Stories About Music

Stories About Music

Welcome to the Top 18 Stories About Music for kids to read online! This incredible collection is specially designed for children who love bedtime stories that are both entertaining and educational. Our captivating stories are available in various formats such as pdf, free to download, printable, and with pictures that make them more engaging for the young audience. Every tale in this assortment is filled with fun and exciting moments that will keep kids captivated while learning about the enchanting world of music.

Stories About Music are an excellent tool for children to explore their imagination and creativity while enjoying a fun bedtime tale or participating in an engaging story time session. These stories, which include famous fairy tales, good moral lessons, and classic adventures, are perfect for boys, girls, and young readers of all ages, from toddlers to preschool, kindergarten, elementary students, eyfs, and even early years groups. Each story is easy and enjoyable to read, with the option of audio features that provide an excellent read aloud experience for those longer nights or nights when a little extra comfort is needed.

The importance of Stories About Music cannot be overstated, as they have the power to inspire children’s love for music and teach them valuable lessons about life, friendships and the beauty of art. Music-themed stories provide a unique and immersive learning experience for children, enabling them to explore different cultures, instruments, periods, and musical styles. They also foster a sense of understanding, curiosity, and appreciation for the diverse world of music, encouraging young readers to develop their own musical interests and passions.

So, get ready to embark on a musical journey with our delightful selection of stories that will capture the hearts of your little ones and set the stage for a lifetime of musical appreciation and learning. As night falls, let these magical tales carry them off to dreamland, where they can further explore their love for music and create their own symphonic adventures.

Top 18 Stories About Music for kids to read online:

  1. The Pied Piper of Hamelin: The story is about a German town of Hamelin, which was infested with huge black rats. A stranger, a rat-catcher, offered to rid the city of the plague for a good payment, which the citizens agreed to. The rat-catcher played his flute, and the rats followed him, but the townspeople refused to pay him his full price. The rat-catcher threatened to take revenge, and when the adults were in church, he kidnapped all the children by luring them with his music to a mountain. The story ends with the possibility that the people of Transylvania are descendants of the missing children.
  2. The Town Musicians of Bremen: Four former animals, an old donkey, an older dog, a senior cat, and a geriatric rooster decided to leave their homes and become musicians in Bremen. Along the way, they scared robbers from their cottage by standing on each other and singing loudly. They lived happily ever after in the cottage, deciding not to continue their journey to Bremen.
  3. A Valentine’s Gift for the Princess: A young prince searches for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the neighboring kingdom’s little princess. He first chooses a diamond heart from a jeweler but returns it because it was bought with gold and therefore not invaluable. He then chooses a heart-shaped cake from a bakery but returns it because a heart that can be eaten is not loving. Finally, he chooses a small white dove with a loving heart from a bird seller. The princess loves the gift and hangs the cage in the garden’s most beautiful spot, inviting the prince to listen to the dove’s song with her.
  4. Mrs. Elephant’s Moonlight Dance: In this story, the animals in the forest decide to compete for a dance prize. Mrs. Kangaroo claims to be the best dancer, while Mrs. Leopard boasts of her grace and speed, but Mrs. Elephant secretly practices and wins the prize with a beautiful dance. Despite her victory, she remains humble and encourages her friends to keep practicing, showing that determination can take you anywhere. The animals enjoy a beautiful evening of dancing and delicious snacks, with the cunning Mrs. Fox trying to sabotage the competition by encouraging everyone to eat too much.
  5. Maya the Bee and the Wonders of the Night: The story is about a little bee named Maya who goes on adventures to explore the world. She longs to do something useful and be a part of her bee kingdom once again, but her desire to learn about humans takes her on a different path. She meets a cricket who teaches her about the beauty of midsummer night and a flower elf who grants her dearest wish to learn about people at their best and most beautiful. The story ends with Maya’s wish coming true as the elf takes her on a journey to witness the wonders of the night.
  6. Hilda’s Mermaid: The story is about Hilda, a little girl who lives by the coast. Her father is a sailor who goes on long voyages, and her mother has passed away, leaving Hilda as the housekeeper. Hilda loves the water, and on calm days, she looks into the depths of the sea, hoping to see a mermaid. One stormy night, Hilda finds a mermaid in her cottage, and they become friends. The mermaid tells Hilda about her life and home under the sea, and Hilda is fascinated. In the morning, the mermaid is gone, but Hilda knows she wasn’t dreaming because she finds pieces of seaweed on the floor.
  7. The Story of Arion: The Story of Arion is about a man who makes beautiful music on a golden harp and becomes rich from it. He decides to travel and hires sailors to take him home to Corinth. The sailors plot to kill him and steal his money, but Arion convinces them to let him play one last song before he jumps into the sea. A dolphin saves him and brings him back to Corinth, but Periander, the tyrant, does not believe his story until the sailors arrive and Arion is vindicated. The bad sailors are punished, Arion gets his money and harp back, and he erects a statue to honor the dolphin that saved him.
  8. Dame Cricket’s Story: Mrs. Cricket has to convince her ten little crickets to get up and dress in their black caps and brown suits to begin their night-time singing. She tells them a story: long ago their ancestors sang all day but when their numbers started to dwindle, they changed their behavior and sang only at night. The reason for this was that birds ate a lot of crickets during the day, so crickets had to be careful and hide. The story motivates the little crickets and they get dressed to sing before the sun sets behind the hills.
  9. The Adventure of the Daughter of the King of Ireland: A young king of Denmark seeks advice from his counselors to find a wife and is told of Hilda, daughter of King Hagen of Ireland, who is renowned for her beauty. However, King Hagen has killed many kings who have tried to take her. Yarl Wate, along with Horant, Frute, and Yrolt, are chosen to travel to Ireland to ask for Hilda’s hand in marriage. After winning the favor of King Hagen and Hilda, Yarl Wate and his companions use a ruse to capture Hilda and take her to Denmark. King Hagen follows, and a battle ensues, but peace is made between the two kingdoms after Hagen agrees to the marriage. The wedding is celebrated, and Hagen and his men return to Ireland with gifts.
  10. The Flute: The story is about a man who loved his daughter, O’Yoné, very much but remarries a cruel woman who hates the child. When the man goes away on a business trip, O’Yoné gives him a bamboo whistle and warns him not to go because he will never see her again. The man initially disregards the warning but becomes anxious when he hears the whistle’s plaintive cry three moons into his trip. He rushes home and learns that his wife has killed O’Yoné and buried her in the bamboo grove. The man avenges his daughter’s death, then goes on a pilgrimage carrying the small flute with him.
  11. The four musicians: Four musicians stumble upon an old castle on their way back from the inn and decide to play music for its old count. The count appears and gifts them with beech branches to take home to their children. Only one musician keeps the branch, and the next morning, it has turned into real gold. The other musicians, who threw their branches away, searched for them but found nothing.
  12. The Magic Bonbons: An old chemist in Boston sells Claribel Sudds a box of bonbons that, when eaten, grant extraordinary abilities such as playing the piano insanely well or reciting complex poems from memory. Through a mix-up, the box ends up in the possession of Bessie Bostwick, who shares the bonbons with guests at a party. Chaos ensues as the guests unwittingly display their newfound talents, causing the senator to storm out in anger. Claribel continues to buy more bonbons from the chemist and becomes a famous actress thanks to the abilities the bonbons grant her.
  13. How the Monkey Became a Trickster: In this story, the animals in a garden were allowed to eat the fruits as long as they followed one rule: to ask permission and remember the tree’s name. However, there was a tree whose name was too long for any animal to remember. One day, a monkey learned the name by singing it as a tune and played it on his guitar as he made his way to the tree. He ate one of the fruits and found it tasted awful, but he still remembered the name and played the trick on other animals by giving them the fruit.
  14. How the Monkey Escaped Being Eaten: In this story, people used to eat fruits and nuts, but when those became scarce, they began eating meat and tried out different types of animals, including the monkey. The monkey, who used to play guitar, became afraid of the man who was trying to catch him to eat him. However, he tricked the man’s son and escaped. The monkey later tricks the man’s children into thinking they were going to have monkey stew but escapes again. In the end, the man couldn’t find any trace of the monkey in the pot and never wanted to make monkey stew again.
  15. The Cinco de Mayo Celebration: A family with Mexican heritage celebrates Cinco de Mayo by teaching their children about the significance of the day and instilling a sense of pride in their culture. They are magically transported to a Mexican marketplace and learn about the different traditions and ways of celebrating. They honor those who fought bravely in the Battle of Puebla and start their own family tradition of celebrating the holiday with a mix of fun activities and moments of reflection. As the years go by, they share their traditions with others, spreading the true spirit of Cinco de Mayo and reminding everyone of the power of unity, courage, and resilience.
  16. The Singing Ring: A prince falls in love with a beautiful princess, but the king won’t let them marry because the prince doesn’t have enough castles or land. The princess weeps and becomes very sad. One day, she finds a ring in the garden that sings to her and makes her happy. The prince sees her waving from her window and sends her love messages via a white dove. Later, when the castle is on fire, the prince rescues the princess, and the king allows them to marry. The ring continues to sing to the princess, and they ride away happily ever after.
  17. The Barn Dance: The story is about the first barn dance, which took place on a farm where the animals decided to have a party. The cat volunteered to play the fiddle, the dog offered to play the drum, and the goat claimed he could play the flute. The horse asked Miss Pig to lead the grand march with him, while the cow was happy to dance with a big dog. Throughout the evening, the animals danced, but their attention was captured by the arrival of the peacock, and they left in awe after watching him.
  18. Jennie Wren Tells Mr. Cardinal What She Thinks: This is a story about Little Jennie Wren, who was not afraid to speak her mind. One day, Mr. Cardinal bird starts singing near her home, and Jennie confronts him about his impertinence. To her surprise, Mr. Cardinal responds kindly and introduces Jennie to his wife, who also speaks up for her husband. The story ends with Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal snuggling together, talking about their love for each other’s songs. A downloadable PDF of the story is available.

In conclusion, these Top 18 Stories About Music have taken us on a melodious journey, filled with fun, engaging, and inspiring tales that have shown us the magical world of music. Aimed at kids, these stories have taught us the importance of teamwork, pursuing dreams, embracing our uniqueness and appreciating different cultures through the universal language of music. As you enjoy reading these stories online, let the power of music inspire creativity, connect people, and ignite a passion for learning in your young readers, as they embark on their own exciting adventures in the enchanting realm of musical tales.