Transportation ABC

A is for Airplane, soaring up high, Through the clouds in the big blue sky.

B is for Bus, big and bright, Carrying people from morning till night.

C is for Car, with wheels that turn and lights that glow, It takes us places, fast or slow.

D is for Delivery Van, bringing treats right to your door. Driving through the lanes, there’s always something more.

E is for Engine, shiny and new, It helps the train go choo-choo-choo.

F is for Ferry, floating fast and free. With a shiny hull that sails the sea.

G is for Gas, that makes engines hum. We fill up at the station, and then off we zoom!

H is for Helicopter, hovering in the blue, Flying high, waving bye, delivering cargo too!

I is for Intersection, where cars take a turn. “Look left and right,” is what we learn.

J is for Jet Ski, bringing joy pure and glee. Racing over waves, exploring the sea.

K is for Kayak, on the water we glide, A calm, peaceful trip, with the tide as our ride.

L is for Locomotive, chugging on a track, Carrying a heavy load, both front and back.

M is for Metro, zooming through the town. Underneath the city streets, it hardly ever lets us down.

N is for Navigation, used for direction. Plotting the course, it’s a valuable connection.

O is for an Oil tanker, bringing fuel from afar. It travels across oceans, guided by the North Star.

P is for Passenger, along for a ride, With a ticket in hand, they take traveling in stride.

Q is for Quad, oh so fast, Going off-road, having a blast.

R is for Racing car, zooming around the track, Leaving a trail of dust, there’s no looking back.

S is for Submarine, diving so deep, Under the sea, where the sea creatures sleep.

T is for Truck, carrying cargo far, Through valley and hill, under both sun and star.

U is for U-haul, across towns big and small, Carrying belongings for family’s move, it carries them all.

V is for Van, so sleek and grand, Rolling swiftly across the land.

W is for Wagon, pulled by a horse with might. Going so steady, on country roads in the sunlight.

X is for Xebec, a ship of old, Sailors used them, brave and bold.

Y is for Yacht, so sleek, they slice the waves, Carrying adventurers, the bold and the brave.

Z is for Zeppelin, up in the sky, Humming and buzzing, oh-so high!

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