Ambulance ABC

A is for Ambulance, zipping down the street,
Helping those in trouble, with sirens loud and fleet.

B is for Bandage, bright and new,
Fixing booboos is what they do.

C is for Caring, a trait that’s key,
In every ambulance helper you see.

D is for Defibrillator, a device so very neat,
It can give a heart some beats when it skips a beat.

E is for Emergency, that calls us right away,
We rush there in the ambulance, no minute we delay.

F is for First-Aid Kit, always packed just right,
To help stop an injury’s possible plight.

G is for Gurney, sturdy and long,
In an ambulance, it helps us stay strong.

H is for Helpers, that’s what we are,
In an ambulance, near or far.

I is for Illness, when you’re not feeling well,
The ambulance comes quickly, to cast a wellness spell.

J is for Just-in-time, speed is key,
To help those in need, as quickly as can be.

K is for Knowledge of the human body,
To treat the ill and make them hearty.

L is for Lights, flashing blue and bright,
Aid from the ambulance, zooming in the night.

M is for Medics, they rush to your aid,
With their care, fears start to fade.

N is for Nurse, they will help you,
Like when you’re very sick with the flu.

O is for Oxygen, an important tool,
In the ambulance, it helps the patient stay cool.

P is for Paramedic, always ready to heal,
Their Presence on roads, shows dedication for real.

Q is for Quality, of care we receive,
Thanks to the ambulance team, in them, we believe.

R is for Rescuer, rushing to the scene,
Swift and so brave, in their suits of green.

S is for Stretcher, where patients lay,
It’s carried by the medic’s hands all day.

T is for Tourniquet, to stop the bleed if you fall,
Keeps your blood inside your body, stand up tall!

U is for Urgent, as the siren sound rings,
To aid all the people, with great care it brings.

V is for Vitals, checked on the ride,
And in an ambulance they quickly confide.

W is for Wheelchair, helps people in need,
To the hospital it goes, with swift bounding speed.

X is for Xylose, used in a special test,
To help determine patients need, so they can be their best.

Y is for Yawn, when nurses are tired too,
After long nights spent helping, until the day is new.

Z is for Zipping, fast and light,
Vital when it’s an emergency’s night.

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