Food ABC

A is for Apple, red, ripe and round. Once you take a bite, a crunching sound.

B is for Bread, made from grain and wheat, Slice it, toast it, with jam it’s a special treat.

C is for Carrot, orange and long, Eat them to be healthy and strong.

D is for Donut, round and sweet, We have them sometimes as a treat.

E is for Eggs that we cook sunny side, A breakfast delight, in the morning, worldwide.

F is for Fish, from the clear blue sea, Grilled or fried, it’s as tasty as can be.

G is for Garlic, with aroma so strong, Adding it to your cooking can never go wrong!

H is for Honey, golden like the sun, Drizzle it on yoghurt or buns, it’s so much fun!

I is for Ice cream, creamy and cold, In stores, restaurants and trucks it’s sold.

J is for Jalapeno, they make your mouth sizzle. Add them in food, for a flavorful drizzle.

K is for Kale, green and curly it grows. Full of vitamins, it’s healthy as everyone knows.

L is for Lemon, so bright and so bold, Squeeze it in water, it’s refreshing and cold.

M is for Mushrooms, sizzled in a pan, A tasty topping for a pizza fan.

N is for Noodles, long and soft, They fill your tummy, slurp them aloft!

O is for Oatmeal, warm and good, It fills your belly like nothing else could.

P is for Pumpkin, big and round. In grandma’s soup, it’s often found.

Q is for Quinoa, round and tiny, A healthy food that’s very shiny.

R is for Raisin, shriveled and brown. They’re small and chewy, perfect for on the town.

S is for Spinach, so green and stout, It’s good for your bones, there’s no doubt.

T is for Tacos, so tasty and great, Nibble it gently, don’t leave any on your plate!

U is for Ube, a purple yam puree, Its sweet taste will brighten your day.

V is for Vanilla, so sweet and white, In cookies and ice cream, it takes flight.

W is for Waffles, warm and crisp, Topped with syrup, they’re hard to resist.

X is for Xocolatl in a cup, In the olden days, they鈥檇 drink it up.

Y is for Yogurt, so creamy and light, Takes away hunger, keeps the tummy right.

Z is for Zucchini, green and grand, A vegetable that’s tasty when hot or on hand.

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