in English.

The importance of Stories About Thieves for kids lies in the lessons of daring, cunning, and adventure they hold within, while also addressing the significance of morals and ethics in a fun and interactive way. Young readers are sure to enjoy these stories alternatively read aloud, with captivating pictures to keep them engaged until they drift off to sleep. Encourage kids to expand their imagination through the adventure-packed pages of these fantastic tales! Happy reading and sweet dreams to all the curious little minds out there!

Top 18 Stories About Thieves for kids to read online:

  1. The Gingerbread Man’s Secret Recipe: In a forest bakery, Ginger the gingerbread man is famous for his unique and delicious cookies. However, a fox named Rupert is jealous and wants to steal the recipe. When Rupert sneaks into the bakery, he finds a recipe book, but it turns out to be a decoy. Ginger and his friends catch Rupert and reveal the real recipe, scaring him away. The story ends with Ginger and his friends celebrating their victory with a batch of delicious gingerbread cookies.
  2. The cranky elf of Elfsville: In the town of Elfsville, the elves love Christmas and decorate their homes for a big contest. However, one elf who was previously bullied for not having nice decorations lives alone in a cave up in the mountains and hates Christmas. He decides to steal all the Christmas lights, but a little girl named Evie sets out to talk to him and convince him to return the lights. The cranky elf eventually forgives the other elves and returns the lights, and they all celebrate Christmas together happily ever after. An ebook download is available.
  3. The Skiing Superhero: The story is about Lindsey who admires doctors, police, and teachers. One day she finds herself chasing a group of thieves trying to steal from a local ski shop. She uses her skiing skills to catch them, and the ski patrol apprehends them. Lindsey becomes a hero and is grateful for the opportunity to use her skills to help others. She later helps rescue an injured skier and teaches young children how to ski, realizing that she has found her calling as a Skiing Superhero.
  4. The Peasant and the Cucumbers: A peasant steals cucumbers with the plan to sell them, buy a hen with the money, raise chicks and sell them, buy a sow and sell the pigs, buy a mare and sell the colts to finally purchase a house and start a cucumber garden. He hires watchmen to keep an eye on his cucumbers but tricks them by shouting “keep a sharp lookout”. The watchmen hear him, beat the peasant, and he fails to achieve his dream. You can download the story in PDF format.
  5. The Day Thief and the Three Birds: In this story, a Day Thief is hungry but doesn’t want to do hard work or beg for food. A magpie suggests begging but the Day Thief refuses and continues his journey. A sparrow tells him to steal and he is caught and put in prison. He finally realizes the value of the crow’s advice to work hard. The story highlights the consequences of taking shortcuts and not listening to good advice.
  6. The Little Thief in the Pantry: In the story, a little mouse named Greywhiskers disobeys his mother’s warning and sneaks into the pantry to eat an iced cake. The next day, he finds a trap set up by the cook, and he gets caught stealing cheese. The cook plans to drown him, but Ethel, the little girl who owns the cake, saves him by releasing him from the trap. Greywhiskers returns home to his mother, who comforts him and makes him promise not to disobey her again. The story highlights the consequences of stealing and the importance of listening to parents.
  7. Cockyloo: The story follows a hen, her ten chicks, and a rooster named Cockyloo. The rooster becomes king of the farmyard after his father is killed by a dog and outwits his jealous brother, Peck, who is forced to leave the farm. Peck makes friends with a fox who plots to eat him but is foiled by Cockyloo’s warning. Later, Cockyloo hears two robbers planning to steal from the farmer and sounds the alarm, helping to catch the criminals. His bravery earns him a place on top of the courthouse as a weather vane, and he becomes a beloved and honored bird. However, even though many chickens in the farmyard are taken for food, Cockyloo is spared because of his great deeds. Eventually, he dies but is remembered and honored for his bravery.
  8. The Adventure Of The Blue Carbuncle: In this story, a young girl’s curiosity leads her to a strange place filled with bizarre and surreal creatures. As she explores this new world, she meets a friendly creature who helps her navigate through the otherworldly landscape and teaches her important life lessons along the way. Together, they embark on a journey of self-discovery and bravery as they encounter challenges and obstacles that test their strength and resilience. Through her experiences, the girl learns the importance of imagination, kindness, and perseverance.
  9. The Theft of the Fairies’ Wands: The story is about the Goblins and Gnomes who were jealous of the Fairies and decided to steal their wands to become more powerful. They created a plan to frighten the Fairies into dropping their wands and managed to steal them and run away. However, the Fairy Queen had her wand in her carriage and knew how to make the Goblins and Gnomes uncomfortable. She went to them and made them beg for forgiveness and return the wands. In the end, the Queen only granted them one wish and allowed the pond to remain as a reminder of their wrongdoing. The Goblins and Gnomes promised never to bother the Fairies again.
  10. Gray Hen’s Strategy: The hens in the yard are frustrated with Chicken Young, who steals worms from them instead of scratching for himself. They gather to come up with a plan to teach him a lesson. Gray Hen suggests burying a rope in the ground to fool Chicken Young into thinking it’s a worm. When he swallows it whole, they have to rescue him and teach him to scratch for himself. Chicken Young learns his lesson and begins to scratch in a corner of the yard.
  11. Mr. Fox and the Stoat Family: In this short story, the Four-Footed Club is discussing their lack of food in the winter. Mr. Fox accuses the Stoat family of taking their food and comes up with a plan to teach them a lesson. He tricks the Stoats into crawling through a barn hole where Mr. Raccoon and Mr. Possum have placed black paint cans. When the Stoats emerge, they are all black, and they disappear from the area. The animals are happy to finally have plenty of food and enjoy a feast together.
  12. The Four Footed Club: In this story, Mr. Fox and his friends come up with a plan to get Mr. Dog to join their Four-Footed Club. Despite Jim Crow’s greediness, he delivers an invitation to Mr. Dog, who agrees to come. At the party, they play games and blindfold Mr. Dog, but then take advantage of the situation to sneak away and steal Mr. Man’s fowl. Meanwhile, Jim Crow discovers the trick and frees Mr. Dog, who later confronts the three animals. The story ends with the animals running away and locking themselves in their homes.
  13. Judge Owl’s Cleverness: In the story, Mr. Raccoon lost his bright tin spoon and suspected that Mr. Crow stole it. With the help of Mr. Fox and Judge Owl, they arrested Mr. Crow. Although he denied having the spoon, Judge Owl noticed that Mr. Crow was missing some of his tail feathers, which proved he was the thief. Mr. Crow was forced to return the spoon, and everyone celebrated Judge Owl’s cleverness. A downloadable PDF of the story is available.
  14. Little Imagine Man: A little Image Man living in a temple always admired the gorgeous trappings of the Image Elephant who carried a tower on his back. One day, soldiers came and took the Elephant away. The little Image Man was later carried across the ocean and sold in a store. He met the Elephant again in his new home with a human family. Finally, the little Image Man mustered the courage to ask for a ride on the Elephant’s back, and they lived happily together, enjoying their new life.
  15. Jack Pumpkinhead and the sawhorse: Ozma sees two lost children in her Magic Picture and sends Jack Pumpkinhead and the Sawhorse to rescue them. The squirrels accuse the children of stealing their nuts, but Jack frees them. However, he gets hit by a branch and his pumpkinhead breaks, leaving him blind and mute. The Wizard comes to save him and gives him a new head. They return to the pumpkin field where Jack promises to be careful. The story ends with a download link for an ebook version.
  16. Princess Marzell: The story is about a Princess who chooses to marry someone she loves instead of the princes selected for her by her parents. A servant named Michio goes to a witch in the forest and pays her with stolen gold to make him handsome so that the Princess will fall in love with him. They get married, but Michio leaves her in a house in the woods and tells everyone she died. Later, he tries to get rid of her again, but a magic wafer accidentally falls out of his mouth, causing the bag to jump in the river, killing him and saving the Princess. She rules her kingdom without remarrying.
  17. The Fairy Queen’s Jewels: A group of mischievous elves plot to steal jewels from the Queen of the fairies and fairies themselves. They hide and watch but are unable to find any jewels. They follow the fairies to a field where the Queen hands her jewels to the fairies, who drop them all over the field and fly away. The elves are unable to find any jewels in the field and return home empty-handed. The story ends with Old Sol revealing that the fairies’ jewels are the field flowers.
  18. Tricky Red Fox: The story is about a mischievous fox named Reddy who is really hungry and goes around trying to find a meal. He realizes that all his friends are having dinner parties but not inviting him because of his tricks. Reddy regrets eating all the good things in Mr. Bear’s pantry and losing his friends. In the end, he learns that being tricky with friends is not worth losing them. The story emphasizes the importance of honesty and integrity in relationships.

In conclusion, the Top 18 Stories About Thieves online collection brings forth an enthralling and educational journey for kids. These tales not only capture the imagination with their intriguing characters and exciting adventures but also impart valuable life lessons on honesty, empathy, and the importance of making good choices. As children delve into the captivating world of cunning thefts, daring heists, and remarkable turn of events, they learn the significance of standing up for what’s right and understanding the consequences of one’s actions. This engaging selection serves as a wonderful literary resource for kids to develop reading and critical thinking skills while enjoying the fascinating tales of thieves.