Stories About Marriage

Stories About Marriage

Welcome to the Top 50 Stories About Marriage for kids to read online! This exciting collection is specially designed for children, featuring a whole lot of fun bedtime stories that you can read for free. Available in different formats such as PDF, printable, and audio, these stories are easy for kids to access and enjoy. With beautiful pictures, intriguing tales, and easy English, these stories cater to both boys and girls while introducing them to the concept of marriage in a delightful way.

Stories about marriage often come with a valuable moral or lesson that helps children learn and grow as they embark on a fantastic journey of reading. Filled with classic fairy tales, famous bedtime stories, and longer narratives, every tale in this collection guarantees an educational, yet entertaining experience. These short stories are perfect to tell during storytime to keep your kids engaged and excited about reading. They also serve as a great resource for your preschool, kindergarten, or elementary students by promoting language learning and creating a bond with literature.

So cozy up, and enjoy these stories with your little ones during bedtime, night time, or even early years. Explore the magical world of marriage through a unique collection of stories for todays’ boys and girls. Suitable for EYFS, toddlers, and older kids, discover together the values of love, commitment, and partnership in marriage. So go ahead, download this remarkable collection, and let the world of stories bring joy, laughter, and learning together for your kids and your entire family. Happy reading!

Top 50 Stories About Marriage for kids to read online:

  1. King Trushbeard: In this fairy tale, a haughty princess ridicules every man who wishes to marry her, but is eventually forced to marry a beggar by her angry father. The princess regrets her arrogance when she has to live in poverty with her husband who teaches her some valuable life lessons. One day, the princess goes to work in the king’s castle where her husband breaks her pottery. It is later revealed that her husband is actually King Thrushbeard, whom she had ridiculed before. The two reconcile and have a true wedding celebration.
  2. Cinderella: The story is about a girl named Cinderella who lives with her mean stepmother and stepsisters. Despite their mistreatment, Cinderella never complains and visits her mother’s grave every day. With the help of a magical hazel tree and a white bird, she attends a royal ball, where she falls in love with a prince but escapes before he can learn her identity. The prince searches for the owner of a lost shoe at the ball and finds Cinderella, who fits it perfectly. They get married and live happily ever after. The story can be downloaded as a PDF.
  3. The Princess and the Pea: The story is about a prince who is searching for a real princess to marry. After a long search, a soaked and dirty girl arrives at the castle claiming to be a real princess. The queen decides to test her and places a pea under twenty mattresses and twenty down blankets. The next morning, the girl complains of bruises and discomfort, proving she is a true princess. The prince marries her, and the pea goes on display at the Royal Museum.
  4. The Silent Princess: In ancient Turkey, a spoiled prince breaks three pitchers belonging to an old woman, who curses him with love for the silent princess. The prince falls ill and is allowed to go look for her. He finds her in the palace of her sultan father, only to discover that whoever makes her speak three times will win her hand in marriage. The prince uses a talking nightingale hidden from view to trick the princess into speaking twice, but on the third and final test, the princess speaks freely, revealing her true beauty. The prince wins her hand in marriage, and they live happily ever after.
  5. The Rabbit’s Bride: In this story, a rabbit keeps eating a woman’s cabbages, and she sends her daughter to chase it away. The rabbit asks the girl to come to his rabbit-hutch three times but on the third time, the girl finally agrees and goes with him. The rabbit invites wedding guests consisting of hares, crow, and fox, and the altar is located under a rainbow. However, the girl feels lonely and tricks the rabbit into hitting a straw figure instead of her. The rabbit leaves, and the girl goes home to her mother.
  6. Soria Moria castle: The story is about a lazy boy named Halvor who joins a sea voyage and ends up on a strange land where he rescues a princess from a troll. He then saves two more princesses from other trolls and decides to marry one of them. When he misses his parents, the princesses give him a ring that allows him to travel home and back. He visits his parents but doesn’t reveal the princesses. On his way back, he loses the ring, finds an old couple, and uses the west wind to reach the princesses’ castle for their wedding. He becomes their prince charming and they all live happily ever after. You can download the ebook from the provided link.
  7. Beauty and the horse: A wealthy merchant with three daughters travels to a far-off town and threatens to be killed. When he returns home, a horse requests to take his daughter, Beauty, in return for sparing his life. Beauty willingly goes with the horse and stays in a beautiful palace, where she is attended to by invisible servants. She learns from a magic mirror that her father is sick, and she returns home to care for him. Beauty promises to return to the palace but remains with her father for three days longer and promises to stay with the horse for life when she returns. The horse turns out to be a prince who was cursed by his stepmother, and the curse is broken when Beauty agrees to stay with him, and they get married, living happily ever after.
  8. The story of the Taj Mahal: This story is about a prince named Khurram who fell in love with a girl named Arjumand Banu Begum at first sight and eventually married her. They were madly in love and had many children. Fifteen years after their wedding, Khurram succeeded his father as emperor and renamed himself Shaj Jahan. During one of their trips, Arjumand Banu Begum died while giving birth to their 14th child. Shaj Jahan promised her never to remarry and to build the most beautiful mausoleum in the world in her honor. The monument, known as the Taj Mahal, was built with 22,000 workers over 22 years and is one of the most beautiful buildings in the world. Shaj Jahan spent the last 8 years of his life as a prisoner, looking at the Taj Mahal and remembering his beloved wife.
  9. The Twelve Huntsmen: The story is about a prince who, before leaving to visit his sick father, gives a ring to his bride and promises to return for her. When his father dies, the prince agrees to marry a chosen princess but his true love is heartbroken. She musters up the courage to ask her father for eleven identical maidens and they all disguise themselves as hunters to follow the prince. They pass two tests given by the king but a servant reveals them. The prince recognises his true love and sends the princess away. The prince and his true love get married, and the loyal lion who had helped them during their adventure is welcomed back.
  10. The bird with nine heads: In this story, a princess is carried away by a bird with nine heads and taken to a cave. A young man who saw the bird takes on the challenge of rescuing her and befriends a dragon along the way. The dragon rewards him with a little flask that can conjure up whatever he wishes. The young man eventually finds the princess and proves that he is her true rescuer by showing her the other half of a token she had given him. They live happily ever after.
  11. The Laughing Prince: In this story, a clever farmer’s son named Stefan uses his storytelling skills to make a princess laugh. She is desperate for some fun and asks her father to let Stefan marry her, despite being just a farmer. The father agrees, and Stefan and the princess live happily ever after, bringing laughter and joy to the kingdom.
  12. Blanca and Rosalinde: The story is about an old woman who helps a wandering mother and is rewarded by a sorceress with gifts for her two daughters. The eldest daughter becomes a queen and the youngest a farmer’s wife. The queen becomes unhappy and visits her sister, who is content with her simple life. The sorceress appears again and reveals that the queen’s unhappiness is punishment for not giving the wandering mother her plums. The queen decides to stay with her sister and never longs to return to the palace again. The story highlights the importance of contentment and simple living.
  13. Prince Hyacinth and the Dear Little Princess: In this fairy tale, a king learns how to break a princess’s curse and win her hand in marriage by standing on the tail of the princess’s cat, causing the cat to transform into an evil wizard who curses the king’s son, Prince Hyacinth, with an enormous nose. As the prince grows up, he is convinced that his nose is of great beauty, but when he falls in love with a sweet little princess, a fairy helps him realize his self-love and see his own faults. With a shattered crystal palace, the prince’s nose becomes smaller, and he marries the princess, living happily ever after.
  14. The White Cat: A king gives his three sons a task to find the smallest and most beautiful dog to inherit his kingdom. While his older brothers had many adventures, the youngest prince, after stumbling across a magnificent castle, discovered a white cat who could talk. In his company, he forgot about the task given by his father; however, the cat helped him in finding the dog and then in finding the most delicate fabric for the competition. Finally, when the king gave them a task to find the most beautiful princess, the white cat revealed herself to be the daughter of a king who was transformed into a cat by fairies. She had to marry someone who resembled her deceased lover to break the curse, and the youngest prince was the one.
  15. The Ram: A king has three daughters, and he loves the youngest, Miranda, the most. One day, he asks his daughters why they chose the colors of their satin gowns. When Miranda responds that she chose white because it suits her, the king becomes furious. Later, he tries to have Miranda killed, but the guards save her. She then meets a cursed ram who was once a king. He takes her to a hidden castle where they fall in love. Miranda attends her sisters’ weddings but is locked in at the second one. The king recognizes Miranda and gives her the kingdom. The ram dies at the palace gates, waiting for Miranda, who had forgotten her promise to return quickly. Miranda becomes queen but is saddened by the ram’s death.
  16. Princess Miranda and Prince Hero: In a faraway land, on a green island, lived the beautiful Princess Miranda with her ladies-in-waiting. Visitors to the island were mesmerised by her beauty, but she rejected all the suitors as she was waiting for her dream lover. However, the evil king of the Underground Kingdom named Kosciey saw her and wanted to make her his queen. When she refused, he attacked and froze all the soldiers and imposed a spell of sleep and silence over the kingdom. With the help of an enchanted war club and an old woman’s advice, a brave Prince Hero came to the island and defeated Kosciey, freeing the princess and waking up her kingdom. They got married and had a grand celebration.
  17. The Frog Princess: In this story, an old king wants to pass on his kingdom to one of his three sons who marries a woman who qualifies as a worthy queen. Each prince finds his ideal match through shooting an arrow, but the youngest prince’s arrow lands on a frog. The frog turns out to be a princess under a spell and tells the prince how to keep their marriage a secret, but eventually, the king asks for his daughters-in-law to weave a carpet, and the frog produces the most magnificent one. Later, the prince’s father asks to see all three wives to choose a queen, but the frog’s true identity is revealed after she sings a magical song. The couple marries, but the prince, in haste to show her off, destroys her frog skin and causes her to flee. He sets off on a journey to find her and goes through many trials with the help of three old women until finally finding her, breaking the spell, and becoming king and queen.
  18. The Tempest: The story is about Prospero, the Duke of Milan, who was betrayed by his brother Antonio and left to die at sea with his daughter Miranda. However, one loyal courtier secretly equipped him with provisions and books. Prospero washed up on an enchanted island, having learned magic, he freed the spirits and ruled them while raising Miranda. Years later, his enemies came to his island, and Prospero used his magic to exact revenge, but in the end, he forgave them. Prospero allowed his daughter to marry Prince Ferdinand and returned to his dukedom, while Ariel was granted freedom.
  19. As you please: The story is about a wicked duke named Frederick who banished his brother and his daughter Rosalind, who was secretly loved by Orlando. Rosalind and her cousin went to the forest to find her banished father, disguised as a young man and a country girl. Orlando, who was also wandering in the forest, met Rosalind in her disguise and they agreed to meet every day, with Rosalind pretending to be a woman named Ganymede, until Orlando was “cured” of his foolish love. Meanwhile, Oliver, Orlando’s brother, repented his past actions when he realized Orlando saved his life from a lioness. Oliver then married Rosalind’s cousin, Celia. The story ends with all couples getting married and living happily ever after. The wicked Duke Frederick repented his deeds and returned the duchy to his brother.
  20. King Kojata: A king promises to give something to a monster in exchange for his freedom after getting stuck in a well. Later, the king forgets the promise and has a son who he promises to the monster when the prince grows up. The prince sets out to fulfill the promise where he meets Hyacinthia, a girl who helps him complete impossible tasks given by the monster, but the prince forgets about her when he kisses a child at a city he explores. Hyacinthia becomes a flower and is taken care of by an old man until the prince’s wedding day. She attends the wedding and makes the prince remember his love for her, and they live happily ever after.
  21. The Blue Belt: The story is about a beggar woman and her son who find a blue belt that gives the boy incredible strength. They end up staying with a troll who tries to kill the boy, but his strength saves him multiple times. The boy eventually finds and rescues a princess who falls in love with him, and they get married. The story ends happily, with the boy’s incredible strength and cleverness making him a great husband. Downloads of the story are available in PDF format.
  22. The Winter’s Tale: In this story, Leontes, the king of Sicily, becomes jealous and orders his loyal servant to poison his best friend, Polixenes, the king of Bohemia. Polixenes finds out and escapes with the help of the servant. Meanwhile, Leontes throws his wife, Hermione, into prison, who then gives birth to their daughter in captivity. Their son dies of sorrow. Years later, a shepherd finds their abandoned daughter and raises her as his own. She falls in love with the prince of Bohemia, but their marriage is forbidden by the prince’s father. Eventually, they reveal their love to Leontes, who realizes that the shepherd’s daughter is his lost daughter. The story ends with all of the characters coming together and the realization that Queen Hermione is still alive.
  23. The Adventure of the Daughter of the King of Ireland: In this story, the young King of Denmark, Hettel, wants to find a wife, and his counselors suggest Hilda, daughter of King Hagen of Ireland, who is known for being fiercely protected. Hettel sends Yarl Wate, along with Morung of Nifland, Horant, Frute, and Yrolt on a mission to deliver the proposal. They reach Ireland and convince Hilda to come with them. On their way back to Denmark, Hettel and Hilda get married, but King Hagen attacks them. They make peace, and the wedding feast lasts for twelve days.
  24. The Black Bowl: This story is about a poor girl who wears a black bowl on her head and is employed by a rich farmer. The farmer’s son falls in love with her and they get married, but when they try to remove the black bowl from her head, it explodes, revealing a treasure trove of jewels. The groom tells his bride that her eyes are the most beautiful jewels of all.
  25. The Happy Family: In this story, two old snails live in a forest of burdock leaves and are the only surviving members of their species. They remember that they were once very important creatures, and a castle was built for them so that they could be cooked and placed on a silver plate. They have taken in an “ordinary” snail, whom they treat as their child. They send out ants and mosquitoes to find a wife for the “ordinary” snail. The mosquitoes find a snail lady, and the couple gets married in a simple glowworm-lit ceremony. They have many children and grandchildren and inherit the forest from the old snails. The newlyweds assume that the castle has collapsed and that everyone in the world has died since they have never been cooked black and placed on a silver platter. They are happy living in their forest forever.
  26. East of the Sun and West of the Moon: This story is about a man with handsome yet hungry children, who is visited by a White Bear offering riches in exchange for his youngest daughter. After much persuasion, she agrees to go with the bear but is warned not to be alone with her mother. When the girl becomes homesick, the bear allows her to visit her family but warns her again not to be alone with her mother; unfortunately, she does speak alone with her mother and is encouraged to light a candle next to the sleeping bear. When she does, she sees the man that the bear transforms into every night and falls in love with him, but a drop of wax on his shirt causes him to leave. The girl sets out to find the man and finally arrives at the castle east of the sun and west of the moon; she trades a golden apple, comb, and spinning wheel to spend three nights with the prince, whom she eventually marries, and they live happily ever after.
  27. The Master Maid: A prince goes to work for a giant and is forbidden from entering four rooms. The prince disobeys the giant’s order and finds a beautiful girl in the fourth room who teaches him how to do his work easier. The prince and the girl escape from the giant and trick him three times. The prince promises not to forget the girl but does so after eating an apple. The girl marries the royal sheriff, the lawyer, and the high official, each of whom gets stuck in strange situations. The prince and his brothers need the Master Maid’s magical items to fix their carriage and the prince finally recognizes the Master Maid and they get
  28. The Bronze Ring: A king hires a gardener to take care of his neglected garden, and the gardener’s son falls in love with the king’s daughter. When the king asks for advice to remove the son of the gardener from the picture, wise men suggest a challenge of a race to a faraway land, with the winner marrying the princess. The son of the minister is offered a luxurious horse and gold, while the gardener’s son is given an old horse and copper, but the gardener’s son is helped by an old woman and wins with her guidance. The son of the minister, who lost the race, asks for the princess’s hand in marriage but is eventually exposed by the son of the gardener with a bronze ring with magical powers, and the king consents to the marriage.
  29. Donkeyskin: The story is about a princess whose father, the king, wants to marry her. Her godmother advises her to ask for impossible dresses as a condition to the marriage. However, the king succeeds in providing the best tailor-made dresses, including the color of the sun, so the godmother tells the princess to request the skin of the remarkable donkey that makes gold. The princess is horrified when the king complies with her request and runs away, disguised as a dirty donkey woman. She finds work on a farm, but when the prince requests her to bake him a cake, she dons one of the princess dresses and accidentally drops her ring in the batter. The prince falls in love with her and bears a fever when she disappears again. The kingdom searches for the woman the ring fits, and the ugly donkey woman tries it on while wearing one of her princess’s dresses. The prince recognizes her when she takes off her disguise, and the king, queen, and godmother tell the prince everything about her lineage and family. The prince happily marries the princess, and the king remarries a good woman, and everyone lives happily ever after.
  30. Allerleirauh: The story is about a King whose beautiful wife asks him to marry someone equally beautiful after she dies, so their daughter will have a mother. The King falls in love with his daughter, who looks like her mother. A Protective Fairy helps the daughter ask for impossible mantles and a Donkey Fur mantle, making it difficult to marry her. The daughter runs away and works in an inn’s kitchen wearing a cloak of Donkeyskin. The King finds her and proposes to her at a ball. They live happily ever after, and her father finds a new wife.
  31. The Brave Little Tailor: In the story, a little tailor buys jam from a woman and then makes a belt with the words “Seven in One Blow” after killing seven flies. He goes on an adventure and meets a giant who thinks the tailor has killed seven men. The tailor outsmarts the giant and goes on to perform more brave deeds, including defeating two giants and catching a unicorn and a wild boar. The king offers him half the kingdom and his daughter but then regrets it and tries to get the tailor killed. However, the tailor outwits the king’s plan and remains king for the rest of his life.
  32. The spindle, the shuttle, and the needle: The story is about a girl who lives with her godmother and inherits her house and tools for spinning, weaving and sewing when the godmother dies. The girl works hard and weaves wonderful carpets and blankets, caught the eye of the prince with her talent. With the help of her magical spindle, shuttle, and needle, the girl shows her skills to the prince and they eventually get married.
  33. The Queen of Lanternland: A young prince gets lost in the mountains and ends up in Lanternland, an underground world ruled by a young queen. The queen tells the prince that she must marry an evil wizard named Dragondel, but the prince vows to stop the wedding. With the help of a black cat and her kitten, the prince creates a fake golden hand as a replacement for Dragondel’s talisman. When Dragondel and his party arrive, the prince triggers a whirlpool, which sends Dragondel’s ship to the bottom of the sea. The prince and the queen marry and live happily ever after.
  34. The Little Singing Frog: In this story, a poor winemaker and his wife pray for a child and are blessed with a frog girl, whom they come to love deeply. But they hide her from strangers due to shame. One day, a prince hears her singing and falls in love with her voice, and she agrees to marry him. She asks him for a snow-white rooster and a golden dress, which she receives through prayer to the sun. She attends the prince’s father’s bride-selection ceremony with a wheat stalk instead of a flower, impressing him with her knowledge of the plant’s value. As a result, the little frog girl becomes a queen.
  35. The Enchanted Elm: This is a story about a prince who is turned into a tree by an angry witch after hitting her pet wolf. His friends search for him but cannot find him, and he is left alone in the forest. A girl who is mistreated by her adoptive family finds peace and happiness sitting under the shade of the large elm tree, which is the prince in his transformed state. She learns that the lumberjacks are planning to chop down the tree, and she devises a plan to save it. With the help of a wizard and the King of the Trees, the prince is restored to human form, marries the girl, and they live happily ever after.
  36. Intelligence and Happiness: The story is about Intelligence, who met Happiness when he was sitting on a bench. Happiness challenged Intelligence, but after an agreement, they entered into a boy named Vanek. Vanek became a successful gardener and attempted to make the princess speak, which he succeeded in doing. However, he was not allowed to marry her due to his birth status. When he was sentenced to death for his claim, Happiness took over his place. The princess and the king arrived at the execution site, and Vanek was released and allowed to marry the princess. Finally, Intelligence learned to give ample space to Happiness.
  37. How the Son of a Raja Married Princess Labam: In this story, a prince hears about Princess Labam from talking parrots and embarks on a journey to find her, facing challenges and receiving help along the way from various creatures. When he finally reaches her, the king sets him impossible tasks before allowing him to marry the princess, but with the help of a hair from her head, the prince is able to complete them all and they live happily ever after. An ebook download is available.
  38. The Owl And The Cat: The story is about an owl and a cat who are the best of friends and embark on a journey across the sea to find a ring so they can get married. They meet a Piggy-wig who sells them the ring, and they are married by a Turkey. The newlyweds dance under the moonlight, celebrating their love and their magical adventure. The story ends with the Owl and the Cat, hand in hand, continuing their adventures together.
  39. Little Bear Cub: The story is about a grumpy Little Bear Cub who dreams of becoming something greater than a bear. He wears human clothes to convince the King that he is a prince so that he can marry the princess. However, when he smells honey, he forgets his human manners and starts acting like a bear. Everyone discovers his true identity and chains him up. The story encourages children to be content and happy with who they are.
  40. The Enchanted Boat: A King wishes to marry his daughter to his new wife’s son, Tito, in hopes of securing his kingdom’s future. The Princess does not want to marry Tito and runs away. She finds a magical boat and sails to a castle where she meets a leopard-man prince who has been cursed by a witch. The Princess goes on a quest to find a golden root to break the curse, and saves an injured eagle who helps her. The Princess succeeds in her quest and returns to the castle to give the root to the Prince, breaking the curse and restoring him to his human form. They fall in love and marry. Meanwhile, the Queen and Tito try to take over the kingdom, but the restored Prince saves the day and banishes them. The story ends with the Prince and Princess living happily ever after in their castle, with a golden eagle statue and a bush of golden flowers marking their magical journey.
  41. Nicko and the Ogre: In this story, an ogre terrorizes a town by eating all the fish in the river and creating a lot of noise which keeps the children up at night. A boy named Nicko seeks the help of an old witch who informs him that the only way to get rid of the ogre is to find a mermaid who has the secret. In search of the mermaid, Nicko wears a suit fashioned by the witch, which makes him look like a big fish, and dives into the river. He eventually meets the mermaid, who tells him that a mortal must come and live in the river and marry her to break the spell laid on her by the ogre, who had turned her into a mermaid. Nicko agrees and marries her, and together they convince a sea king to change the ogre into a rock, which he does. Nicko and the mermaid return to land and live happily ever after.
  42. Prince Roul’s Bride: The story is about a prince who falls in love with a poor girl named Leta but his father, a wealthy king, disapproves. The king orders his men to chase Leta away, but she and the prince escape on horseback. When the prince’s horse jumps over a cliff, Leta uses a magic powder given to her by a fairy to make the ocean disappear and they land safely on dry land near a white castle that the fairy has magically created for them. The prince and Leta live happily in the castle, and when the king sees how much his son loves Leta, he welcomes her into their family. The story ends with the prince and Leta, still living in the white castle, telling their grandchildren about the fairy, the magic powder, and their magical leap over the cliff.
  43. Sunev: In this story, a peasant and his wife have a beautiful daughter named Sunev. An old witch who lives in the nearby forest becomes envious of her beauty and transforms her into a tiger to eliminate the competition for her own daughter when the Prince of Esor comes looking for a wife. Sunev makes animal friends in the forest and Venus, the goddess of beauty, finds her. Venus restores Sunev’s human form and claims her as her godchild and tells her that her name is “Venus” spelled backward. Meanwhile, the witch’s daughter is chosen as a potential wife by the Prince’s messengers, but the Prince sees Sunev and chooses her instead. The witch’s daughter marries a noble lord who had been secretly in love with her. Sunev becomes Princess Rose, and everyone lives happily ever after.
  44. Cilla and the Dwarf: A king promises half his kingdom to anyone who can find his daughter, who has disappeared. Cilla, a kitchen-maid who loves the princess, makes a deal with a witch who gives her a magic bean. Cilla finds a cave where the missing princess is being held by a dwarf, and uses her wits to trick him. She rescues the princess and they return home, where Cilla asks only for a small cottage so she can stay close to her beloved princess.
  45. Greta and the Black Cat: A woodsman, Peter, finds an abandoned baby girl in the forest and takes her home to his wife, Martha. Peter and Martha’s son, Robert, treats the girl, Greta, very badly, making her do all the housework. When Peter goes to the woods, he tells Robert to chop the wood and have it finished by the time he comes home. When Robert tells Greta to do it instead and she cannot, she runs away into the forest and meets a black cat. The cat leads her to a secret home where Greta meets the Prince. The Prince was originally the black cat, but was turned into an animal by a witch. The Prince asks Greta to marry him, she agrees, and they have a wedding feast. They later visit Peter and give him a bag of gold.
  46. The Dolphin’s Bride: A poor beggar girl named Nitta is turned out by her aunt and wanders into the woods until she meets a talking dolphin who offers her a job taking care of his underwater house. When they arrive, Nitta finds herself in a grand mansion where the dolphin tells her to choose one of the many rooms, but Nitta insists that she is not a guest but rather a servant. The dolphin later reveals that he is a prince under a witch’s spell, and the only way to break it is for someone to strike off his head with a sword. Nitta agrees to do it and finds herself slipping away into the bottom of the ocean. When she wakes up, she finds a handsome man bending over her, and he turns out to be the prince, freed from his spell. He asks Nitta to become his princess, and they live happily ever after in the magnificent castle.
  47. Catville Gossip: This story is about the love life of Mr. Tommy Kat. He’s in love with Tabby Gray, but she’s a bit fickle and has many other admirers, including big white Tom Cat, Tommy Mouser, Tommy Black, Tiger Tom, Tommy Buff, Tommy Black-and-White, and Tommy Slim. Tommy Kat eventually takes matters into his own paws and whisks Tabby Gray away to marry her, with the help of Minister Cat. The reception is a success and all the kittens in the town fall asleep after celebrating.
  48. The Green Cat: In this story, the people of the village are having a fête, but old Witch Betto, who was not invited, ruins it by calling down rain. Hans, who is to be married during the fête, sets out to stop the rain by finding the green cat that is guarded by a dwarf. With the help of a talking frog, he succeeds in getting the cat and brings it to old Witch Betto, forcing her to stop the rain. Along the way, he meets a prince who was turned into a frog by Witch Betto and helps him rescue his princess. Eventually, the rain stops, the fête goes on, and Hans and Gretchen get married.
  49. The Marriage of the Roses: In this story, a bee helps a red rose win the love of a white rose. The white rose is initially hesitant, but eventually agrees to marry the red rose in a beautiful ceremony. The bee is happy to have played a part in bringing sweetness and love to the flowers in the garden. A downloadable ebook of the story is provided.
  50. The Wedding Breakfast: This is a story about a wedding in a barnyard where everyone was invited except for Mr. Fox who planned to attend to eat one of the chickens. Mr. Crow saw Mr. Fox on his way to the wedding and told everyone, and by the time Mr. Fox arrived, they were already gone. Furious after missing his breakfast, Mr. Fox planned to scare Mr. Crow by pretending to be a scarecrow. Mr. Crow was frightened and ran away, but he eventually realized that it was just a trick. The story ends with Mr. Fox singing the same song to scare Mr. Crow, who flies away without saying a word.

In conclusion, these top 50 stories about marriage for kids, curated and made available online, offer not only fun, engaging, and age-appropriate tales but also valuable lessons and insights into building strong relationships and understanding the significance of love, trust, and commitment. By reading these stories, children can develop empathy, effective communication skills, and a positive attitude toward marriage, laying the foundation for healthy relationships in the future. Moreover, these heartwarming narratives celebrate the beauty and diversity of love and inspire young minds to appreciate the importance of family, unity, and kindness.