Zoo Animal ABC

A is for Alligator, through the swamp, he glides, in the water he hides.

B is for Beaver, with logs and mud he builds a dam, making a structure stronger than man can.

C is for Crocodile, master of disguise, In the murky depths, his prey he spies.

D is for dolphin, sleek in the sea’s embrace, Among zoo animals, a symbol of grace.

E is for elephant, with a trunk so long, Its gentle demeanor, a melody in nature’s song.

F is for Flamingo, with legs long and lean, In flocks they gather, a pink-hued scene.

G is for Gorilla, in the forest it reigns, with intelligence and power, its dominance remains.

H is for Hippopotatomus, with a hefty frame, In muddy waters, they play their game.

I is for Iguana, a reptile so grand, With a flick of its tail, it dashes across the sand.

J is for Jellyfish, dancing with the tide, Their translucent beauty, impossible to hide.

K is for Koala, with a nose so keen, In search of eucalyptus, their favorite green.

L is for Lion, strength in its stride, commanding respect with its majestic pride.

M is for Manatee, in rivers they roam, With every gentle stroke, they find their home.

N is for Newt, with colors so bold, A tiny wonder in nature’s fold.

O is for Orangutan, so graceful and wise, with gentle brown eyes that gleam under skies.

P is for Polar Bear, roaming the ice with flair, In frigid lands, majestic and rare.

Q is for Quokka, a smiley little creature, In Australia’s lands, its charm is a feature.

R is for Rhinoceros, a creature so rare, We must protect it, handle with care.

S is for snake, slithering through the grass, with scales so sleek, it moves with sass.

T is for Tiger, stealthy and sly, Amidst the tall grass, they silently lie.

U is for Uakari, with a curious gaze, Among the foliage, it spends its days.

V is for Vampire Bat, its wings spread wide in flight, A symbol of mystery in the eerie moonlight.

W is for Walrus, with a thick blubber layer, It withstands the cold, a true polar player.

X is for X-ray Tetra, in aquaria they gleam, Like tiny jewels, in a watery dream.

Y is for Yak, with hooves that pound, Across vast valleys, they’re often found.

Z is for Zebra, with patterns unique, In the wild, its elegance peaks.

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