A is for Agile, with my graceful, nimble leap. Over rooftops, under fences, not a sound I’ll peep. Balancing on thin ledges, or darting through the grass, my agility is unmatched, no one can surpass.

B is for Ball, rolling and round, it leaps and bounds then hits the ground.

C is for Chasing my shadow on the wall, Running back and forth in the hall. I’m a hunter, swift and keen, Catching shadows that are barely seen.

D is for Discovery, darting through the grass, Exploring every corner, as the day does pass.

E is for Energy, a boundless zest, From sunrise to sunset, I hardly rest. Climbing, running, always in motion, My energy is as vast as the ocean.

F is for Furry, my friends at the park. We meet every day, at times in the dark.

G is for Garden, where I love to play. Bugs to chase, it’s my glorious day.

H is for Hiss, when I’m feeling quite cross, A warning to others I’m feeling the boss. It’s my way of saying, “It’s time to back off,” Or you might just see my claws come aloft.

I is for insects, buzzing in sight, leaping to catch them with all my might.

J is for Jingle, the sound of my bell and toys, A melody that brings me much joy.

K is for Kitten, that’s what I once was. Full of life and curiosity, exploring without a pause. Chasing my own tail, in a playful bout, learning the ropes of cat life, inside and out.

L is for Licking, to clean and to groom, From the tips of my whiskers to the tail of my plume. I lick my fur soft, and keep myself tidy, A cat’s way of primping, quite spry and sprightly.

M is for Meows, my way to speak, to express joy and need. Each tone a word, a song of mine, a feline language indeed.

N is for Nap, as I laze in the sun, Right after lunch, when my play is all done.

O is for observe, as I perch on the sill, Watching the birds, so quiet and still.

P is for Purr, a sound so sweet, The gentle rumble when humans I greet. Curled in a lap, feeling so glad, My motor starts up when I’m feeling not bad.

Q is for Quick, my pounce is sure. No mouse nor toy, could endure.

R is for Rat, quick and spry, In a game of chase, off we fly.

S is for Scratch, to keep my paws neat, A good scratch post is a delightful treat.

T is for Tail, a curious thing, It flicks and it swishes, it’s like a spring. I chase it in circles, though it’s part of me, A mystery forever, how can that be?

U is for Unique, just like every stripe and spot, On our furs, so special, loving each lot.

V is for Vision, with eyes so keen, Not a single movement goes unseen. In darkness and light, my eyes do gleam, Guiding me through every sunbeam.

W is for Whiskers, twitching so quick. In the dark of night, they help me pick.

X is for Xenops, a bird so small and fine, if we can catch it, we cats like to dine.

Y is for Yarn, my favorite toy, Rolling and tumbling, it brings so much joy. Round and round, across the floor, With every bat and pounce, I love it more.

Z is for Zoomies, the sudden burst of energy that has me racing from room to room, my paws thumping and heart booming, dispelling any gloom.

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