Construction ABC

A is for Architect who draws the plan, Making sure everything fits, that’s what they can.

B is for Bulldozer, beaming bright, Big and bold, works day and night.

C is for Concrete, so smooth when it鈥檚 wet, Helps to build structures as strong as they get.

D is for Drill, buzzing all day, Making holes easily, keeping the dust at bay.

E is for Excavator, digging up the ground. With its long arm swinging, moving all around.

F is for Foreman, leading the team. With blueprint and hard hat, forming the dream.

G is for Gloves, that protect our hand, When lifting bricks, isn鈥檛 it grand?

H is for Hardhat, safety’s first rule, On the construction ground, it’s the coolest tool.

I is for Inspector, making sure things go right, Checking the construction site day and night.

J is for Jackhammer, jumping up and down. It breaks up the sidewalk, in our own little town.

K is for Kneepads, they guard the knees well, In a hard day’s work, it can save a swell.

L is for Ladder, high and tall, Climbing up, no fear to fall.

M is for Measuring Tape, a pretty long line. We use it to check, if the wall’s design is fine.

N is for Nails, so shiny and bright, Used in construction, to make things fit right.

O is for Overalls, worn for protection. To keep clothes clean during construction, they’re the best selection.

P is for Painting, a task pretty neat, With colors all vibrant, it’s a visual treat.

Q is for Quarry, where stones are dug free. Digging and shovelling – busy as a bee!

R is for Ruler, so long and straight, In construction, it’s used to measure and create.

S is for Sledgehammer, making a big sound, Smashing the rocks into pieces on the ground.

T is for Truck, it’s big and it’s heavy, It hauls all the rubble, when the ground isn’t steady.

U is for Unloading, a task that’s not slight. Day in and day out, from heavy till light.

V is for Van, carrying tools hither and yon, To every construction site, from dusk till dawn.

W is for Wheelbarrow, rolling down the way, Filled with bricks and mortar, helping build all day.

X is for Xerox, copying the plans. Showing us where to build, on all the lands!

Y is for Yellow, the color so bright, On hard hats and vests, so you’ll see us on site.

Z is for Zone, where we follow all the rules. Flashing helmets and neon vests, aren’t they cool?

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