Dinosaur ABC

A is for Allosaurus, the ‘king of the Jurassic.’ It had sharp teeth and strong jaws, like a big, scary dragon! Allosaurus was very fast and hunted other dinosaurs.

B is for Brachiosaurus, a giant plant-eater with a super long neck. It could reach the highest leaves on trees, like a hungry giraffe!

C is for Compsognathus, a tiny but quick hunter. It had pointy teeth and ran very fast to catch small animals for dinner.

D is for Diplodocus, a gentle giant with a long, long tail and a small head. It walked slowly and had big bumpy bones on its back.

E is for Edmontosaurus, a duck-billed dinosaur that loved to eat plants. It had a flat mouth like a duck’s beak and traveled with lots of dinosaur friends.

F is for Falcarius, a funny-looking plant-eater. It had a birdy mouth and walked on two legs, munching on green leaves all day long.

G is for Giganotosaurus, a huge dinosaur with sharp teeth and a big belly. It was one of the biggest meat-eaters ever!

H is for Hadrosaurus, a friendly plant-eater with a big, hollow head. It made loud noises to talk to its friends in the dinosaur world.

I is for Iguanodon, a plant-eater with spikes on its thumbs. It walked on two or four legs and loved to munch on yummy plants.

J is for Jeholopterus, a tiny flying dinosaur with bat wings. It flew high in the sky and ate lots of bugs for dinner.

K is for Kentrosaurus, a spiky dinosaur that used its sharp tail to keep safe from bad dinosaurs.

L is for Lambeosaurus, a dinosaur that made loud trumpet sounds. It had a big, tall crest on its head and loved to sing!

M is for Megalosaurus, a big, scary dinosaur with sharp teeth. It walked on two legs and roared loudly to say hello.

N is for Nasutoceratops, a dinosaur with a big horn and spiky frill. It used its horn to say, “I’m big and strong, so don’t mess with me!”

O is for Ouranosaurus, a dinosaur with a big sail on its back. It lived near water and used its sail like a big umbrella to keep cool.

P is for Parasaurolophus, a dinosaur with a long crest on its head. It used its crest to make music and swim like a fish!

Q is for Quetzalcoatlus, a huge flying dinosaur with giant wings. It flew high in the sky and liked to catch fish for dinner.

R is for Raptor, a fast dinosaur that hunted in packs. It had sharp claws and worked together with friends to catch food.

S is for Spinosaurus, a big dinosaur that loved swimming. It had a big snout like a crocodile and ate lots of fish.

T is for Tyrannosaurus rex, a big, scary dinosaur with tiny arms. It had sharp teeth and roared loudly to scare other dinosaurs.

U is for Utahraptor, a big dinosaur with feathers. It had sharp claws and worked with friends to catch yummy food.

V is for Velociraptor, a fast dinosaur with sharp claws. It ran very quickly and caught food with its big, pointy feet.

W is for Wuerhosaurus, a spiky dinosaur with big spikes on its back. It used its spikes to keep safe from bad dinosaurs.

X is for Xenotarsosaurus, a dinosaur with a funny name. We don’t know much about it, but it was probably very cool!

Y is for Yi, a small, feathered dinosaur that lived a long time ago. It had pretty feathers and liked to fly around.

Z is for Zephyrosaurus, a small dinosaur that liked to eat plants. It ran very fast and had a long, skinny neck to reach tasty leaves.

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