Stories About Goats

Stories About Goats

Be prepared to fall in love with the cheeky charm of goats in this collection of the top ten stories featuring them. We’ve brought together the best of both classic and modern tales in this comprehensive guide, ensuring your little ones will never run out of fascinating goat tales at story time.


Children are always captivated by the vibrant world of stories, filled with adventure, humor, and important life lessons. Reading to kids not only helps to enhance their imagination and vocabulary, but also provides a wonderful opportunity to bond. Our hand-picked collection of stories about goats guarantees to keep them entertained and absorbed, whether you’re looking for a short read before bedtime or a longer narrative for an extended afternoon of learning and fun.


Available to read online for free, these stories come with beautiful illustrations, engaging both the children’s auditory and visual senses, making reading a more interactive and enjoyable activity. Each story comes with a printable PDF version that you can download at your convenience, letting your kids relive the stories even when you’re offline.

Our curated list includes famous goat tales that have stood the test of time, as well as newer, more contemporary stories. These tales are easy to read, making them a perfect choice for preschoolers, toddlers, and elementary school children. From playful goat kids causing mischief in the countryside to brave goats facing adventures, there’s a story for every child in our list.

The stories in our collection are not just fun and interesting but also educational. Each tale comes with a moral, subtly teaching kids important life values such as bravery, honesty, and kindness. They also offer a gentle introduction to English vocabulary and grammar, contributing to your child’s language learning journey.

In addition, for those cozy night time reading sessions, we’ve included audio versions for each story. These read-aloud tales make story time more relaxing, especially when it’s time for your child to drift off to sleep. And, if you want to take story-telling a notch higher, you can always download the audio and surprise your little ones with a story told by a different voice!

Whether your child is a toddler just starting out with picture books, a preschooler eager for fairy tales, or a curious elementary school student, our list of goat stories caters to all. So, grab your device, snuggle up, and let’s embark on a journey to the whimsical world of goats together. Let this collection be a magical addition to your bedtime routine or an educational tool for your child’s learning journey.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the enchanting world of goats, filled with famous characters, classic plots, and unforgettable lessons. Because, in the end, who can resist the allure of a good goat story?

Top 11 Stories About Goats

  1. Three Billy Goats Gruff: Once upon a time, a farmer warned his three goats about a mean troll living under a bridge. Despite the warning, the goats yearned for the greener grass on the other side. They devised a plan to outsmart the troll, starting with the smallest goat crossing the bridge. The troll, uninterested in the bony goat, allowed it to pass. Next, the middle goat convinced the troll that its bigger and juicier brother would soon cross. Finally, the largest goat confronted the troll, overpowering it with a mighty blow and sending it tumbling into the river. The troll’s defeat spread fear among other trolls, leading them to abandon their bridges. The three goats triumphantly crossed the bridge, savoring the delicious grass on the other side.
  2. The Wolf And The Seven Little Goats: In a peaceful forest, a mother goat warned her seven little kids about the dangerous wolf who could disguise himself and trick them. Despite her warnings, the wolf attempted to gain entry to their house using various disguises, but the vigilant goats saw through his ruse each time. Determined, the wolf finally managed to deceive the goats and devoured six of them. However, the seventh goat remained hidden and alerted their mother. Together, they devised a plan to rescue the swallowed siblings. After sewing the wolf’s belly with stones inside, they woke him up, causing him to stumble into a well and meet his demise. The seven little goats were relieved and lived happily ever after.
  3. How The Monkey And The Goat Earned Their Reputations: In this story, a tiger invites a goat and a monkey to accompany him on a visit. On their journey, they encounter various challenges. The goat falls into a marsh while pretending to be brave, and the tiger avoids it. When they find banana trees, the tiger tricks the goat into giving him the ripe bananas while keeping the green ones for himself. The monkey, however, eats all the ripe bananas and only gives the tiger the unripe ones. They also encounter a cobra, but the monkey refuses to pick it up, unlike the goat who was willing to until the tiger warned him against it. When they reach their destination, the tiger secretly leaves the hammock at night, kills a lamb, and tries to frame the goat, but the goat is beaten by the host. However, when the tiger tries the same trick with the monkey, the monkey remains vigilant, exposes the tiger’s deceit, and saves himself from harm. The story concludes with the goat being considered gullible and the monkey being praised for his cleverness.
  4. The Wolf And The Kid: In this cautionary tale, a young and naive Kid becomes overconfident and disregards his mother’s warnings. When he is left behind by the flock, he panics, realizing the dangers of being alone in the approaching darkness. Spotting a Wolf nearby, the Kid cleverly suggests that the Wolf play a tune for him before devouring him. The Wolf agrees and starts playing, while the Kid dances merrily. However, the Shepherd Dogs hear the familiar tune and recognize it as a prelude to a feast. They quickly return and chase the Wolf away, saving the Kid. The story concludes with the Wolf regretting his foolishness in deviating from his natural instincts as a hunter.
  5. The Cat And The Goat: Little Miss Puss Cat is walking along, mewing sadly and filled with sorrow. She encounters an old goat who kindly asks why she is mewing, nodding his head in his goat-like manner. Ignoring him, Miss Puss Cat continues her sorrowful mewing. The persistent goat asks two more times, but the cat remains silent and mews even more sorrowfully. Finally, frustrated by the goat’s persistence, Miss Puss Cat hisses and screeches, causing the goat to flee in fear, bleating and jumping in a zigzag fashion. Amused by the goat’s antics, the cat bursts into laughter and forgets her sorrows completely. The story playfully suggests that perhaps only cat-sorrows can be forgotten when encountering such a comical scene with a nodding, zigzag-dancing, and bleating goat.
  6. The Wolf, The Kid, And The Goat: Mother Goat instructs her young Kid to guard the house and only let in those who know the password, “Down with the Wolf and all his race.” Unbeknownst to them, a lurking Wolf overhears the password and seizes the opportunity. When the Wolf knocks on the door and repeats the password, the cautious Kid demands proof by asking for a white paw. Unable to meet this requirement, the disappointed Wolf retreats hungry. The Kid learns the valuable lesson of being cautious and not easily trusting strangers, even when they seem to know the secret password.
  7. The Hare And His Ears: After being injured by a Goat’s horns while devouring it, the Lion becomes furious and orders all horned animals to leave his territory within twenty-four hours. The command instills fear in the hearts of the creatures, even the Hare who has no horns. The Hare spends a restless night worrying about the Lion and awakens to the morning sun casting a shadow that resembles horns due to his long ears. Overwhelmed with fear, the Hare quickly decides to flee, convinced that the Lion will mistake his ears for horns regardless of any explanations. The story illustrates how paranoia and fear can drive individuals to make irrational decisions based on assumptions and misinterpretations.
  8. The Two Goats: Two lively Goats encounter each other on opposite sides of a deep chasm, with a fierce mountain torrent rushing through it. The only bridge across is a fallen tree trunk, too narrow for even two squirrels to pass side by side. Both Goats refuse to yield and insist on crossing simultaneously, leading to a confrontation where they lock horns in the middle of the treacherous log. Their stubbornness leads to their downfall as they both lose their balance and are swept away by the powerful current below. The story serves as a cautionary tale about the perils of pride and stubbornness.
  9. The Wolf And The Goat: A cunning and hungry Wolf spots a Goat grazing at the top of a steep cliff, out of his reach. Seizing the opportunity, he feigns concern for the Goat’s safety, urging her to come down to a safer place where there is plentiful and delicious grass. However, the discerning Goat sees through the Wolf’s ulterior motives and realizes that his apparent concern is just a guise to satisfy his own appetite. She rejects his offer, understanding that his intentions are self-serving rather than genuine. The story teaches the importance of being wary of flattery and false kindness from those with hidden agendas.
  10. The Hungry Wolf: In this fable, a hungry wolf encounters various animals and declares his intention to eat them. However, each animal challenges the wolf’s identity, calling him a dog instead. The ram dares the wolf to stand with his mouth open, only to charge and knock him unconscious. The horse tricks the wolf into starting at his tail, then swiftly kicks him away. Finally, the pig offers the wolf a ride to the village, where the dogs mock and chase him. Humiliated and defeated, the wolf retreats into the forest, realizing the folly of underestimating his prey and the consequences of his greed. The story teaches a lesson about arrogance and the dangers of underestimating others.
  11. The Goat And The Ram: In this story, a man and a woman decide to get rid of their Goat and Ram because they keep eating all their corn. The animals set off with a bag and encounter the head of a wolf. They pick it up and continue their journey until they stumble upon a group of wolves cooking porridge. The Goat pretends that the bag contains multiple wolf heads, causing the wolves to become fearful and flee. However, when the wolves regroup and decide to chase the Goat and the Ram, they find the animals perched safely in a tree. The Ram’s accidental fall onto one of the wolves, combined with the Goat’s claim of having the biggest wolf’s head, terrifies the wolves and sends them running away, chased by their own companions. The Goat, the Ram, and the wolves each face humorous and unexpected outcomes in this tale of cleverness and misdirection.

In the end, we believe there’s something inherently charming and memorable about a good goat story. Our top 10 collection of goat tales for kids offers a range of delightful narratives from the world of these lovable animals. Combining fun, education, and morals, these stories will enchant your children, providing valuable lessons while sparking their imagination.