Summer Vacation Stories

Summer Vacation Stories

Welcome to the Top 14 Summer Vacation Stories specially curated for kids to read online! This amazing collection of children’s stories is perfect for bedtime, story time, or any time in between. Our tales are available in both PDF and audio formats, and they’re absolutely free to read, download, and even print as your very own personal, printable story books. Each tale is beautifully crafted with entertaining narratives and vibrant illustrations designed to spark the learning, imagination, and educational growth of children of all ages – from toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergartners to elementary school students and beyond. This diverse mix of short and longer summer vacation stories includes classic fairy tales, moral stories, and contemporary fiction, perfect for boys, girls, and even grown-ups who love a good story. What’s even better is that these reads come with captivating pictures and easy-to-follow English that promise a fun and engaging experience for the whole family. Delve into this treasure trove of bedtime stories and have an unforgettable summer reading adventure!

Summer Vacation Stories hold a special place in the hearts of children, as these narratives evoke the excitement, joy, and adventure that comes with the season. With school out and the days filled with sunshine, kids are eager to learn and explore the world around them. That’s what makes these stories especially valuable during this time. Each tale provides an opportunity for early years and EYFS kids to enhance their reading and listening skills, all while getting a taste of the magic that comes with a great story. Famous and lesser-known tales promise diversity in themes and characters, ensuring there’s something for everyone in our collection. So cuddle up, dim the lights, and prepare for a night time treat as we embark on an unforgettable, whimsical journey through these fantastic summer vacation stories.

Top 14 Summer Vacation Stories for kids to read online:

  1. How Camping Changed a Troubled Child: The story is about a child named Emily who struggles with school, but discovers a love for the outdoors when her parents take her camping. Through her camping experience, Emily becomes more focused, engaged, and respectful, and learns how to find a balance between the fun and freedom of the outdoors and the important teachings of the classroom. Her parents and teachers work together to support her growth and she continues to thrive and learn both in and out of school. An ebook version of the story is available for download.
  2. Going to a new school: This is a story about Cindy, a shy little girl who was starting a new school after summer break. Cindy was nervous, but her parents tried to reassure her by visiting the school and talking about the challenges she might face. On her first day, she woke up early and got ready for school with her parents. She was still nervous, but her friendly teacher and classmates made her feel comfortable and included. At the end of the day, Cindy realized that starting a new school wasn’t as scary as she had thought and she was excited for the rest of the year. There is also a downloadable ebook (PDF) available to read offline or print.
  3. Part 1: Bob and Betty’s Summer with Captain Hawes: Bob and Betty spend their summer at the coast with Captain Ben Hawes, an old sailor with endless stories of strange adventures in foreign ports. He takes the kids on a sail and shows them all kinds of interesting things such as boats and ships being built. They also play on the beach and go on expeditions with their friend Patsey to dig for mussels, catch crabs, and skip stones. The children learn and get excited about new things every day, making it a memorable and fun vacation.
  4. Part 2: Bob and Betty’s Summer with Captain Hawes: The story follows Bob and Betty’s summer adventures with Captain Hawes at a coastal town. They learn about lighthouses, sailmaking, logging, lobster fishing and witness the launch of a new ship. They also learn to swim, row and build wooden rafts. It’s a fun, educational summer for the children, and they are left with many lasting memories of their time with Captain Hawes.
  5. Part 3: Bob and Betty’s Summer with Captain Hawes: The story is about Captain Hawes and the adventures he takes two children on at sea. They witness the many changes of the sea, including calm days and storms. They also learn about boats and shipbuilding, as well as whale hunting. Captain Hawes tells them exciting stories of his travels and adventures, making their time on the sea endlessly fascinating. The children are eager to learn and constantly amazed by what they see. The story ends with the hope that one day they will see a whale too.
  6. Part 4: Bob and Betty’s Summer with Captain Hawes: In this story, Captain Hawes takes Bob and Betty to watch a new ship being loaded with cargo in the neighboring harbor. He explains how ships are designed to sit in the water when loaded and shares stories about his travels to distant lands. The ship sets sail, and Captain Hawes predicts it will be the last square-rigged ship they will see leaving the harbor. When Bob and Betty return home, they witness the country’s new war fleet, large steel ships powered by steam.
  7. Uncle Wiggily and the Camping Boys: Uncle Wiggily and Baby Bunty go for a walk in the woods and see some boys setting up a white tent. They return when it starts raining, and Baby Bunty discovers that the water is rising dangerously high around the tent. Uncle Wiggily recruits some animal friends and they help the boys by digging a trench around the tent that diverts the water and prevents the boys from getting flooded. The boys are thankful, but they never find out who helped them.
  8. Uncle Wiggily at the Seashore: The story is about Uncle Wiggily, who is on his way to search for his fortune after fleeing from a bad black bear, and comes across a group of children on their way to the seashore. He starts digging in the sand with the hope of finding buried treasure with a shovel borrowed from a little girl, but the hole fills up with water. While he and a grasshopper try to empty the hole, a crab pinches Uncle Wiggily’s tail, and he pleads for help until a big wave washes the crab away, saving him.
  9. Uncle Wiggily and the Lobster: In this story, Uncle Wiggily can’t find a place to sleep on the beach and builds a small house out of driftwood. However, a lobster tries to drag him into the ocean but Uncle Wiggily is saved by a life guard. Finally, the lobster is boiled in a pot and Uncle Wiggily sleeps peacefully in his wooden house. Downloads include an eBook (PDF) of the story.
  10. Uncle Wiggily and the Clam: Uncle Wiggily wakes up in his seaweed house on the seashore and hears a noise that he thinks might be a storm, but it turns out to be the sound of waves crashing on the shore. His friend, the grasshopper, visits and they go on a treasure hunt. They go swimming and a toggle-taggle fish grabs Uncle Wiggily’s leg. The fish tries to drag Uncle Wiggily back to its den, but Uncle Wiggily escapes thanks to a clam that pinches the fish’s tail. Uncle Wiggily and the grasshopper go on to have more adventures looking for treasure.
  11. Uncle Wiggily and the Starfish: The story follows Uncle Wiggily, who is searching for his fortune on a beach. He meets a grasshopper, a horseshoe crab, and gets trapped in a cobweb by a sea spider. Fortunately, a starfish helps him get free by cutting the cobweb. Uncle Wiggily thanks the starfish and continues on his quest to find his fortune. The story ends by providing a link to download the ebook version of the story.
  12. Uncle Wiggily and the Crab: In this story, Uncle Wiggily talks to a slipper eel and shows him a shiny object he thinks is a diamond, but the eel reveals it is only glass. Uncle Wiggily continues searching for his fortune on the beach and comes across a card instructing him to dig. However, he gets trapped under a big black stone, and a wolf comes to tickle and catch him. The horseshoe crab advises Uncle Wiggily to trick the wolf into jumping on the crab instead of the stone, and the wolf ends up getting tickled and running away. Uncle Wiggily thanks the crab and hops away safely.
  13. Uncle Wiggily and the Shell: In the story, Uncle Wiggily sets out to find his fortune at the seaside, but is caught in a hailstorm which damages his toadstool umbrella. A grasshopper directs him to a pink shell which protects him and a baby crab from the hail. After the hailstorm, they help the crab by drying and gluing his wet peanuts. Uncle Wiggily continues his search for his fortune, eating the peanuts the baby crab gives him.
  14. The Friendly Playmate: Four children go berry-picking on a hill and befriend a large creature, whom they mistake for a big brown pig. The large friendly animal eats berries with them and shakes a pine tree to help them gather cones. However, when the milkmaid calls the children to come home, the animal quickly runs away. The father later realizes that their playmate was actually a good-natured brown bear. The children never forget the happy afternoon they spent with their unlikely friend.

In conclusion, the Top 14 Summer Vacation Stories for kids to read online offer a delightful escape into the world of imagination and adventure. Each tale captures the essence and excitement of a summer holiday, teaching valuable lessons about friendship, family, and self-discovery. Young readers will not only be entertained but also inspired to create their own memorable summer experiences. These stories remind us that even amid the most ordinary situations, a little bit of magic can spark extraordinary adventures, making our lives richer and more meaningful.