Stories About Robbers

Stories About Robbers

Welcome to the Top 14 Stories About Robbers, a thrilling collection crafted especially for kids, children, and young readers. This online treasure trove is chock-full of bedtime tales that will captivate children’s minds and spark their imagination. Here you can find a variety of stories, available in pdf format, free for download and printable for easy access. These learning and educational gems are the perfect addition to any story time, providing a fun and engaging experience.

Enjoy short stories while marveling at the accompanying pictures or unwind with our longer classic tales, all of which have been carefully chosen to cater to girls and boys alike. The read aloud audio feature in English offers the best experience, making it suitable for preschool, kindergarten, elementary students, eyfs, and toddlers. Stories about robbers ignite a sense of adventure and wonder in kids, while presenting important moral lessons. Dive into this amazing collection and let the fun begin for your kids as they immerse themselves in these captivating tales, making bedtime or any part of the day an exciting and educational experience that preschoolers and early years learners will cherish with every fall into a good night’s sleep.

Top 14 Stories About Robbers for kids to read online:

  1. Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves: The story is about two brothers, Kassim and Ali Baba. Ali Baba inadvertently discovers the hideout of forty thieves and takes a lot of treasure. His greedy sister-in-law discovers the secret, and Kassim goes to the hideout but is trapped and killed by the robbers. The robbers discover that someone else knows their secret and go after Ali Baba. However, with the help of his clever servant Morgiana, he defeats the robbers and lives happily ever after with his family. There are ebook download links available in the end.
  2. The Town Musicians of Bremen: A tired old donkey runs away from his ungrateful owner to become a musician in Bremen. On his journey, he befriends an old dog, cat and rooster in search of a better life. One night they stumble upon a house full of robbers. In order to keep the robbers from attacking them, the animals scared them away with their noise, and eventually decided to stay in the house. They spend the rest of their days living happily, no longer needing to go to Bremen.
  3. Little Thumbling: This is the story of Little Thumbling, the youngest of seven sons of a poor woodcutter’s family. When there is no food left, his parents decide to leave the children in the forest, but Little Thumbling puts pebbles in his pocket to find the way back home. The next day, when the parents leave them in the forest again, he and his brothers can’t find their way back but they come across a giant’s house where they get food and shelter. Little Thumbling tricks the giant and takes his seven-mile boots and uses them to get home. He also gets the giant’s wife to give him all the money they have. Little Thumbling’s parents are thrilled with the wealth he brings home, and the giant stops eating children.
  4. Pippo: The story is about an old beggar who gives a sieve to his eldest son and a cat to his youngest son before he goes to prison for his debts. The eldest son uses the sieve to earn money, but the youngest son is not happy. However, the cat tells him that it can make him rich by bringing gifts to the king in the name of Gagliuso. The king becomes curious about Gagliuso and sends his servants with the cat to Lombardy to see his riches. The cat tricks everyone into believing that everything in Lombardy belongs to Gagliuso and arranges a wedding between Gagliuso and the king’s daughter. The king gives Gagliuso a big dowry, and they live happily ever after. However, Gagliuso forgets the cat’s role in his success and tries to persuade it to stay with him, but the cat leaves, and Gagliuso loses everything.
  5. The Snow Queen: This story is about an evil troll who makes a mirror that makes everything look ugly and bad.  The mirror breaks into pieces and anyone who gets a splinter in their eye or heart can only see and feel bad things. A boy named Kay gets a splinter in his eye and heart and is taken away by the Snow Queen. His friend Gerda goes on a journey to find him and, with the help of various people, she finds the Snow Queen’s palace, frees Kay, and brings him home. They both grow up, but in their hearts, they are still the same little children.
  6. The Raven: This story is about a Queen who turned her restless daughter into a raven. The raven flew away and an unknown man found her. The raven promised to marry him if he set her free, but the man fell asleep each time they planned to meet. The raven left him gifts and instructions on where to find her and how to break the spell. The man found her, but could not climb the glass mountain where she was held. He tricked three robbers and obtained a magic horse, cloak, and stick which helped him break the spell and marry the princess.
  7. The Gingerbread Man’s Secret Recipe: The story is about Ginger, a popular gingerbread man with a secret recipe that everyone in the forest adored. However, there was one creature, Rupert the fox, who wanted to steal the recipe for himself. When Rupert finally found a recipe book, he realized it was a decoy and was caught red-handed by Ginger and his friends. They protected the real recipe and celebrated with a big batch of gingerbread cookies.
  8. The Three Princes and Their Animals: The story is about three princes who become friends with and receive animals from different creatures they encounter in a forest. The eldest prince marks trees at a crossroad with his brothers before parting ways, and makes his step-sister accompany him. They arrive at a castle taken over by robbers, and the thieves are killed by the animals. The eldest prince goes hunting while his step-sister stays behind and meets a robber, who advises her to tie her brother’s thumbs with silk cords while testing his strength. She does so, and when her brother breaks the first two cords, she uses a much stronger one, which he cannot break. The robber then plans to harm the prince, but is foiled by the animals after the prince honks his horn thrice. The prince and his animals turn into stone after spending the night with an old witch, but the second brother ultimately saves them after threatening the witch. The three brothers are reunited and return to the kingdom where they find their father-in-law and the people believe them to be the same prince. The princesses recognize their husbands, and their father gives the youngest brother half the kingdom as a reward for finding his lost brothers.
  9. Puss in Boots: In this story, a miller’s son inherits a cat from his father when he has nothing left except for the cat. The cat helps the young man become wealthy by catching various animals and presenting them to the King as gifts. The cat also tricks a giant by transforming him into a mouse, which the cat catches. As a reward for catching so many animals, the King offers his daughter’s hand in marriage to the miller’s son. The cat lives a luxurious life and the miller’s son lives happily ever after with his new bride.
  10. The Story of Arion: Arion, a musician who became rich and famous playing his golden harp, hired some sailors to take him back home to Corinth. However, these sailors plotted to kill him and steal his wealth. Arion tricks them by jumping into the sea and is saved by a dolphin, which takes him back to Corinth. The treacherous sailors are caught and punished, and Arion becomes even more famous for his miraculous story.
  11. Bonnie Prince Charlie: The story is about a prince named Charlie who tried to win back the throne of England but was defeated by King George’s army. He hid for weeks in the mountains and was helped by a Scottish lady named Flora MacDonald who disguised him as her servant and led him to safety. The prince was cheerful and friendly, and despite the large sum of money offered by the king to anyone who betrayed him, none of his poor friends were false to him. The story ends with a link to download the ebook.
  12. The Treasure Castle: A hunter freed a dwarf from a pit, who in turn told him about a treasure room in a castle. The hunter took the treasure but remembered to not go into the tower. The hunter’s wealth reached the ears of the king’s chamberlain who convinced the king to kill the hunter and take his wealth. The hunter was imprisoned and tortured to reveal the location of the castle. The king and his two cronies took the treasures, but ventured into the tower where they were transported to another dwarf king who had owned the treasure. The dwarf king punished the king’s cronies, and the hunter was made the new king. The treasure remained in the castle for anyone to find, but people should not be too greedy and avoid the tower room.
  13. The Adventure Of The Blue Carbuncle: In this story, a helpful assistant provides assistance to a person or people. The specific details of the story are not mentioned, but it can be inferred that the assistant is reliable and efficient in their work.
  14. Jack Pumpkinhead and the sawhorse: Ozma, the ruler of Oz, sees in her magic picture that two children are lost in the far west of Oz and sends her friend Jack Pumpkinhead to rescue them. With the help of the Sawhorse, they find the children, but they are bound to a tree by the squirrels, who accuse them of theft. Despite the protests of the squirrels, Jack frees the children but is hit on the head and his pumpkin head is destroyed. The Sawhorse and the children take Jack’s body and head back to his pumpkin field, where the Wizard creates a new pumpkin head for him. The group then successfully returns to the Emerald City.

In conclusion, the Top 14 Stories About Robbers is a captivating collection of tales that will enthrall young readers while teaching them valuable life lessons. From daring heists to clever escapes, these adventurous narratives showcase the importance of teamwork, friendship, courage, and learning from one’s mistakes. As children immerse themselves in the journeys of these quirky and crafty robbers, they will not only be entertained but also realize that honesty and kindness will always triumph over deceit and cruelty. Happy reading, and may the excitement of these stories inspire kids to make the right choices and be the heroes of their own stories!