The Seed that Became a Mistletoe

Once there was a small seed that really wanted to grow into a beautiful mistletoe. It knew that in order to do that, it had to attach itself to a tree. So one day, the seed saw a lovely bird flying by and quickly stuck itself to the bird’s feathers.

The bird flew high into the sky and landed on the largest tree in the forest. The seed could feel the tree’s strong roots beneath the ground and knew that this was the perfect place for it to grow.

The bird sat on a branch and started whistling a cheerful Christmas song. The seed listened to the song and felt happy and excited. It knew that it was finally going to become a beautiful mistletoe.

Quickly, the seed jumped out of the bird’s feathers and attached itself to the tree. It shot out its own roots and started blending in with the tree. It began taking some of the tree’s nutrients and minerals, and before long, it had grown into a large branch attached to the tree.

All sorts of animals in the forest started to notice the mistletoe. Bees buzzed around it, butterflies fluttered near it, and even squirrels, chipmunks came to eat the berries and even porcupines loved its fruits.

The mistletoe also attracted attention from humans as it was the most beautiful decoration in the forest. The people took it and put it on the town square. Ever since the mistletoe is appreciated for its beauty and love birds kiss underneath it.