Jack Frost Stories

Jack Frost Stories

Welcome to our spectacular compilation of the top 7 Jack Frost stories especially curated for children. These stories are available to read aloud or read alone, and are loaded with funny and exciting tales. They come in short, captivating chunks, making them ideal for a quick bedtime story. They are preferred to captivate the vast imaginations of preschool and kindergarten kids, all the way through to children at the elementary grade level.

Highly appreciated, these tales come in the best kid-friendly format: an online eBook with free access, which can also be downloaded as a PDF for offline reading or print. Making reading an enjoyable and educational experience, these stories are integrated with lively, colorful illustrations and pictures which will surely attract the toddlers. The stories are all available to read in English.

The Jack Frost stories have a unique charm, with each story expressing a theme that kids can learn and grow from, extending beyond mere entertainment. Woven subtly within each tale is a moral that imparts valuable life lessons to the young readers. Sparkling with mischief and warmth, these stories offer a lovely blend of humor and fantasy that appeals to the innocent sensibilities of young children while maintaining their interest. Jack Frost, as a character, is a sort of a magical icon of the winter season and fun in general – aspects that are effortlessly woven into his tales. This valuable collection of Jack Frost stories is a delightful addition to every child’s reading journey, appeasing their curiosity, inciting laughter, encouraging learning, and making reading a truly joyous activity.

Top 7 Jack Frost Stories for kids:

  1. Uncle Wiggily And Jack And Jill: Uncle Wiggily is awakened by someone calling for Jack and Jill to fetch water. Uncle Wiggily offers to find them and help Mother Goose. He comes across Jack, who asks him to deliver a valentine to Jill. As Uncle Wiggily continues on his way, he meets Jill and delivers Jack’s valentine to her. Uncle Wiggily then retrieves the water for Mother Goose, and Jack and Jill happily go tumbling down the hill, just like in the story. Later, Mother Goose hosts a valentine party for Uncle Wiggily and their animal friends. The story ends with everyone having a great time.
  2. Jack Frost’s Cards: Rudolph, who lived on a mountain, eagerly awaited an invitation to join the fairies and goblins for their revels. One night, a goblin came to summon him, and they set off to the forest where the revel would take place. As they arrived, the animals complained about the early arrival of fall, and the goblins agreed to delay coloring the trees until later. Rudolph learned the reason for late falls and asked the goblins to fix his roof. The goblin promised to help and took Rudolph home. Later, Rudolph heard the goblins repairing his roof during a moonlit night. In the morning, he woke up to find a white frost, wondering what Jack Frost said to the goblins for the delayed cards.
  3. When Jack Frost was young: This story is about Jack Frost, a young man who disobeys his mother’s advice and goes out to bring frost before it’s time. He ruins all his beautiful paintings and learns the importance of listening to his mother and waiting for the right moment. In the end, Jack Frost goes home and waits for his mother’s call before venturing out again.
  4. Jack Frost’s Sweetheart: In this story, a curious Elf accidentally awakens a Flower Elfin, who emerges from the ground in the winter. Scared and lost, the Flower Elfin encounters Jack Frost, who invites her to a winter festival. The other magical creatures suspect that Jack Frost has fallen in love with her. Afterward, Jack Frost suggests making her a member of their winter society, and the Fairy Queen gives her the name “Christmas Rose.” The story ends with the revelation that Jack Frost is considered her sweetheart among the magic folk.
  5. Jack Frost and His Work: Jack Frost prepares for his visit on a cold autumn evening. He packs his tools, including brushes and paint, and sets out to decorate the world with frost and ice. People are prepared for his arrival, bringing in their plants and securing their animals. Jack Frost also opens chestnut burrs and sadly destroys a little boy’s garden. The next day, everything is covered in white, and the boy learns to be more prepared for Jack Frost’s visits in the future.
  6. Uncle Wiggily’s icicle maker: Uncle Wiggily discovers a magical icicle toy that allows him to create icicles with a squirt of water. He uses it to make an icicle bridge, a ladder for a friend, and icicle clothes sticks for Mrs. Twistytail. When the bad Fox tries to catch him, Uncle Wiggily traps him in a cage of ice. You can download the story as an ebook.
  7. Jack Frost’s Halloween: In a land where reality and fantasy intertwine, a group of unique characters called the Jacks, including Jack Frost, Jack-be-Nimble, Jack-in-the-Pulpit, Jack-in-the-Box, Jack Sprat, Jack-o’-Lantern, Jack Tar, and Jack Horner, gather together on Halloween to celebrate and sing in the woods. Their joyful voices blend with the night’s mystique, creating a spectacle of music, laughter, and magical moments.

In conclusion, the top 7 Jack Frost stories offer a captivating mix of wonder, adventure, and the enchanting magic of winter. Young readers will not only be thoroughly entertained, but also develop a deeper appreciation for the changing seasons, while learning valuable lessons about bravery, friendship, and the power of nature. The tales provide a captivating way to indulge children’s imagination, virtually transporting them to the snowy landscapes where they can interact with the lively and enigmatic character of Jack Frost. These stories are a must-read for every child who loves the magic of winter and longs for exciting, enjoyable online reads.