Train ABC

A is for Arrival, a moment of delight,
Seeing trains coming into sight.

B is for Boxcar, filled with many things,
Toys, or books, joy it brings.

C is for Conductor, who takes the fare due,
Choo-chooing through cities with a friendly ‘how do you do’?

D is for Departure, it’s time to start the ride,
Wave to your family and enjoy the stride.

E is for Engine, shiny and bright,
Pulling the train with all its might.

F is for Freight, carrying goods far and wide,
Shipping and packing, for a very long ride.

G is for Grade, a steep hill or bend,
Downhill it鈥檚 quick, uphill it鈥檚 a slow ascend.

H is for Horn, loud and high,
It lets people know the train is passing by.

I is for Ignition, it’s turned on by the crew,
To begin the journey anew.

J is for Journey, over mountains and vales,
On long winding tracks, like a snake that trails.

K is for Kiosk, where tickets are sold,
It’s the start of adventures, for the young and old.

L is for Locomotive, that leads the way,
Pulling the cars day by day.

M is for Mechanic, fixing with care,
Making sure the train is ready to share.

N is for Neat, trains are always clean,
Making each journey a scenic dream.

O is for Operator, making the train go,
Driving it through sunshine, rain, and snow.

P is for Platform, where the train takes a stay,
People get on and off; others wave and say hey!

Q is for Queue, as we wait in line,
To board the train, right on time.

R is for Rails, long and straight,
On them roll the trains, early or late.

S is for Station, where trains begin and end,
In every town, it’s a bustling friend.

T is for Train, chugging day and night,
Carrying people left and right.

U is for Unload, where cargo takes its rest,
A train’s job, to transport, it’s surely the best!

V is for Viaduct, so high above the ground,
Over it the train travels, with a rumbly sound.

W is for Wheels, turning ’round and ’round,
On the track, with a clacking sound.

X is for X-crossing, where trains and cars meet,
Take extra care when crossing, keep looking both feet!

Y is for Yard, where the trains take a rest,
After a long day, it’s what they like best.

Z is for Zoom, the sound of the train,
And with that sound, ends our alphabet chain.

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