Hibernation stories

Hibernation stories

Hibernation is a process that animals undergo to survive the winter months when food is scarce. Many animals, including bears, groundhogs, bats, and squirrels, do this, so naturally it makes for great hibernation stories for preschool and kindergarten.

During hibernation, an animal‘s body temperature drops and its heart rate slows. The animal doesn‘t move much and sleeps a lot. Hibernation is a way for animals to conserve energy.

Hibernation is different from estivation, which is a process that some animals undergo to survive hot, dry conditions. Estivation is also known as aestivation.

While estivation and hibernation are both periods of inactivity, estivation occurs during the hot summer months when food is scarce, and hibernation occurs during the cold winter months when food is also scarce.

Some animals, such as snakes and lizards, estivate during the hottest months of summer and hibernate during the coldest months of winter.

Hibernation is a process that helps animals survive the winter. When it‘s cold and food is scarce, animals hibernate. Their heart rates slow and their body temperatures drop. They sleep a lot and don‘t move around much. And what could be more fun than a bear hibernation story during winter? 

There are many different hibernation stories for children, and they can all be found on our website. One of our favorites is “Bart the Bear Hibernates“. In this story, Bart says goodbye to all his friends from the forest before winter falls. 

All our bedtime stories about hibernation and fairy tales are free and available as audiostory, pdf (to print) and ebook (to download).