Firefighter ABC

A is for Aid, which they provide,
In times of peril, they are at our side.

B is for Bravery, showing no fright,
As they battle the blaze in all its might.

C is for Captain who leads the crew,
Together they get eachother through.

D is for Drills, we practice day and night,
To be ready to rescue, and do it right.

E is for Evacuation, a word of safety and care,
When there’s a fire, we must leave at once, be sure you’re aware.

F is for Firemen, rushing to extinguish the fire,
Until they are ready to retire.

G is for Gear, so bright and clean,
Helps keep the firefighter safe and seen.

H is for Hose, shooting water high and low,
Extinguishing fires, making them slow.

I is for Inspector, checking buildings each day,
To make sure all fire hazards stay away.

J is for Jacket, worn white or bright red,
To keep firefighters safe, as into a blaze they tread.

K is for Knowledge, which is power indeed,
Knowing what to do in an emergency is a great need.

L is for Ladder, long and lean,
To reach high windows, where flames are seen.

M is for Megaphone, to shout out loud and clear,
Guiding all the people, to safety out of fear.

N is for Navigate, through smoke that’s thick,
In a fiery home, we need to be quick.

O is for Oxygen, helping them breathe,
In smoky fires and beneath.

P is for Pole, where they slide down in a hurry,
To rush to the site, there’s really no worry.

Q is for Quick, a firefighter’s pace,
Rushing to help, they win every race.

R is for Rescue, a task quite strong,
Firefighters do it all day long.

S is for Station, where they stay on deck,
Ready to leave at the first sound check.

T is for Truck, big and red,
As it races ahead, to where it is led.

U is for Uniform, it’s bright and neat,
A firefighter always wears it when there’s heat.

V is for Vigilant, firefighters always strive,
To keep us all safe and help everyone thrive.

W is for Water, so cool and neat,
Firefighters use it to defeat the heat.

X is for eXtinguish, as firefighters do,
Fighting with their hose, until the last flame is through.

Y is for Yes, when help is required,
Firefighters are ready, never too tired.

Z is for Zipper on their suit,
Keeps them safe from the soot.

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