Stories About Goblins

Stories About Goblins

Welcome to the exciting world of the Top 18 Stories About Goblins, a fantastic collection specially designed for kids and children to read online. These bedtime stories are available in user-friendly format like pdf, free for online viewing, downloading, and even printable for your little ones to cherish this delightful experience. Perfect for learning and educational purposes, these short stories come with beautiful pictures that make the storytelling even more enjoyable and easy to understand. This best collection of captivating tales is sure to keep both girls and boys happily engaged during story time, read aloud sessions, or night time readings.

Our collection includes famous English classics that capture the fascinating world of goblins in a fun, awe-inspiring manner. These stories are tailored to suit the imagination of preschool, kindergarten, elementary students, eyfs, toddlers, and early year audiences. Every fairy tale has a touch of moral values, allowing children to learn important life lessons as they indulge in the world of goblins. This audio-enhanced collection is perfect to entertain and inspire the curiosity of kids, ensuring a great time for the little ones. So let your children explore their imagination, and watch as they fall asleep while enjoying these incredible bedtime stories about the adventures and antics of goblins in their fascinating world. Get ready for an unforgettable journey with our remarkable collection of Stories About Goblins that will leave you wanting more. Happy reading!

Top 18 Stories About Goblins for kids to read online:

  1. The bad little goblin’s New Year: The story is about a nasty little goblin named Midnight who loves playing tricks on woodland creatures, but they all dislike him. One day, Midnight gets trapped in a lumber yard and ends up in the home of a family with children, who begin to take care of him and give him food. Midnight becomes a friendly goblin and helps the children find lost items and plays with them. During a New Year’s celebration, Midnight jumps out of the fire and turns into a dancing golden flame. He spends his days helping and playing with other animals and brings happiness to everyone he meets. The story ends with the children admiring the sparkling flame and celebrating the New Year.
  2. The girl and the goblin: This is a story about a little girl named Little Daughter who has a beautiful room full of treasures, including a string of pearls that grows longer every day with a new pearl gifted by the king. One day, a goblin comes into her room and everything begins to look dingy and dirty, including the pearls. The goblin offers to clean the last dark pearl, but the little girl’s mother interrupts them before he can. Together, they clean up the room and the pearl remains a little blue. The story ends with the girl and her mother putting two golden hearts on the door between their rooms, sealing it forever.
  3. The plate of pancakes: The story tells of a little boy named Karl who wants to take some pancakes to his father at work. However, the path to his father’s work is through the Enchanted Wood which is known to have fairies and goblins that caused trouble. Karl goes through the wood and is tempted by sweet berries and a talking bird, causing him to lose track of time. When he returns home with cold pancakes and tears in his eyes, his mother and grandmother deduce that goblins are at work in the wood and forbid him from going through it again. But Karl’s grandmother decides to help him and gives him a secret word to say if he encounters anything suspicious in the Enchanted Wood. Karl sets off with fresh pancakes and is tempted by the bird once again, but he remembers the secret word and quickly arrives at the mill with the hot pancakes, never having trouble in the Enchanted Wood again.
  4. How Finn McCool became the leader of the Fianna: The story is about Finn, the son of Cumhal, who becomes the leader of the Fianna of Ireland after avenging his father’s death and defeating a goblin who terrorizes the people of Tara. Finn is raised in hiding after his father is killed by the rebellious Clan Morna, but eventually gathers loyal followers and becomes a powerful warrior. He earns his rightful place as leader of the Fianna with the help of a spear enchanted by his father’s friend, Fiacha. Finn rules the Fianna for many years until he dies in battle.
  5. How the naughty goblin invented Valentine’s Day: The story is about a mischievous goblin named Gobby who loved causing trouble in a small town. One day, he met a lovely goblin lady named Gabby and fell in love with her. Gabby urged Gobby to change his ways, and he decided to do something nice for the townspeople instead of causing trouble. He baked heart-shaped chocolates, left flowers and treats for the dogs and cats, and blew up hundreds of pink and red balloons around the town. The townspeople were impressed with Gobby’s change of heart, and eventually, Gabby agreed to go on a date with him. Gobby proposed to Gabby, and they got married, starting a new tradition called Valentine’s Day in that small town.
  6. How the Buttercup Became Yellow: In this story, all flowers were originally white and gained their colors through magic. When a White Cup expressed a desire to be golden like the Daisy, the two flowers conspired to trick the Goblins into giving the White Cup its desired color. With the help of the Fairy Queen, they succeeded, and the White Cup became the Buttercup. The fairies dubbed them “their golden cups,” and both flowers and fairies kept the secret from the mischievous Goblins. The story teaches the value of patience and the power of cooperation and deception.
  7. The Adventures of Kobold and Gnome on Saint Nicholas’ Eve: Two gnomes, Gnome and Kobold, are walking in the winter forest to deliver a gift to the Forest Ranger’s child. They sneak into the house and leave the handmade wooden rabbit by the child’s shoe, but on the way out, they are chased by chickens and awaken the family. They finally return home safely, happy with their adventure. A downloadable ebook is available.
  8. The Revenge of the Fireflies: In this story, Fireflies and Goblins are good friends with the Fairies until the Goblins exclude the Fireflies from their nighttime romp because they don’t need their lights. Feeling rejected, the Fireflies devise a plan to get revenge by lighting up the Goblins’ rocks while they are out, making it seem like their homes are on fire. The Goblins are scared and have to sleep under leaves, realizing that they need the Fireflies after all. The story ends with the Goblins inviting all the Fireflies to their next romp.
  9. The Tell-Tale Goblin: The story is about a little fairy who loves to wander along the river and her secret meetings with a River God. However, a goblin who watched the fairies saw her and planned to tell the Queen. The River God intervened, tricked the goblin, and gave him a silver hat to keep the secret. The goblin had a change of heart but told the secret anyway, resulting in the Queen turning him into a silver thistle. The little fairy lived happily ever after, but the thistle bloomed alone for the rest of his life.
  10. The Revenge of the Gnomes: The Fairies threw a party but forgot to invite the Gnomes, who overheard the Goblins talking about the party and were angry they weren’t invited. The party took place in a beautiful setting, and the Fairies wore new dresses made of pink rose petals while the Goblins ruined a beautiful tablecloth the spiders had made. The Goblins demanded that the Fairies help them rescue their brothers who were being held captive by the Gnomes and also asked for breakfast. The Fairies worked all night to make ice for the gnomes and free the captive Goblins. In frustration, the Fairies used their wands to point out the greedy Goblins who demanded too much.
  11. The Goblin at the Grocer’s: The story is about a student who lives on the top floor of a shopkeeper’s building. He buys a book wrapped in torn paper from the shopkeeper instead of cheese. A little goblin who lives in the house plays a prank on the student, making the shopkeeper’s bucket, butter dish, money box and more speak against him, but the goblin is touched when he sees that the book the student bought becomes a beautiful tree with singing leaves and flowers. Later, the house catches fire, but the goblin saves the book. In the end, the goblin decides to divide his time between the student and the shopkeeper since he likes the tasty food the shopkeeper always gives him.
  12. The Queen of Lanternland: A young prince on a journey hears a tinkling sound and goes searching for it, becoming hopelessly lost and landing in the underworld of Lanternland. The Queen of Lanternland falls in love with the prince but is obliged to marry the evil wizard Dragondel, who has enchanted the sea and will threaten Lanternland with ghosts and spirits should she refuse. The prince disguises himself, saves a kitten, and makes a golden little hand from pastry to swap for the talisman. On the day of the wedding, the prince and the Queen sail back to Lanternland while the ship containing Dragondel and his friends is swallowed by the whirlpool. The prince and the Queen marry and live happily ever after.
  13. The Theft of the Fairies’ Wands: In this story, the Goblins and Gnomes attempt to steal the wands of the Fairies by scaring them into dropping them. However, the Fairy Queen has a trick up her sleeve and manages to retrieve the wands, causing the Goblins and Gnomes to apologize and beg forgiveness. The Queen grants their requests to change their companions back from stone but keeps a pond as a reminder of their wrongdoing. The story ends with the creatures vowing never to annoy the Fairies again.
  14. Jack Frost’s Cards: Rudolph lives on a mountain and eagerly waits for the fairies and goblins to invite him to their revels, but they never do. One night, a goblin arrives at Rudolph’s window and takes him to a revel in the forest. There, the animals and goblins discuss delaying the autumn colors to get more food, and they agree to delay sending out Jack Frost’s cards for two weeks. Rudolph asks the goblin to fix his leaky roof, and the revel ends. The next morning, Rudolph awakens to find everything covered in frost, and he wonders what Jack Frost said to the goblins for delaying his cards.
  15. The Goblins’ Feast: Florence and Nicholas meet a goblin who invites them to a feast he attends every year where all the trees are full of good things to eat. When they arrive, they realise they have to fend for themselves among the other Goblins, but soon they eat everything they desire. However, they fall asleep and when they wake up, they hurry to go home before dinner. The Rabbit warns them that the food would put them into a sleep for a month, but they feel hungry and continue walking.
  16. How the Goblins Were Out-Tricked: In this story, the fairies are planning a revel in a dell, but the goblins who were not invited decide to scare them as retribution. They devise a trick to hide under the flowers and carry off the fairies when they land on a flower. However, the quick-witted fairies touch the goblins with their wands and turn them into stone. The goblins’ punishment is lifted only when the fairies restore the dell’s kidnapped flowers and the sun returns to its morning view of the dell’s blooming flowers.
  17. Jack Frost’s Sweetheart: The story is about an Elf Flower who wakes up during winter and is frightened and lost. Jack Frost finds her and takes her to his winter festival where she is welcomed by other magical creatures. Jack Frost falls in love with her, and the Fairy Queen names her the Christmas Rose. From then on, Jack Frost is always near her, whispering that she is beautiful, and that is why she sometimes blushes a pale rose color. The story ends with the magical folk calling her Jack Frost’s Sweetheart.
  18. The Goblins, The Fairies, And The Moon: The fairies are constantly bothered by mischievous goblins who frighten them during playtime. The Queen requests help from Mr. Moon Man to deal with the pesky goblins, and he promises to resolve the issue. When Mr. Moon Man arrives, he makes the goblins flee by showing them their own shadows, making them believe that scary creatures are chasing them. The fairies are never troubled again, and they thank Mr. Moon Man for his help.

In conclusion, the Top 18 Stories About Goblins website offers a treasure trove of fantastical tales for young readers, transporting them to a world where goblins play tricks, embark on adventures, and teach valuable life lessons. These stories spark the imagination, encourage emotional growth, and promote the importance of friendship, courage, and kindness. With each enchanting tale, kids can explore magical realms and unforgettable characters, and in doing so, develop a life-long love for reading, storytelling, and the enchantment of goblins’ mythical world.