Police ABC

A is for Academy, where we learn the laws,
We’re taught to protect and pause.

B is for Badge, shiny and bright,
Worn with pride by officers day and night.

C is for Cuffs, we always have with us,
Helps us to make arrests with less of a fuss.

D is for Dispatch, taking calls all day,
Sending help quickly, without delay.

E is for Evidence, crucial clues,
The police use it to find what’s true.

F is for Fingerprint, a clue that’s just right,
Police find them in daylight or night.

G is for Guards, a role they play well,
Making sure our neighborhoods never fell.

H is for Helicopter, up in the sky,
Giving police a bird’s eye view from high.

I is for Investigation, a police officer’s chore,
They ask questions and look for clues, to solve the mysteries galore.

J is for Jail, sitting behind bars,
For example for stealing cars.

K is for K-9, a puppy so brave,
Helping the police, many people, he’ll save.

L is for Laws, that everyone must heed,
Helping us know what to do and the warnings to read.

M is for Mugshots, photos help us recall,
Remember faces of all, big and small.

N is for Navy-blue, their uniform’s shade,
So when we’re in need, we are not afraid.

O is for Officer, ever so grand,
Keeping the peace all over the land.

P is for Patrol, as they walk down every street,
Making sure you’re safe, when in your beds you sleep.

Q is for Questions, that the police ask,
Helping to solve crimes, a very important task.

R is for Radio, with a beep and a blare,
Though when policemen use it, it’s with utmost care.

S is for Siren, with a loud and clear sound,
That helps policemen get around.

T is for Training, learning skills new,
To serve and to protect, is their promise true.

U is for Uniform, so neat and bright,
Protecting us in the day and night.

V is for Vehicle, police ones are neat,
With flashing blue lights and a big siren’s beat.

W is for Witness, who are brave and keen,
Helps the police at the crime scene.

X is for Xylitol, a substance so sweet,
Illegal in great masses, caught by cops on the beat.

Y is for Yacht, patrolling day and night,
Keeping the waters safe, is their trustworthy right.

Z is for Zero, no crime is their goal,
Keeping the peace, that’s their role.

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