Summer Stories For Kindergarten

Summer Stories For Kindergarten

Welcome, little ones, to an exciting journey filled with captivating tales in the “Top 50 Summer Stories for Kindergarten!” Pack a picnic basket, because we’re going to venture across enchanting forests, sunny beaches, vivid rainbows, and magical kingdoms – all without leaving our classrooms or homes. We’ve compiled these captivating stories in a convenient read aloud PDF format, making it an effortless adventure for everyone to enjoy. Each story comes to life with fascinating characters, colorful illustrations, and engaging narratives, designed to spark your imagination and stir your curiosity.

The significance of “Summer Stories for Kindergarten” lies in the wonderful blend of fun and learning. These tales set in the summertime help in understanding the world around us in a fun and engaging context. They introduce children to new horizons, unique animals, different cultures, and social scenarios in a friendly, understandable manner. More so, they’re a fantastic way to continue learning and exploring during the summer break, keeping young minds sharp and focused.

Children will love this collection of stories as they resonate with the joyful spirit of summer – freedom, adventure, and exploration. Kids can relate to the delightful characters who, like them, make new friends, revel in the wonder of nature, and embark on memorable summer escapades. These narratives also celebrate the essence of childhood – innocence, playfulness, and curiosity. Happy reading, little explorers!

Top 50 Summer Stories For Kindergarten

  1. The Strawberry Thief: Two children go into the forest to gather strawberries to sell and earn money for their family. They work hard all day, but when they return to the spot where they left their jars, they’re gone! One of the children decides to stay in the forest and search for the jars while the other goes home. The child who stays finds a secret entrance to a mountain where gnomes live. He helps the gnome-King with a task and in return, the King buys the strawberries. The child falls asleep on the King’s throne and wakes up outside the mountain with only a wreath of flowers. When the family takes the wreath to a goldsmith, they find out it’s made of precious gems. They become wealthy and live happily ever after.
  2. Uncle Wiggily and the Camping Boys: In this story, Uncle Wiggily and Baby Bunty discover a group of boys camping in the woods. The boys are excited and trying to set up their tent, but they make mistakes and are struggling with the rain. Uncle Wiggily and his friends, including beavers who are expert diggers, help the boys by digging a trench around the tent to drain the water. The boys are grateful and learn the importance of proper camping preparation. They also show kindness to the animal friends by leaving out food for them to enjoy. The story emphasizes the educational elements of camping, problem-solving, and kindness to animals.
  3. Mabel on Midsummer Day: Once upon a time, there was a kind girl named Mabel. Her mother asked her to help her grandmother with some chores. On her way, Mabel was careful not to disturb the fairies in the woods and by the well. She showed respect for nature and received blessings from the fairies. Mabel completed her tasks and returned home to find that her sick sister had miraculously recovered. Mabel’s kindness and the fairy blessings stayed with her forever.
  4. Inside The Garden Gate: Grandmother’s garden is a beautiful place, full of colorful flowers and grass. Lindsay, a small boy, and Grandmother, an old lady, love to watch the little visitors that come to the garden. They see bees collecting honey, butterflies fluttering around, and even a spider spinning lace. One day, they notice that the mockingbird, their favorite singer, has disappeared. Lindsay goes on a search to find the bird and eventually succeeds, setting it free to fill the garden with its beautiful songs once again. The garden is a magical place where nature and creatures teach valuable lessons about kindness, freedom, and the beauty of living in harmony.
  5. Uncle Wiggily Goes Swimming: Uncle Wiggily, a kind rabbit, goes swimming in a pond with two young frog friends. But Uncle Wiggily gets stuck in the mud at the bottom of the pond! The frog boys help him out and suggest he shouldn’t swim or dive anymore. They make a raft for Uncle Wiggily to rest on while they pull it around the pond. However, a sly fox named Fuzzy sees Uncle Wiggily and plans to nibble on his ears. But the clever frog boys come up with a trick to save Uncle Wiggily by slinging a big rock at the fox. The rock hits the fox and the friends escape. Uncle Wiggily thanks the frog boys for their clever trick.
  6. The Boy And His Dog: In a beautiful village, young George and his loyal dog, Rover, embark on a special mission every evening. They search for their cows and bring them safely back home. The cows graze on lush meadows and rest under shady trees, enjoying a peaceful life. Sometimes George gets tired, but Rover always helps him round up the cows and guides them back to the cottage. Rover is not only helpful but also a loving friend to George. Together, they take care of the cows and show the power of friendship and teamwork. You can download an eBook of this story to read offline or print.
  7. Little Miss Muffet’s Picnic Party: Little Miss Muffet decides to have a picnic party and asks her friends from Mother Goose Town to come. The Spider helps her make beautiful invitations and they start preparing for the picnic. Along the way, they help other nursery rhyme characters and face some challenges. With the help of the Spider and their friends, they finally have a merry and fun picnic party in the woods.
  8. The Friendly Playmate: Four children from Espesett Farm went on a berry-picking adventure and made a new friend—a big brown animal that they thought was a pig. The children shared their berries with him, and he even helped them shake pine cones from a tree. But when the children’s parents learned that their playmate was actually a bear, they had to let him go. The children never forgot their friendly brown bear and loved sharing this special story with others. You can download an ebook of the story to read offline or print.
  9. Little Dwarf Merry Maker: In this story, Little Boy and Little Girl are sad because they have to stay home while other children go on vacation. But then, a Fairy in an aeroplane comes and helps them set up a tent in their backyard. They find chairs, tables, and dishes to make it cozy, and the Fairy even brings them chocolate and doughnuts. The Fairy leaves, but the next day, the children find a real tent in their orchard, just like the one they had with the Fairy. They have a wonderful vacation in their tent, and the Fairy visits them often.
  10. Uncle Wiggily and the Freckled Girl: Uncle Wiggily is hopping through the woods when he hears a girl crying. The girl is upset because she has freckles and wants to get rid of them. Uncle Wiggily hatches a plan to help her by leading her to a bird’s nest with speckled eggs. When the girl sees the freckled eggs, she realizes that freckles can be beautiful and stops worrying about her own. She leaves behind her mirror and embraces her freckles with a smile.
  11. Baa the first: Two shabby little girls, Patty and Tilda, go on a mission to sell berries at the train station to earn money for books and boots. But when they see thirsty sheep in a cattle train, they forget about selling and start giving the sheep water instead. Little do they know, they are being watched by a kind family who offers to buy their berries and help the girls in their mission. The girls make a good profit and learn the importance of compassion and helping others. Download the ebook (PDF) to read the full story.
  12. The Skipping Shoes: Once there was a little girl named Kitty who never wanted to do what people asked her. One day, her mother gave her a pair of new shoes that were magical and made her run errands. At first, Kitty didn’t like the shoes, but she soon realized that they could take her on exciting adventures. She visited Fairyland, heard the voices of animals, and danced like a fairy. But when the sun set, the magic was over. Kitty learned the importance of kindness and responsibility through her experiences with the skipping shoes.
  13. The Bee And The Child: Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Lucy who loved to explore the beautiful garden filled with colorful flowers. One day, she saw a busy bee collecting nectar from flower to flower. Lucy asked the bee why it worked so hard without resting and playing. The bee explained that flowers don’t last forever, just like the sunny days and bright sunsets. It taught Lucy to cherish the beauty around her and fill her youth with seeds of knowledge, love, and good deeds. As she grew older, she would carry the lessons and memories of her childhood, just like the bee carried its harvest. Lucy danced through the garden, treasuring every moment and every flower, learning from the world, and planting seeds of kindness, knowledge, and love. Her heart blossomed with wisdom, and she lived a joyful and warm life.
  14. Uncle Wiggily And Nurse Jane Go On Holiday: Uncle Wiggily and Nurse Jane are getting ready for a surprise trip to the country. They pack their trunks and fly in an airship to a cozy bungalow in the woods. While Uncle Wiggily goes on a little adventure, Nurse Jane gets scared by different animal noises, but Uncle Wiggily reassures her that they are just friendly animals. They have a lovely time in the country and learn not to be afraid of new experiences.
  15. Part 1: Bob and Betty’s Summer with Captain Hawes: Bob and Betty spend their summer at the coast with Captain Ben Hawes, an old sailor with endless stories of adventures. They explore his small museum filled with items from distant lands and learn about boats and ships. Captain Hawes takes them to a boat shop and a shipyard to see how these vessels are built. They also enjoy playing on the beach, digging for mussels, and learning from their friend Patsey. Every day brings new educational and exciting activities for Bob and Betty. You can download an ebook (PDF) of the story to read offline or print.
  16. The Water Bloom: In a little village, there was a curious girl named Harper. One day, after a shower, she saw a beautiful rainbow in the sky. Harper asked her dad what it was, and he explained that it was made by the sun shining on water droplets in the air. Harper imagined that the rainbow was made of flowers from their garden, and she was filled with joy. It reminded her dad of the magic and wonder in the world.
  17. Edith and the Bees: In this story, a little girl named Edith wants to make her friend Tommy happy, so she goes into the garden to pick flowers. But while she is looking at a beautiful rose, a bee stings her cheek. Her father takes her to a man who keeps bees, and he teaches Edith about the different kinds of bees and how they work. Edith realizes that the worker bees are actually important and hardworking, and she decides to tell Tommy about her bee adventure. You can also download the story as an ebook to read offline or print.
  18. Uncle Wiggily at the Seashore: Uncle Wiggily goes to the seashore and hopes to find his fortune. He starts digging in the sand, but his hole fills up with water and a crab pinches his tail. Just when things look bad, a big wave comes and saves him from the crab. Although he doesn’t find any gold, Uncle Wiggily is grateful to be safe. You can download the ebook to read offline or print it from the provided link.
  19. The Tree: Once upon a time, there was a tree in a big green field. It was very old and had seen many changes in the seasons. One spring, the tree had little buds on its branches that would become beautiful blossoms. But then, the frost came and threatened to take them away. The tree begged the frost to let the buds stay. Eventually, the buds bloomed into colorful flowers, and birds came to sing in the tree. Then, the wind came and asked if it should take the flowers away. But the tree pleaded with the wind to let them stay until they turned into berries. The tree’s wish came true, and the berries grew into delicious fruits. A girl passing by asked if she could have some, and the tree gladly shared. The girl promised to come back every year, and the tree continued to grow and bear fruit, happy that its gifts were appreciated.
  20. The Strawberry Shortcake: Once upon a time, a little boy named Ben picked juicy and ripe strawberries from the fields. His cousin Pen helped prepare the strawberries, taking a long time to cap them all. Ben’s mother, who loved to cook, made a delicious strawberry shortcake. Ben’s older brother, Fred, helped by cutting wood and making the fire. When their father came home, the family kept the shortcake a secret until they surprised him with it at dinner. Everyone laughed and enjoyed the tasty treat together.
  21. Uncle Wiggily’s Picnic: “Uncle Wiggily and his animal friends are excited for a picnic in the woods. They pack delicious food like carrot bread, lettuce sandwiches, and nut cake. But just when they are about to eat, it starts to rain! Everyone finds shelter and keeps their lunches dry. Meanwhile, on the other side of the woods, real children’s picnic gets spoiled by the rain. Uncle Wiggily and the animal children come up with a clever plan to share their extra food without being seen. They climb trees and lower baskets filled with goodies to the real children, who think it’s a surprise from fairies. Everyone enjoys a jolly feast and has a great time at both picnics.”
  22. Butterflies: This story is about the beauty of butterflies and the educational aspect of their transformation from caterpillars. The story describes different types of butterflies, including their colors and patterns. It explains that the round spots on their wings are not actually eyes, but just decorations. The story also teaches that butterflies go through metamorphosis, changing from ugly caterpillars into beautiful creatures. The story compares this transformation to the fairy tale of Cinderella, showing that the reality of nature’s transformation is even more amazing.
  23. The Story Of The Strawberry: In this story, we venture into a shady wood where we enjoy the wind, listen to birds, and watch a squirrel. But our attention is soon captured by the beautiful wild strawberries. We eat them in the meadow and then return to our shady spot. We then learn how these juicy berries replace the blossoms. The story teaches us about the pollination process and how each strawberry pistil has a separate seedbox. The cushion-like object bearing the pistils grows into the delicious fruit. It’s a delightful story that can be downloaded as an ebook.
  24. Uncle Wiggily and the July Bug: Uncle Wiggily and his friend, the white cat, decide to have a picnic in the woods. They want to invite more friends, but they don’t have a telephone or time to send postcards. Suddenly, a friendly July bug offers to invite their friends by flying through the air. Uncle Wiggily writes invitations on birch bark, and the bug delivers them to all their animal friends. They all come to the picnic and have a wonderful time. At the end, two foxes try to attack, but the brave July bug scares them away. The picnic is a success, and Uncle Wiggily continues his travels the next day. [This story can be downloaded as a PDF.]
  25. The Open Gate: In this story, Fleet the shepherd dog visits his friend Mrs. Muffet and her two little kittens in the barn. They talk about the playful kittens and the peaceful farmyard. But suddenly, there is chaos outside as animals realize that the farmyard gate is open. The brown colt escapes, and everyone tries to bring him back. Eventually, the colt returns home, but they all learn the important lesson of being responsible and closing the gate. The story teaches children about the consequences of carelessness and the importance of taking care of things.
  26. Three Children On The Ice: In the town of Lindley, there lived three best friends named Tilly, Billy, and Millie. One day, they decided to slide on the icy surface of a magical lake called Crystal Lake. But as they skated, the ice cracked, and they fell into the cold water. Luckily, they were saved by the Queen of the Lake, who taught them the importance of respecting nature. The friends returned safely and shared their story, reminding everyone to explore with caution and respect. You can download an ebook of the story to read offline or print.
  27. How the Buttercup Became Yellow: Once upon a time, all the flowers were white, but the little Daisy with its yellow center wanted to change that. It asked the White Cups growing nearby if they wanted to become golden like the Daisy. The White Cups were excited but didn’t know how to make it happen. So, they asked the Fairies for help. The Fairies came up with a plan to trick the mischievous Goblins into coloring the White Cups gold. The plan worked, and the next morning, the fields were filled with beautiful golden buttercups. The Fairies called them “our golden cups,” but they had to remain known as buttercups to keep the goblins from turning them white again. The buttercups learned the value of silence and the importance of following their wise Fairy Queen’s guidance. They bloomed happily among the daisies, being the little golden cups for the fairies and keeping their secret from the goblins.
  28. Uncle Wiggily And The Thunder Storm: Uncle Wiggily, the rabbit gentleman, helps Nurse Jane water the garden with a hose. They talk about how strawberries are growing nicely. Then they notice a thunderstorm is coming, so Uncle Wiggily decides to go for a ride in his airship to avoid being caught in the storm. He comes across a bird with a broken wing and saves it by catching it in his airship. They find shelter in a duck pen during the storm. Uncle Wiggily helps the duck girls overcome their fear of the thunderstorm by pretending it’s the noise of a circus wagon and a trolley car. After the storm passes, Uncle Wiggily continues his adventure with the bird. The story includes a downloadable PDF of the book.
  29. How Camping Changed a Troubled Child: Once there was a little girl named Emily who didn’t like school and had trouble behaving. Her parents and teachers were worried and didn’t know what to do. But then they took her camping, and she became fascinated by nature and learning about the outdoors. Emily’s behavior improved, and her parents and teachers decided to find a balance between the fun of camping and the important lessons of school. With their support, Emily continued to grow and learn both in and out of the classroom.
  30. Uncle Wiggily And The Fiddler: Uncle Wiggily is a rabbit who goes on a beach adventure. He meets a slow-crawling snail who is hungry, so Uncle Wiggily shares his cherry pie crumbs. The snail tells him about a dance party where there might be gold and diamonds. Uncle Wiggily goes to the party but realizes there is no music. He finds a fiddler crab and a drum fish to provide music and they have a great time dancing with the sand fleas. However, Uncle Wiggily doesn’t find any gold or diamonds. In the end, he goes to sleep under seaweed while the crab and fish go home.
  31. Uncle Wiggily And The Sunflower: In this story, Mrs. Cat and her daughter Snowball want Uncle Wiggily to stay with them, but he has to keep traveling. Along the way, he meets a monkey playing music and feels hungry. Uncle Wiggily gives the monkey some cherry pie, but then a scary alligator appears and tries to take the pie. The monkey escapes, but Uncle Wiggily needs a place to hide. A helpful sunflower offers to be his hiding spot by cutting it down and holding it up in front of him. The alligator is blinded by the sunflower’s bright blossom and can’t find Uncle Wiggily. The rabbit thanks the sunflower and continues on his journey.
  32. Uncle Wiggily and the Campfire: Uncle Wiggily, the old gentleman rabbit, gets stuck in a prickly berry bush. The bush suggests he dig a tunnel underneath to escape without getting scratched. Uncle Wiggily successfully digs his way out and thanks the bush by taking some berries for his journey. He continues his search for a fortune but only finds an empty stump, a vacant doghouse, and a cat’s house with a tin bank full of pennies. Just as he considers taking the money, the cat returns and claims it as her own. They decide to search for Uncle Wiggily’s fortune together but get caught in the dark woods. Uncle Wiggily builds a campfire to keep them safe from predators, and in the middle of the night, a three-headed wushky-woshky tries to attack them. However, the campfire scares the wushky-woshky away, saving them. The next morning, they continue their journey, having had an exciting adventure.
  33. Uncle Wiggily And The Moo-cow: Uncle Wiggily and Nurse Jane are staying in a bungalow in the country. One night, Nurse Jane wakes Uncle Wiggily up because she hears strange noises. Uncle Wiggily reassures her that it’s just crickets and bugs making cheerful sounds. The next morning, they meet the Moo-Cow who delivers milk. Uncle Wiggily invites the Moo-Cow for a ride in his airship. However, the airship starts to fall when the balloons get punctured. Uncle Wiggily steers the airship away from danger and they land safely on soft cushions. Everyone is okay, and Uncle Wiggily looks forward to another adventure.
  34. Uncle Wiggily And The Sheep: Nurse Jane Fuzzy Wuzzy and Uncle Wiggily Longears were on a vacation in the country woods. Uncle Wiggily was getting his airship ready for a ride, while Nurse Jane was decorating the kitchen table with flowers. A kind sheep named Baa-Baa Black Sheep visited and brought them butter made from yellow buttercup flowers. Uncle Wiggily invited the sheep to go airshipping with him, and they set off. However, they encountered a hail storm and Uncle Wiggily’s paws became so cold that he couldn’t steer the airship. The sheep came up with a solution to warm Uncle Wiggily’s paws by cutting off some of its wool. With the woolen mittens, Uncle Wiggily safely steered the airship to the ground. Later, they enjoyed ice cream made from the hail stones. The sheep then returned to the farm, and Uncle Wiggily went to sleep. In his dream, he went on a beautiful trip to a country with green fields and a singing brook.
  35. Uncle Wiggily And The Cake Of Ice: In this story, Uncle Wiggily and Nurse Jane Fuzzy Wuzzy are trying to stay cool on a hot day. Nurse Jane puts up a sign for Mr. Whitewash, the polar bear, to bring them ice, but two squirrel boys take the sign to use for their lemonade stand. When Mr. Whitewash doesn’t see the ice sign, he doesn’t bring any ice. Uncle Wiggily then goes in his airship to get a cake of ice, but it melts and makes everyone think it’s raining. Luckily, Mr. Whitewash comes back with a cake of ice for Nurse Jane’s refrigerator, and all is well. Uncle Wiggily learns his lesson and says he will wrap the ice next time so it won’t melt.
  36. Uncle Wiggily And The Butterfly: Uncle Wiggily, a rabbit gentleman, decides not to use his airship because it’s broken and goes out for a walk instead. Along the way, he discovers a butterfly with a broken wing trapped inside a lily. Uncle Wiggily helps the butterfly by finding a doctor to mend its wing and arranging for bees to bring honey to its home in the lily. Later, when Uncle Wiggily falls ill with rheumatism, the butterfly repays his kindness by fanning him with its wings until he recovers. The story teaches children the importance of helping others and being kind, showing that helping one another can lead to unexpected acts of kindness in return.
  37. Uncle Wiggily And The Little Birds: Uncle Wiggily, the old rabbit, is fixing his airship in his yard. Despite a previous accident, he is determined to learn how to fly all over the world. Meanwhile, a mother bird is trying to teach her little ones how to fly, but they are too afraid. Uncle Wiggily decides to help by flying his airship underneath them and assuring them that if they fall, they will land on his umbrella and be safe. With his encouragement, the little birds find the courage to fly and their mother is grateful to Uncle Wiggily for making them brave.
  38. Uncle Wiggily’s June Bug Friends: In this educational story, Uncle Wiggily the bunny rabbit gentleman encounters a big June Bug that Nurse Jane Fuzzy Wuzzy is afraid of. Uncle Wiggily decides to catch the bug and let it sleep in the pansy bed, believing that it may someday do him a favor. The next day, Uncle Wiggily, along with Nannie and Billie Wagtail, falls into a pit dug by the bad Bazumpus. Just when they need help, the June Bug appears and calls for its bug friends to make a grass ladder so they can escape the pit. They rescue Uncle Wiggily and scare away the Bazumpus. Everyone is happy, except for the Bazumpus. Kindergarten teachers can use this story to teach children about bravery, helping others, and the importance of being kind to insects.
  39. Uncle Wiggily And The Measles: Once upon a time, there was a boy who didn’t like going to school. He would make up excuses to stay home and not study. One day, he discovered that his friend had the measles and thought it would be a good reason to stay home. So, he painted red spots on his face to trick his mother. But when he saw Uncle Wiggily and Grandpa Goosey in his yard, he couldn’t resist chasing them. Grandpa Goosey splashed water on the boy’s face to save Uncle Wiggily, and the boy realized his trick had been discovered. His mother took him to school but promised not to tell the teacher if he promised to study well. The boy learned his lesson and never wanted to skip school again. Later, he actually got the measles for real, but this time he didn’t need to pretend.
  40. Uncle Wiggily and the Watering Hose: In this story, it’s hot and dry in animal land because there hasn’t been any rain. Uncle Wiggily wants to make it rain so they can have strawberry shortcake. He goes up in his airship to find rain in the clouds, but there isn’t any. He sees water spraying from a hose and decides to bring one back to Nurse Jane’s garden. He waters the garden and then helps a tired ice-wagon horse by spraying him with the hose. The next day, it finally rains. You can download the story as an ebook to read offline or print.
  41. Uncle Wiggily and the Lemonade Stand: Uncle Wiggily, a kind rabbit, decides to go for a ride in his airship on a hot day. Before he leaves, he promises Nurse Jane, a muskrat, that he will buy honey for her. Meanwhile, two squirrel brothers set up a lemonade stand but realize that someone has taken all their sugar. They decide to sell sour lemonade instead. When Uncle Wiggily stops by, he finds the lemonade too sour and decides to sweeten it with the honey he bought. The squirrel brothers are able to sell the lemonade and buy ice cream cones, and they thank Uncle Wiggily for his help. Download the ebook to read the full story.
  42. Uncle Wiggily Goes Berry Picking: In this story, Uncle Wiggily and Kittie Kat go on a journey to find Uncle Wiggily’s fortune. Along the way, they meet a kind old lady who needs help getting berries. They offer to pick the berries for her, but they encounter a scary wolf. Luckily, a red monkey comes to their rescue and saves them from the wolf. They gather the berries and bring them back to the old lady, who makes a delicious pie. The story teaches children about kindness, bravery, and perseverance. You can download the ebook version of the story to read offline or print.
  43. Uncle Wiggily and the Watermelon: In this story, Uncle Wiggily goes to a party but doesn’t get any treasure. His friend suggests he ask the fleas for it. Uncle Wiggily starts his journey and meets a slow snail who sings him a song. On the way, he finds a big green thing that he thinks is a football. But it’s actually a watermelon. Uncle Wiggily tries to kick it, but falls. Then a grasshopper tells him it’s a watermelon and they eat it. Just as they finish, a bear appears. The grasshopper helps Uncle Wiggily hide in the watermelon, and they roll away. The bear chases them, but the watermelon breaks, and Uncle Wiggily escapes. They continue their journey together. You can download the story as an ebook to read offline or print.
  44. Uncle Wiggily and the Shell: Uncle Wiggily, a kindhearted rabbit, is on a journey to find his fortune at the beach. Despite his injured leg, he remains brave and singing a cheerful song. Along his way, he encounters a snail and a hailstorm. Fortunately, with the help of a grasshopper and a pink shell, Uncle Wiggily and a little crab find shelter and help each other. They fix the crab’s wet peanuts and the crab successfully sells them. After the storm passes, Uncle Wiggily continues his journey, grateful for the kindness of the pink shell and the joy of helping others.
  45. Uncle Wiggily’s Fourth of July: In this story, Uncle Wiggily the bunny is reminded to be careful on the Fourth of July because real children might play with fireworks that could hurt him. As he hops through the forest, he meets animal friends who are excited about the holiday. But then he comes across a sick boy who can’t join in the fun. Feeling sorry for him, Uncle Wiggily secretly leaves some green puff balls in the boy’s hammock, which burst and make popping sounds like fireworks. The boy is delighted and has his own Fourth of July celebration. Later, fireflies light up the porch like real fireworks. Uncle Wiggily is glad he could bring joy to the boy’s holiday.
  46. Uncle Wiggily Meets Humpty Dumpty: In this story, Uncle Wiggily and his friend Alice from Wonderland go off on an adventure for the Fourth of July holiday. They meet Humpty Dumpty, who isn’t dressed yet, so Alice helps make him look more human. But then, something unexpected happens and Humpty Dumpty flies off like a balloon! Don’t worry though, he comes back unharmed. You can even download a free ebook version of this story to read offline or print. Enjoy the educational and imaginative journey with Uncle Wiggily and his friends!
  47. Uncle Wiggily And Jack-in-the-pulpit: Uncle Wiggily is on a search for treasure but instead meets an alligator trying to trick him and a dangerous wolf. Luckily, a friendly flower called Jack-in-the-pulpit comes to the rescue and hides Uncle Wiggily from the wolf. With the help of his new friend, Uncle Wiggily continues his journey to find his fortune. You can download a free ebook of the story to read offline or print.
  48. Uncle Wiggily And The Eel: In this story, Uncle Wiggily goes for a walk on the seashore beach with his toadstool umbrella. He sings a happy song and plays an old tin pan. Suddenly, a slippery eel comes out from under the pan. Uncle Wiggily tries to hold onto it, but the eel is too slippery. They have a friendly chat, and the eel slips back into the ocean. Later, when Uncle Wiggily is digging in the sand, a fox tries to sneak up on him. But the eel warns Uncle Wiggily just in time, and the fox falls into the ocean. Uncle Wiggily is thankful for the eel’s help and continues his adventures.
  49. Maya the Bee Learns to Fly: Maya the Bee is a curious and cheerful little bee who has many adventures. She learns about working hard and collecting honey from her teacher, Miss Cassandra. Maya also discovers the importance of flying and explores the outside world. She decides to stay outside and have fun instead of going back to the hive. But when it gets dark, Maya finds a beautiful flower to sleep on and falls asleep. The story teaches children about curiosity, hard work, and the joy of exploration. You can download the eBook to read offline or print it for your students.
  50. Uncle Wiggily’s Ice Cream Cones: Uncle Wiggily and Grandfather Goosey Gander find themselves in search of a new place to stay. They come across a friendly crow who offers them a safe place to sleep in the pocket of a scarecrow’s coat. The next day, Uncle Wiggily goes to buy ice cream cones for himself and Grandfather Goosey. However, a bear steals their ice cream, but Uncle Wiggily cleverly uses the empty cones to tickle the bear and escape. Uncle Wiggily wonders how to get a full cone for Grandfather Goosey in the next story.

In conclusion, the Top 50 Summer Stories for Kindergarten offer a delightful tour of adventure, learning, and entertainment for young minds. These tales bring to life the joys of summer, with stories ranging from beach adventures, camping escapades, and family outings, to learning about nature and exploring different summer activities. Readers will surely have an engaging time as they immerse themselves in these narratives, sparking their creativity and fostering a love for reading. This collection is a perfect companion for a summertime filled with fun, imagination, and educational enrichment.