Sea Stories

Sea Stories

Welcome to the Top 38 Sea Stories for kids to read online! This incredible collection of magical sea stories is perfect for children who love to dive into the amazing world of marine life and ocean adventures. Our selection of bedtime stories is designed especially for young readers looking for an enjoyable and educational experience that caters to their imagination. Available in pdf format, these free and easy-to-read tales can be downloaded, printed, and shared with your little ones anytime and anywhere. Our stories even come with pictures, making learning as engaging and enjoyable as possible!

These short and fun tales are perfect for kids of all ages and genders, from preschool and kindergarten, spanning up to elementary students, eyfs, and toddlers. The collection includes famous and classic sea stories from around the world that have been retold into easy and accessible English, making it an ideal learning resource for everyone. Our audio read-aloud feature adds a comforting touch for our young readers as they follow along with the exciting adventures during story time.

Sea stories are important because they teach valuable lessons, introduce children to new creatures and environments, and spark their sense of wonder and curiosity about the world’s oceans. These entertaining tales, featuring girls and boys embarking on exciting journeys, will put your little ones in the right mood for sleep as they dream of fun nautical adventures. Not only are sea stories ideal for night-time reading, but they also convey important morals and life lessons for children to learn and embrace throughout their early years. So, dive in and explore the captivating world of Sea Stories and let your child embark on a memorable voyage of learning and imagination!

Top 38 Sea Stories for kids to read online:

  1. The Little Mermaid: The story is about a little mermaid who dreams of the world above the water and falls in love with a prince she saves from a shipwreck. She seeks out the sea witch for help to transform into a human to be with him but the transformation has a dark consequence. She can never become a mermaid again, and if the Prince marries someone else, she will die and turn into foam on the water. Despite everything, she would rather sacrifice herself than hurt her beloved prince. The story ends with her becoming an immortal daughter of the air and striving to do 300 good deeds to get an immortal soul.
  2. Sinbad the Sailor: In this story, a hardworking porter named Sinbad takes a break and visits a rich merchant’s house where he meets Sinbad the Sailor. Sinbad the Sailor shares his extraordinary adventures of his seven travels and invites Sinbad the Porter to stay for dinner and listen to more stories. After listening for seven days, Sinbad the Porter receives a large amount of gold from his new friend and he no longer has to work hard anymore. They both become friends and live happily ever after.
  3. The Travellers And The Sea: Two travelers on the seashore see something riding on the waves. One thinks it’s a ship carrying treasure, while the other thinks it’s a fisherman’s skiff with a catch of fish. When the object washes up on shore, they discover it’s just a water-soaked log, and their treasure hunt is in vain.
  4. The Monkey And The Dolphin: In the story, a shipwrecked Monkey is mistaken by a Dolphin for a man and is saved from drowning. The Monkey becomes haughty and boasts of being from a noble family in Athens which surprises the Dolphin who realizes the monkey’s true identity and abandons him. The story emphasizes the foolishness of pride and the importance of humility. A PDF ebook download link is available.
  5. The good sea monster: The story is about a sea monster that lived on an island and would help sailors in storms. One night he saves a young boy named Ko-Ko, and after several visits, Ko-Ko discovers the monster is actually a friendly old man who was transformed into a monster by a witch. The old man can only be turned back into a human if someone wishes it for him. Ko-Ko and the old man become friends and eventually find another castaway, a young girl, who also wishes the old man to be human again. The old man grants their wishes and transforms the island into a beautiful garden, promising to look after them forever.
  6. The Sea Horse’s Love Story: Two sea horses, Stormy and Nibbles, lived in different parts of the ocean and often had territorial disputes, until they slowly developed feelings for each other. They fell in love, transferred eggs, and had 500 baby sea horses. They decided to live together on a shared piece of land and lived happily ever after. An ebook is available for download.
  7. Neptune: The story is about the ancient god Neptune, who is responsible for the sea, and how he deals with a terrible storm that causes chaos in the waters. With the help of his sea creatures and his magical trident, Neptune calms the rough waters, rescues ships in danger, and restores peace to the sea. The story ends with Neptune cruising calmly in his chariot while the dolphins play around him.
  8. Hilda’s Mermaid: The story is about a young girl named Hilda who lives in a cottage by the coast with her sailor father. One stormy night, Hilda finds a mermaid in her home seeking shelter from the storm. They have dinner together and the mermaid shares stories about her life under the sea. The next morning, the mermaid disappears, leaving pieces of seaweed behind. Hilda looks for her friend every time she goes out on her boat.
  9. Dr. Dolittle Escapes from the Pirates: The story is about Doctor Dolittle and his animal friends who are chased by Barbary pirates while sailing home. Jip, the dog, senses trouble and the animals work together to outrun the pirates. The swallows come to the rescue and help by pulling the ship with thousands of strings. The animals laugh and dance as they outrun the pirates.
  10. The Tempest: The story is about Prospero, the Duke of Milan, and his love for books. He left the management of his duchy to his brother Antonio, but Antonio betrayed him and seized the duchy. He condemned Prospero to exile and left him stranded on an island with his daughter Miranda. The island was enchanted and had a witch named Sycorax who imprisoned good spirits in the trees. Prospero became a great magician and freed the spirits, but Caliban, Sycorax’s son, was mean and brutal. Years later, Prospero caused a great storm to punish his enemies who sailed near the island. Miranda met and fell in love with Alonso’s son Ferdinand. Prospero forced Ferdinand to chop and stack logs, but eventually agreed to let them marry. Prospero forgave his enemies and broke his magic staff, returning to Milan while Ariel, the head of the spirits, was freed.
  11. Dr. Dolittle on a journey: In this story, Dr. Dolittle and his animal friends travel on a ship for six weeks, following the Swallow who guides them with a lantern at night. When they approach Africa, they encounter a storm and their ship sinks, but they manage to reach the shore safely using a lifeline. They are expected to meet the king of the Jolliginki and are led through the jungle by a man who finds them. They also come across a white mouse who stowed away on the ship and was saved by the doctor’s hat.
  12. The Story of Arion: The story is about Arion, a talented musician who travels to many cities and gains a lot of money by playing and singing. He decides to return to Corinth, but the sailors on his ship plan to steal his riches and kill him. Arion asks to play his harp one last time, then jumps into the sea. A dolphin saves him and brings him back to Corinth, but when he tells his story, no one believes him until the sailors return to Corinth, and Arion is proven truthful. Periander, the tyrant of Corinth, punishes the sailors and returns Arion’s possessions, including his golden harp. Arion makes a statue of a man on a dolphin as a tribute to his rescuer.
  13. The story of Grace Darling: The story is about Grace Darling, who lived with her father in a lighthouse on a small island and helped him keep the lamps shining brightly to warn sailors of dangerous rocks. One stormy night, they heard shouts coming from the sea, and they discovered a ship had foundered on the rocks, and a few people were clinging to the masts. Despite her father’s reluctance, Grace wanted to rescue them and rowed out to the wreck with him. They managed to save the people and bring them to the lighthouse, where Grace took care of them until the storm subsided.
  14. Dr. Dolittle receives a warning from the rats: The story is about a doctor and his animal friends who occupy a boat. The swallows become tired after pulling the boat for three hours and request some rest on an island. The doctor decides to check for drinking water for them and the animals, and the rats on the ship inform him that the boat is unstable and will sink in two days. The doctor and his animals then move on to the island where they find canaries to guide them to a natural spring for drinking water, and they decide to rest. The story then takes an unexpected turn when the pirates arrive in the bay and the doctor and his animal pals board the pirates’ ship, which is left unattended, in an attempt to escape.
  15. Part 1: Bob and Betty’s Summer with Captain Hawes: Bob and Betty spend their summer at the coast with Captain Ben Hawes, an old sailor with endless stories of strange adventures in foreign ports. His house is a small museum with all kinds of items from distant lands. He takes the children out for a sail in his boat and shows them everything about making boats and ships. The children also enjoy playing on the beach with their friend Patsey Quinn, who teaches them how to fish, dig for mussels, and skip flat stones. It’s a fun and educational summer for Bob and Betty.
  16. Part 2: Bob and Betty’s Summer with Captain Hawes: The story follows the adventures of two children, Bob and Betty, during their summer with Captain Hawes. They learn about lighthouses and sail making, practice swimming and rowing, observe lobster fishing, and witness the launch of a new ship. The children are amazed by everything they see and do and have a fun and memorable summer with Captain Hawes.
  17. Part 3: Bob and Betty’s Summer with Captain Hawes: The story describes the adventures of two city children spending their summer vacation with Captain Hawes, learning about the sea and life at sea. The captain took them to see a sailboat wrecked on the rocks during a storm, showed them how ships were built and sails rigged, and told stories about his travels and whale hunts. The children were fascinated by everything and asked Captain Hawes a lot of questions. They spent a lot of time learning and exploring life at sea.
  18. Part 4: Bob and Betty’s Summer with Captain Hawes: The story follows Bob and Betty’s summer with Captain Hawes, who takes them on a small trip to the harbor to see the new ship, Sachem. The children watch as the crew loads goods onto the ship, and the Captain shares stories of his travels to distant lands such as China, Greenland, and Iceland. The Sachem sets sail for the Far East, and the children return home to see the country’s war fleet, which impresses them, but they still prefer sailing ships.
  19. The Spanish Armada: The story recounts the Spanish Armada’s invasion of England during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. Sir Francis Drake led the English fleet against the much larger Spanish fleet and used his smaller but faster ships to attack the enemy. They chased after the Spanish ships until their gunpowder and shot ran out, and a storm threw many of them onto the rocks and cliffs of the coast, resulting in the defeat of the Spanish Armada and the salvation of England.
  20. The Shipwreck of Robinson Crusoe: The protagonist of the story, after living for years in Brazil, accepts a secret proposal to manage trading on the Guinea coast, offered by a few planters and merchants. Despite the risks, he takes all the precautions to preserve his possessions and maintain his plantation when he goes on his journey. However, after a storm hits, the ship crashes, and he is the only one to make it to land. He fears for his life and thinks he will starve to death or be killed by wild animals. He decides to climb up a tree to spend the night and figures out how he will survive the next day.
  21. Horaizan: The story is about two wise men, Jofuku and Wasobiobe. Jofuku, troubled by the word “changeability” on his heart, sets sail to find the herb of Immortality for a tyrant ruler, but his journey is filled with hardships. Wasobiobe accidentally lands in the Island of Eternal Youth where he enjoys endless pleasure but is troubled by the word “humanity” on his heart. He eventually returns home and dies in the arms of a fisherman. The story explores the themes of mortality, the search for immortality, and the human condition.
  22. The Giant’s Cliff House: This story is about a blacksmith named Robert Kelly who interprets dreams. One night he dreams of finding a boy who disappeared seven years ago. The boy, Philip Renardy, visits him and tells him he’s being held captive by a giant named Mahon McMahon. Kelly discovers that what he thought was a dream was, in fact, a message from the boy. With the boy’s guidance, Kelly makes his way to the giant’s cliff house where he must identify Philip or be trapped forever. Kelly is successful and rescues Philip, who reunites with his family. The giant is never heard from again, and Kelly becomes famous for his work as a blacksmith and dream interpreter.
  23. Why the Sea is Salt: In this story, a poor brother receives a small gift of bacon from his rich brother on Christmas Eve. When he tries to thank him in return, his brother rudely tells him to go to hell. Taking him at his word, the poor brother sets off and meets an old man who tells him how to exchange the bacon for a magical hand mill that can grind out anything he wants. When his rich brother becomes jealous and borrows the hand mill, he doesn’t follow the instructions and instead causes mayhem by filling his house with never-ending soup and getting his ship swallowed by salt. The hand mill ends up lost at the bottom of the sea, and that’s why the sea is salty.
  24. The Master Mariner: A fisherman saves the King of the Caves of the Sea, who rewards him with a talisman that brings good luck. The fisherman becomes a rich and successful master mariner and falls in love with the princess of Silkland. A mistaken purchase leads to the fisherman buying a bag with a terrible storm inside, which he unknowingly brings on board. Later, while the master mariner is unconscious, pirates capture the princess, loot his ship, and throw him overboard. As he floats on a piece of wood, the silver fish talisman comes to life and calls upon the King. Together, they save the princess from the pirates and a storm. The master mariner marries the princess, and they bring the loot back to the people of Silkland.
  25. The City Under the Sea: This story is about a merchant who is asked by his king to find the Emerald of the Sea and bring it back within a year, or else he must compensate for the loss with his life. His two elder sons set sail and do not return, and the youngest son goes to search for them. He meets a witch who gives him an enchanted ring to go to the underwater world where he finds his two brothers. They are married to the princesses of the underwater world, but forget all about their past life, including their father and the quest for the emerald, after eating bread of the underworld. The youngest son eventually finds the emerald and saves his father, and they all live happily ever after.
  26. Why the Lamb Is Meek: In the story, a little lamb feels happy and frisky in the pasture until a toad challenges him to a test of strength. The toad tricks the lamb into being pulled into the sea, and then beats him in a race. Later, when the toad falls ill, the lamb carries him to a party at the king’s palace, but the toad makes him wear a piece of grass in his mouth and calls him his horse. The lamb becomes meek and from that day on, people use the phrase “as meek as a lamb” to describe someone who is submissive.
  27. The Jumblies: The story is about the adventurous Jumblies, who set sail on a sieve despite warnings from their friends. They have many exciting adventures, collect marvelous treasures, and return home wiser and taller. The story inspires others to seek adventure, and it becomes a tale of courage, adventure, and the boundless possibilities of the imagination.
  28. Uncle Wiggily at the Seashore: Uncle Wiggily goes to the seashore hoping to find his fortune by digging for gold and ends up being pinched by a crab. With the help of a big wave, he manages to escape the crab and realizes that sometimes fun is more important than wealth.
  29. Uncle Wiggily and the Lobster: A grasshopper and an old gentleman rabbit named Uncle Wiggily search for a place for the rabbit to sleep for the night at the seashore. They find no suitable places until Uncle Wiggily builds a house out of driftwood and seaweed. While he sleeps, a big lobster tries to take him away to the bottom of the ocean, but a life guard rescues him. Uncle Wiggily returns to his wood-and-seaweed house to sleep the rest of the night, while the lobster is boiled to a red color by the life guard.
  30. Uncle Wiggily and the Clam: In this story, Uncle Wiggily wakes up by the seashore and goes looking for his fortune with his friend the grasshopper. They have no luck finding treasure and go for a swim, but Uncle Wiggily gets grabbed by a fish. A clever clam helps him escape, and Uncle Wiggily is grateful but does not get a chance to thank the clam. The story ends with Uncle Wiggily and the grasshopper still searching for his fortune.
  31. Uncle Wiggily and the Starfish: In this story, Uncle Wiggily is on a beach looking for his fortune when he meets a horseshoe crab who can’t help him. He decides to take a nap under some seaweed and is trapped in a spider’s web. Luckily, a starfish with sharp points comes to his aid and cuts him free. Uncle Wiggily thanks the starfish and continues on his adventure.
  32. Uncle Wiggily and the Crab: Uncle Wiggily finds a card that tells him to dig, but he’s cautious because he has been tricked before. He finds a big black stone and starts to dig around it, thinking it’s a chest of gold or diamonds, but it rolls and traps his foot. A wolf jumps on the stone, planning to tickle Uncle Wiggily until he gives up something valuable, but the horseshoe crab suggests asking the wolf to jump on a nearby stone that is actually the crab. The wolf tickles the crab, giving Uncle Wiggily time to escape, and the horseshoe crab helps him get free.
  33. Shells: The story is about Uncle Paul showing his nephews his collection of shells and explaining where they come from and how they are made. He tells them about the different types of shells and the creatures that live in them. He also teaches them about the similarities between the snail and the slug and how the snail builds its own shell from its own substance. The nephews are curious and ask questions, and Uncle Paul encourages them to learn from nature. A download link for the story is provided at the end.
  34. The Sea: In this story, a group of children ask questions about the sea and learn about its vastness, the varying depths, and the color of its waters. They discover that the sea covers three-quarters of the Earth’s surface and that its depths can reach up to 15,000 meters. The children are amazed by the immensity of the sea and struggle to understand its size.
  35. Waves, Salt and Seaweed: In this story, a character explains to children the importance of waves in keeping the sea healthy, and how sea plants are an important source of nutrition for marine life. The conversation also delves into the nature of sea water – its taste, salinity, and the process of obtaining salt from it. The story also touches upon the destructive power of waves and their role in erosion.
  36. Uncle Wiggily and the Shell: Uncle Wiggily goes in search of his fortune on the seashore but gets caught in a hailstorm, causing his toadstool umbrella to break. He finds shelter under a pink shell with the help of his friend, the grasshopper. Later he meets a little baby crab who has bags of wet peanuts. They help him to fix the bags, and the crab is able to sell them for a penny a bag. Uncle Wiggily resumes his search for his fortune.
  37. The Queen of the Sea: In this story, the fish of the sea must choose a new ruler as Neptune, the current King, has decided to step down. The mermaid, known for her beauty, kindness and ability to warn ships of danger, is chosen as the new Queen. However, she becomes unhappy when she can’t decide what to wear for her coronation. She declares that whoever brings her a suitable material will become her helper in ruling the sea. As the fish rush off to find the perfect fabric, the mermaid meets a humble oyster who offers her the mother-of-pearl from their shell, which she uses to make her dress. At her coronation, the other fish are amazed by her choice of material, but none of them know where it came from.
  38. The Battle of the Winds: In this story, Father Neptune tells the Little Mermaid about a battle of the winds that caused the sea to be troubled and ships to be tossed about. When the Little Mermaid asks if he causes the waves and trouble for sailors, Father Neptune explains that it is actually the angry winds battling that causes it. He also clarifies that he does not send out the Little Mermaid and her sisters to wreck ships but rather keeps them hidden under the water to avoid distracting the sailors. The story can be downloaded as an e-book.

In conclusion, the Top 38 Sea Stories collection offers young readers a captivating voyage through the wonders of the ocean, filled with adventurous tales, magical creatures, and lessons about friendship, courage, and determination. Each carefully crafted story unveils a unique world that sparks the imagination and enthralls the minds of children, leaving them with a greater appreciation for the beauty of the deep blue sea and the amazing creatures that dwell within its depths. This enchanting collection is a must-read for aspiring young explorers who are eager to dive into the exciting world of maritime adventures and unveil the sea’s countless treasures.