City Helpers

Once upon a time, in the busy city of Helperston, lived three very important helpers. They were the friends everyone looked up to, the ones that made the city run smoothly. They were the strong Policeman, the sturdy Fireman, and the friendly Mailman.

The Policeman was big and muscular, always standing tall and proud. “I am here to protect the people from those who do wrong,” he’d often say. He was a friendly giant, always ready to lend a helping hand to anyone in need. Whether it was a child who had lost their way home or an elderly person needing assistance to cross the busy streets, the Policeman was always there.

The Fireman, sturdy and brave, was always on call. When the dangerous fire demon threatened the homes of Helperston, it was the Fireman who fought it. “From the basement to the dome, I’ll protect your home,” he declared bravely. Many were the times he risked his life to save people trapped within the clutches of a ferocious fire. But he never complained; for him, it was just a part of the job.

The Mailman, always with a smile on his face, was the bringer of good news. “I carry cheerful words from your dear friends of yore,” he’d say, delivering mail from door to door. His arrival was always eagerly anticipated. Seeing the joy on the faces of the people who waited for him made his work even more rewarding.

All three, the Policeman, the Fireman, and the Mailman, worked tirelessly each day. One fine day, they came together and spoke to the people of Helperston. “As we do our work each day, we ask you to help us in your way,” they said. “Don’t make our burden heavier, but strive to be of service to your fellow city dwellers, just as we strive to serve you.”