Stories About Homesickness

Stories About Homesickness

Welcome to the enchanting collection of the Top 14 Stories About Homesickness, specially curated for kids and children like you! These bedtime stories are specially crafted to read online, featuring free-to-download PDFs and printable versions for easy reading. Our educational and imaginative stories come with colorful illustrations and are perfect for learning morals and values while enjoying some fun story time. Regardless of your age group, from toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarten children, or elementary students, our EYFS and early years-approved tales cater to all.

Feel free to explore the magical world of fairy tales, classic stories, and diverse characters that both girls and boys will adore. Our longer, good, and famous read-aloud tales are not just intriguing, but also serve as a perfect night-time companion to help you drift off into a peaceful sleep. With an extensive selection of stories, including some with audio, in English, our online collection focuses on creating a dynamic and engaging learning experience for all young readers.

Stories About Homesickness highlight the importance of family, love, and coping with emotions during times of physical and emotional separation. These tales resonate with children who may have experienced moments of homesickness, providing them with a sense of comfort and understanding. Through these stories, kids can foster empathy, connect with characters sharing similar experiences, and learn strategies to cope with their emotions. So, cuddle up with a story from our collection, have fun, and enjoy the magic of quality story time!

Top 14 Stories About Homesickness for kids to read online:

  1. Genevieve of Brabant: The story is about a count’s daughter named Genevieve, who marries Count Siegfried. When Siegfried has to go off to war, Genevieve is left in the care of a disloyal knight named Golo. Golo falsely accuses Genevieve of being unfaithful and has her thrown in prison with plans to kill her and her baby. Genevieve is able to escape and hides out in a cave for years, raising her son and surviving by eating berries and drinking milk from deer. Count Siegfried eventually finds her, and they live happily ever after.
  2. Peter Pan: The story is about Wendy Darling, who tells her brothers about the adventures of Peter Pan. Peter secretly listens outside and seeks Wendy’s help to attach his shadow. He invites them to go to his island, Neverland, where they experience various adventures. However, Tinkerbell becomes jealous of Wendy, and when the group is in danger, Tinkerbell betrays them by revealing their hideout to Captain Hook. After facing numerous obstacles, the group eventually returns home and is adopted by their parents.
  3. Maya the Bee and Elvis the Ladybug: Maya wakes up in the forest and feels sad because she has no one to share her adventures with. She flies through the forest and meets Elvis, a ladybug poet who recites a poem for her. Maya watches as Elvis hurries over the branch and decides that the field and the butterflies give her more joy than Elvis’s poems. The story is available for download as a PDF to read offline or print.
  4. Dr. Dolittle on a journey: A group of animals and Doctor Dolittle sail towards Africa following a guiding Swallow. The journey becomes hot and a storm damages the ship causing the shipwreck and the group ends up stranded on the shore. They meet a man who takes them to the king of the Jolliginki and the animals applaud Polynesia as she becomes emotional at finally being back home in Africa. A mouse is discovered in the doctor’s hat after it floated away during the storm.
  5. The Worsted Doll: Good Mother Munster and her husband Jacob, dollmakers, had five daughters but dreamed of having a son to help them in the workshop. One day, they received an order for two dozen Worsted Dolls, which they did not make. Good Mother Munster and her daughters knit the dolls, including a boy doll, into which she inadvertently knits all her wishes. The doll is eventually bought by a little girl who plays with it as her father in her doll family. However, the doll feels unhappy and wishes to live with his real family and leaves the girl’s family to be found years later by Good Mother Munster. She takes him in and he finally finds the love and security he had always wanted.
  6. Horaizan: This is the story of two wise men, Jofuku and Wasobiobe. Jofuku, troubled by the word “changeability” on his heart, embarks on a journey to find the herb of Immortality on the Island of Horaizan for the tyrant ruler of China. Despite facing numerous challenges and losing all his companions, Jofuku reaches the island and finds eternal youth and pleasure. Wasobiobe, the Wise man of Japan, accidentally reaches the same island and also finds eternal youth, but is homesick and cannot forget the word “humanity” on his heart. He eventually returns home, grows old, and dies.
  7. East of the Sun and West of the Moon: The story tells us about a man who agrees to give his youngest daughter to a White Bear in exchange for wealth. The girl goes with the bear and discovers that the bear is actually a prince, who was cursed by his stepmother. The girl falls in love with him and embarks on a journey to find him when he is taken away by his stepmother. She goes through various challenges, and finally, with her skills, saves the prince and marries him.
  8. Allerleirauh: The story is about a King who promised his dying wife to find a new queen at least as beautiful as she was. He falls in love with his own daughter, who also looks like her mother, and plans to marry her, but she escapes with the help of a fairy who gives her tasks to make impossible mantles. She ends up living as a kitchen maid and attends a ball in disguise where she meets the King of another country. The King wants to marry her, but he can’t find her after the balls. With the help of magical objects and her Protector Fairy, she attends another ball and marries the other King. She returns to her father’s kingdom and reunites with her father and future husband. The Protective Fairy helps her father find a new wife, and they all live happily ever after.
  9. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: The Road through the Forest: In this passage, Dorothy and her companions, the Scarecrow and Toto, continue on their journey along the yellow brick road. They encounter some difficulty walking on the uneven road, and the farms and countryside become increasingly desolate as they progress. During a rest, Dorothy tells the Scarecrow about her life in Kansas, and he realizes that he wishes to have brains so that he can be a better man. As they enter a forest, they decide to follow the road wherever it may lead them and eventually find a cottage for the night.
  10. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: The Journey to the Great Oz: In this excerpt from a classic children’s story, Dorothy, the Tin Woodman, the Scarecrow, and the Cowardly Lion are camping out in the forest and have to cross a great ditch to continue their journey. They eventually make it across with the help of the Lion’s athletic ability and a fallen tree. They soon encounter the monstrous Kalidahs and are able to defeat them by chopping down the bridge they were crossing. The group then comes across a broad river, and the Tin Woodman begins to build a raft so they can cross to the other side.
  11. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: Glinda the Good Witch grants Dorothy’s Wish: In this story, Dorothy and her friends are presented to Glinda the Good Witch to ask how to get back to Kansas. Glinda reveals that Dorothy’s Silver Shoes can carry her anywhere in the world in three steps. She also helps the Scarecrow, Tin Woodman, and Lion by commanding the Winged Monkeys to take them to their desired locations. Dorothy says goodbye to her friends and commands her Silver Shoes to take her home. She lands safely back in Kansas, but her shoes are lost forever in the desert.
  12. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: Home Again: A little girl named Dorothy and her dog Toto return to Kansas from the Land of Oz, surprising her Aunt Em who welcomes her home with open arms. The passage is accompanied by a downloadable ebook link.
  13. The Ogre: The story is about a simple boy named Antonio who became the servant of an ogre. The ogre gave him a magic donkey and a magic table-cloth but warned him not to say certain words to them. Antonio, being foolish, said the words anyway and lost the treasures. He then tricked a landlord and got them back with the help of a magic stick. The second time he arrived home with the treasures, the magic words worked and he and his family became rich.
  14. The Lost Star: A star that has been shining for hundreds of years grows tired of its nightly duty and yearns to descend to Earth and discover what lies below. It slips out of its designated spot in the sky and descends to Earth, where it finds itself stuck in a vast field of daisies unable to see anything. The star wishes to return home and be among its brethren, but finds out that it must shine for a hundred years to regain its former brilliance and that its fellow stars would also grow in brightness, forever distancing themselves from the little lost star.

In conclusion, these Top 14 Stories About Homesickness showcase the universal feelings of yearning for the familiarity and warmth of home that many people, including kids, often face when they are away from what they know and love. Reading these tales will not only help children understand that they are not alone in experiencing homesickness, but also introduce them to different strategies for coping and adjusting to new environments and situations. These heartwarming stories have the power to inspire, comfort, and reassure young readers, reminding them that home can be as much in our hearts as it is in a physical location.