Stories About Keeping Promises

Stories About Keeping Promises

Welcome to our unique collection of the 14 best stories about keeping promises, perfectly curated for children of all ages. Every night time can now become an exciting story time, filled with memorable characters, heartwarming tales, and profound lessons. These stories, available free online, are perfect to read aloud, promising to make bedtime a cherished routine for both girls and boys.

Whether your little ones are toddlers, in their early years of preschool, or attending kindergarten or elementary school, this collection has something for every child. It’s an assortment of classic and famous tales, carefully selected to impart valuable morals, including the all-important lesson of keeping promises. Not only are these stories engaging and fun, but they also serve as valuable educational resources for kids’ learning development.

This collection ranges from short and easy narratives for younger readers to slightly longer stories for more advanced readers. Our offerings include both timeless fairy tales and modern, relatable stories. We ensure that these tales are appropriate for children’s English reading levels, with words that are simple to understand and sentences that are easy to follow. Each story is an adventure, rich in imagination and packed with moral lessons.

In this digital age, we’ve made sure that our collection is accessible for everyone. You can download these stories as PDFs, complete with stunning pictures to enhance the storytelling experience. Alternatively, you can opt for audio versions that you can play during a car ride, or as your child prepares to fall asleep.

You can print these stories out as well, transforming them into an enjoyable reading experience that’s tangible. Many kids enjoy the feeling of flipping through a real book, and these printable versions offer that traditional touch.

Our promise to you is that these stories are more than just good; they are the best of the best. We’ve meticulously crafted this collection to bring joy, to spark curiosity, and to cultivate good values in children. From toddlers to EYFS and elementary students, this collection is a treasure trove of stories that teach, entertain, and inspire.

Remember, the promise of story time is a promise of shared experiences, and shared experiences create lifelong bonds. So, get ready for a world of enchanted forests, brave heroes, and teachable moments. Explore our collection today and discover the joy and wonder of reading with your children. Let the magic of these stories light up their dreams and their moral compass as they learn the value of keeping promises.

Top 14 Stories About Keeping Promises

  1. Beauty and the Beast: In this classic fairy tale, a wealthy merchant loses his fortune, forcing his family into poverty. When news arrives that one of his lost ships has been found, his daughters request lavish gifts, but the youngest, Beauty, simply asks for a rose. The merchant stumbles upon an enchanted palace, where he plucks a rose and incurs the wrath of a fearsome Beast. To spare his life, the Beast demands that Beauty be brought to him. Beauty willingly goes in her father’s place and discovers that despite his appearance, the Beast has a kind heart. Over time, they develop a deep bond, and Beauty’s love transforms the Beast into a handsome prince, breaking an enchantment placed upon him. They marry and live happily ever after.
  2. Rumpelstiltskin: a miller’s daughter is tasked by the king to spin straw into gold, under the threat of death. Desperate and in tears, a mysterious little man offers to help her in exchange for her necklace, then her ring. He spins the straw into gold each time. When the king demands even more gold and offers marriage, the little man demands the girl’s first-born child as payment. Reluctantly, she agrees. When the time comes, the little man challenges the queen to guess his name within three days to keep her child. With the help of a messenger, she discovers his name is Rumpelstiltskin. When she confronts him with his true name, he becomes enraged and vanishes, never to be seen again, allowing the queen to keep her child and live happily ever after.
  3. The Ram: a king’s youngest daughter, Miranda, is unjustly condemned to death by her father due to a misunderstanding. Saved by a cursed ram who was once a king, Miranda finds refuge in a hidden castle with him and his enchanted flock. Over time, they fall in love, and the ram proposes to make Miranda his queen. Despite warnings of bad luck, Miranda attends her sisters’ weddings and is recognized by her father. She becomes the queen, but her absence causes the ram to die of a broken heart outside the castle gates. Devastated by her broken promise, Miranda realizes that even as a princess, life can be unfair and promises must be kept.
  4. The Paradise Of Children: Long, long ago, in a world where everyone was a child and there were no troubles or sorrows, a child named Epimetheus lived alone. One day, another child named Pandora arrived to be his playmate. Pandora was curious about a mysterious box in the cottage, but Epimetheus warned her not to ask questions about it. However, Pandora’s curiosity grew, and one day, unable to resist any longer, she opened the box. Out flew a swarm of Troubles, spreading chaos and sadness throughout the world. Yet, amidst the darkness, a winged creature named Hope emerged from the box, offering comfort and promising a brighter future. Though troubles persist, Hope remains as a guiding light for humanity, promising a better tomorrow.
  5. The Frog Prince: a princess loses her golden ball in a pond and is approached by a talking frog offering to retrieve it. Skeptical but desperate, she agrees to the frog’s conditions without intending to keep her promise. However, when the frog miraculously appears at her doorstep, she is compelled to honor her word. Reluctantly accommodating the frog’s requests, the princess gradually warms up to her unlikely companion. Then, in a surprising turn of events, the frog transforms into a handsome prince, revealing that he had been under a curse. Joined by a loyal servant, they embark on a journey back to the prince’s kingdom, with newfound love and happiness in their hearts.
  6. How The Son Of A Raja Married Princess Labam: a prince defies his parents’ orders and embarks on a journey to find Princess Labam, whom he wishes to marry. Along the way, he encounters talking parrots, kind-hearted ants, and a grateful tiger, all of whom offer their help and protection. The prince outsmarts arguing fakirs to obtain magical gifts and eventually reaches the princess’s land with the aid of a enchanted bed. Facing challenges set by the king, the prince overcomes each task with the assistance of loyal creatures and the princess’s clever advice. Finally, he marries Princess Labam and they return to his kingdom, where they live happily ever after.
  7. Ripple, The Water Spirit: embarks on a courageous journey to bring a little child back to life. She travels through various seasons, seeking the help of Spring, Summer, and Autumn, who provide her with gifts to aid her quest. Finally, Ripple reaches the Fire-Spirits’ home, where she bargains for a flame that can restore the child’s life. However, she faces a challenge when the Fire-Spirits demand jewels that won’t melt in their hands. With the help of a pearl chain made from her own tears, Ripple succeeds in obtaining the flame and reviving the child. Grateful and triumphant, she returns to her underwater home, guided by a rainbow, and bids farewell to her companions.
  8. The Jellyfish And The Monkey: In ancient Japan, the Dragon King of the Sea, Rin Jin, desired a bride to bring him happiness. His advisors found a beautiful Dragon Princess, and they married in a grand celebration. However, the Dragon Queen fell gravely ill, and the only cure was a monkey’s liver. The clever servant suggested sending a jellyfish, known for boasting about its ability to walk on land, to trick a monkey into coming to the sea. The jellyfish convinced the curious monkey to visit the magnificent palace of the Dragon King, but on the way, the jellyfish realized he had forgotten to ask the monkey to bring his liver. The monkey, cleverly avoiding the request, returned to the island and laughed at the jellyfish’s failure. As punishment, the jellyfish had his shell taken away, explaining why jellyfish today are soft-bodied creatures.
  9. Why The Sea Moans: In a magnificent royal palace, Princess Dionysia felt lonely and longed for a companion. One day, while sitting by the sea, she heard her name being whispered by the waves. A sea serpent named Labismena emerged from the sea, offering to play with her. They became close friends, but as Dionysia grew older, Labismena revealed that they could no longer play together. Labismena assured Dionysia that she would always be her friend and asked her to call for help if she ever needed it. Time passed, and Dionysia was forced into an unwanted marriage with an old king. Distraught, she called upon Labismena for assistance. Labismena advised her to request three magnificent dresses from the king, each matching the colors of the fields, the sea, and the sky. With Labismena’s guidance, Dionysia escaped and sailed to a distant island. There, she found work as a hen maid, attending a festa in secret. The prince fell in love with the mysterious maiden, but he couldn’t identify her. Determined to find her, he tested the maid, and when she presented him with a dish containing the jewel he had given her, he realized she was the one. They married, but in her excitement, Dionysia forgot to call Labismena’s name as promised, leaving the sea serpent forever trapped in her form. The story explains the moaning of the sea as Labismena’s sorrowful lament.
  10. The Pack Of Ragamuffins: In a big chicken coop, a proud Rooster and his wife, Hen, decide to go on a trip to Nutmountain in search of ripe nuts. As they gather nuts, a duck accuses them of stealing and tries to confront them. However, the Rooster stands his ground and makes the duck pull their cart. Along the way, they encounter a pin and a needle who ask for a ride due to muddy roads. They agree, but the pin and needle must promise not to step on their feet. They seek shelter at an inn, and the Rooster strikes a deal with the innkeeper, offering eggs in exchange for accommodation. After a night of feasting, they play a prank on the innkeeper, causing him discomfort. The next morning, they escape without a trace, leaving the innkeeper regretting his decision to trust them.
  11. Reynard The Fox: King Noble the Lion calls for a court session to address the crimes of Reynard the Fox, who has insulted various animals and caused mischief. Bruin the Bear is sent to bring Reynard to court, but the cunning fox tricks him into getting stuck in a tree trunk filled with honey, escaping while Bruin is left in pain. Tibert the Cat is then sent but falls into a trap set by Reynard and gets injured. Finally, Grimbard the Badger successfully brings Reynard to court, but Reynard manipulates the situation by offering to reveal a treasure in exchange for mercy. However, he betrays and kills Kyward the Hare, framing Bellin the Ram. Reynard manages to convince the King of his innocence, and he is declared free and honored as a baron and counselor.
  12. The Yellow Dwarf: Once upon a time, there was a queen who spoiled her beautiful daughter, Bellissima. The princess was notoriously demanding and threatened suitors with death if they didn’t meet her standards. Desperate to find a suitable husband, the queen sought advice from the Fairy of the Desert, promising her daughter’s hand in marriage to the Yellow Dwarf in return. When the princess discovered this, she reluctantly agreed to marry the dwarf to save her life. However, she fell unconscious with grief, and upon waking up, found herself at home. The princess eventually married the King of the Gold Mines, but their wedding was interrupted by the Desert Fairy, who claimed the princess should marry the Yellow Dwarf. Chaos ensued, resulting in the princess and the king being kidnapped separately by the Desert Fairy. The king cleverly deceived the fairy and escaped with the help of a mermaid. He tried to rescue the princess from the clutches of the Yellow Dwarf but tragically died in the attempt. Devastated, the princess died of sorrow, and both of them were transformed into palm trees, forever whispering love to each other.
  13. Batcha And The Dragon: Once upon a time, a shepherd named Batcha witnessed a strange phenomenon on a mountain cliff where snakes opened a hidden cave with a magical plant. Curiosity got the better of him, and he entered the cave, discovering a chamber filled with gold, silver, and precious stones. However, he found himself trapped when the rock closed behind him. After a night spent with the snakes, the king serpent allowed Batcha to leave but made him swear an oath of secrecy. Upon returning home, Batcha discovered that he had slept through an entire winter. When confronted by his angry wife, a stranger intervened, revealing himself as the Wizard of the Mountain. Terrified, Batcha broke his oath and revealed everything to the wizard, who commanded him to open the cave once again. A monstrous dragon emerged, punishing Batcha for his broken oath. They soared through the sky until Batcha pleaded for mercy, leading a skylark to deliver his message to God. God saved Batcha by causing the dragon to descend rapidly to the earth, and Batcha found himself back home, grateful for his wife’s presence and determined to cherish every moment.
  14. The White Hare And The Crocodiles: In ancient Japan, a little white hare on the island of Oki longed to cross the sea to the mainland of Inaba. Spotting a crocodile swimming nearby, the hare hatched a plan to trick it into becoming a bridge. The hare engaged the crocodile in conversation, playing upon its loneliness, and proposed a challenge to form a bridge of crocodiles from the island to the mainland. The gullible crocodile agreed and brought along a multitude of crocodiles. As the hare hopped across their backs, he taunted the crocodiles for their foolishness. However, the crocodiles sought revenge, attacking and pulling out all of the hare’s fur. Left wounded and alone, the hare encountered a kind man who instructed him on a remedy involving bathing, flowers, and pollen to restore his fur. The hare recovered and expressed his gratitude to the man, who revealed himself as Okuni-nushi-no-Mikoto, a fairy prince. Okuni-nushi-no-Mikoto went on to marry a princess, while the hare became known as “The White Hare of Inaba.”

In conclusion, our extensive collection of the 14 best stories about keeping promises is an incredible resource, thoughtfully curated to enrich your child’s learning journey. These tales, available to read online, are a beautiful blend of fun, education, and morality. Perfect for bedtime reading or to tell at any time of the day, these stories, complete with captivating pictures, offer an engaging and immersive experience for kids. From toddlers to EYFS and elementary students, these stories are designed to inspire, to teach, and to fuel young imaginations. This collection is more than just an assortment of tales; it is a promise of joy, learning, and meaningful lessons, where the importance of keeping promises shines as a core value. Whether you choose to download the free PDFs, print the stories, or play the audio versions, we hope these stories will fill your children’s nights with enchantment and their days with wisdom.