Stories About Frogs

Stories About Frogs

Welcome to our fantastic collection of Top 23 Stories About Frogs for kids to enjoy reading online! This wonderful assortment of stories is perfect for children of all ages who want to dive into the world of bedtime stories featuring our amphibian friends. These stories are available in a convenient pdf format, free to read and download, making them the ideal printable addition to your child’s reading list. Each story within this collection offers not just a fun, educational experience, but also stimulates learning and promotes the joy of reading.

From short, easy tales to tell toddlers, to longer, classic bedtime stories for preschool, kindergarten, and elementary students, there’s something here for everyone. Our Stories About Frogs are brought to life with pictures, engaging children’s imagination and making storytime even more enjoyable. We also offer the best audio options in English, ensuring a captivating read aloud experience for girls, boys, and the whole family.

Frogs have always been a fascinating subject for stories and fairy tales, capturing the hearts and minds of children for generations. The unique characteristics, abilities, and behaviors of frogs have led to the creation of captivating tales with both fun and educational content. Stories About Frogs are perfect for teaching important life lessons and morals, while also providing a sense of wonder and enjoyment. Whether it’s a night-time read before sleep, an early years educational enhancement, or just a fun way to spend some quality time together, Stories About Frogs will surely be a delightful addition to your child’s storytime journey. So sit back, relax, and join us in exploring the world of frogs through these wonderful stories.

Top 23 Stories About Frogs for kids to read online:

  1. Thumbelina: The story is about a woman who plants a special barley grain, which grows into a tulip with a tiny girl inside, named Thumbelina. She is taken by a toad, but escapes with the help of fish and a butterfly, before being befriended by a field mouse, mole, and a swallow. Thumbelina helps a bird and gains wings to marry a flower angel, leaving behind her old life. The story is available to download as an ebook.
  2. The Frog, Fox, Lion and Deer: In this story, a Frog challenges a Fox to a race, which makes the Lion and Deer become involved as referee and starter. When the Frog wins, the animals argue, and the Fox and Lion plot to catch the Deer, who tricks them. Eventually, the Lion dies after being tricked by the Deer too many times, leaving the Fox and Deer to live in peace. An ebook version of the story is available for download.
  3. Battle of Frogs and Mice: The story is about a party thrown by King Puff-jaw in the land of the Frogs, attended by a prince of Mice named Crumb-snatcher. While trying to cross a lake, the frogs and mice encounter danger, leading to a battle between the two kingdoms. With the help of the lobster army, the frogs emerge victorious, and peace is restored as the mice rule the land and the frogs rule the water. The story is available as a downloadable ebook.
  4. The Frog Prince: This is the story of a bored king’s daughter who loses her golden ball in a pond. A frog appears and offers to retrieve it in exchange for becoming her friend, sitting at her table, eating from her plate, drinking from her cup, and sleeping in her bed. The princess agrees and the frog fulfills his end of the bargain, but the princess later refuses to keep her promise to be his friend. The frog reappears as a handsome prince who was under a spell and needed a kiss from a princess to break it. He and the king’s daughter fall in love and he is returned to his kingdom with the help of his loyal servant.
  5. The Frogs and the Ox: In the story, an ox accidentally kills a young frog while drinking from a pool. The old frog, not knowing what happened to the young one, asks the other frogs who tell her that a big monster stepped on him. The old frog starts to ask if the monster was as big as she is, and when the other frogs say the monster was even bigger, the old frog puffs herself up and bursts.
  6. The Frogs Who Wished For A King: In this story, the frogs become tired of governing themselves and ask Jupiter for a king. Jupiter gives them a log as a symbol of kingship, and the frogs soon realize that they’ve been foolish in wanting a ruler. To teach them a lesson, Jupiter sends a crane to be their king, and the frogs quickly regret their wish as the crane gobbles them up. In the end, Jupiter reminds the frogs that they have only themselves to blame for their misfortunes. An ebook (PDF) download is available.
  7. The Hares And The Frogs: The story tells of some timid hares who decide to die rather than live in fear, then stumble upon a family of frogs who are also scared of them. This makes the hares realise that things aren’t so bad after all and they feel better. An ebook (PDF) of the story is available to download.
  8. The Boys And The Frogs: A group of boys were having fun throwing stones into a pond where a family of frogs lived. The frogs were terrified, and the oldest and bravest frog pleaded with the boys to stop their play because it meant death to the frogs. A downloadable PDF version of the story is available.
  9. The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher: The story follows Mr. Jeremy Fisher, a frog who goes fishing in a pond to catch minnows for his dinner. However, his attempts at fishing are thwarted when he catches a stickleback instead of a minnow and then gets attacked by a trout that only manages to swallow his goloshes. Mr. Jeremy Fisher manages to escape and invites his friends to dinner, where they enjoy a roasted grasshopper with lady-bird sauce instead of fish. The story is available to download as an ebook or print.
  10. The little tadpole: The story is about a lizard and a tadpole who become friends. The tadpole wishes to sing like a bird and grows legs, but is disappointed when he realizes he is becoming a frog, not a bird. The lizard tries to help him by suggesting ways to grow wings and even tries to pull off his front legs, but ultimately realizes that there are more ways to sing than one. The tadpole becomes a frog and bids farewell to the lizard, who listens to the chorus of frogs in the swamp and wonders if her friend is among them.
  11. Why the Stork loves Holland: The story is about why storks love Holland. The stork, with its wise head and long legs, flies to Holland every year from Africa. They make their nests on rooftops, church towers, and dikes. The meadows of Holland are a paradise for the Stork, where it catches frogs and mice. Holland is known as the bringer of good luck, and storks are welcomed by people in the country and the city. The story tells of how Holland became so beloved to storks, according to Dutch fairies.
  12. The Frog Princess: In this story, a king announces that one of his three sons will become king if he marries a suitable Queen. The princes shoot arrows from a tower to find their future wives. The youngest prince’s arrow lands in a lake where he meets a frog who claims to be his wife. She gives him a magical carpet to win the contest and become the queen. Later, the frog reveals that she’s actually a princess who is cursed. She loses her frog skin to be human but runs away when the prince destroys it. The prince searches for her and finally finds her. They reunite, and she turns their lives into a happy ending.
  13. Uncle Wiggily Goes Swimming: In this story, Uncle Wiggily goes for a swim with some young frogs and gets stuck in the mud at the bottom of the pond. The frogs try to get him out by grabbing his leg, and eventually they make a raft for Uncle Wiggily. As he is resting on the raft, Fuzzy Fox comes along and takes him away to nibble on his ears, but the frogs come up with a plan to save Uncle Wiggily by slinging a rock at Fuzzy Fox with a diving board. The plan works, and Uncle Wiggily is able to safely return home.
  14. The Frogs and the Fairies: A group of young frogs want to explore the valley and see a party of fairies, but their grandfather warns them to stay home. Ignoring him, they jump into the middle of the party and the fairies decide to punish them by taking a toe from each of their front paws. The frogs return to their pond and bury themselves in the mud, regretting not listening to their grandfather’s advice. From then on, frogs have only four toes on each front paw – if they had listened to their grandfather, they would still have five.
  15. Dame Cricket’s Story: Mrs. Cricket tells her ten little crickets to wake up and get ready to sing as the sun is about to set. The little crickets, however, pretend to ignore their mother until she tells them a story about their family’s past. The story involves their great-grandfather cricket noticing their singing was weak and calling Doctor Frog for help. Doctor Frog discovered that the birds were eating their family and suggested they sleep during the day and sing at night to avoid being eaten. From that day on, crickets sleep in the daytime and sing at night to protect themselves from predators. The little crickets get excited and sing along with their mother as they head out into the night.
  16. The Little Singing Frog: A poor winemaker and his wife prayed for a child, and God sent them a frog daughter. The couple loved her deeply, but they were ashamed of her when others called her a frog. One day, a prince heard the girl’s beautiful singing and promised to marry her, but his father, the czar, demanded that his sons each bring him a bride with the most beautiful flower to take over his kingdom. The little frog girl asked the prince for a snow-white rooster and a golden gown woven from the sun’s rays, and arrived at the palace on the rooster with a wheat stalk instead of a flower. The czar saw her value, and she married the prince and became queen.
  17. The Legend of Oliver’s Adventure: The story is about a young boy named Oliver who ventures into a dense forest in search of berries and flowers for his mother. He meets a wicked witch who offers to give him the most beautiful berries and flowers in exchange for his company. Oliver ends up staying with the witch for years, but with the help of a good wizard, he escapes her curse and returns to his village to reunite with his mother. The story teaches the importance of cherishing time with loved ones and the power of love and kindness to overcome darkness and evil.
  18. How the Toad Got His Bruises: The story tells of a toad who is invited to a party in the sky but is warned that he will never make it. The toad convinces a buzzard to take him and hides inside the buzzard’s violin when the buzzard impatiently ends up leaving him behind. The toad has a great time at the party but becomes worried when no one takes the violin back to earth. Eventually, a falcon carries the violin but drops it, causing the toad to be bruised and battered when he crawls out of the wreckage. The toad learns a lesson and is no longer a gad about.
  19. Why the Lamb Is Meek: In this story, a little lamb is happy and carefree until a toad tries to pull him into the sea. Although the lamb is pulled down to the water’s edge, he is not harmed and thinks nothing of it. Later, the toad challenges the lamb to a race, but the lamb is beaten because the toad secretly had his family help. Sometime after, the toad asks the lamb to carry him to a party, and the lamb obliges. The toad manipulates the lamb by making him carry him and using a piece of grass in his mouth and a stick to wave over his head to make it look like the lamb was his horse. The king’s daughter sees and laughs, and the lamb becomes known as a meek animal.
  20. Mr. Frog’s Story: A person is sitting by a brook watching tadpoles and minnows. Suddenly, a frog jumps out of the water and greets the person in frog language. The person asks the frog about its past and the frog explains that it was once a tadpole just like the ones in the brook, but then it grew legs, lost its tail and developed a long, slender tongue to catch insects. The frog and its family live by the brook, and in the spring and summer evenings, they sing to their tadpole children about their transformation. The frog bids farewell and jumps back into the brook. A downloadable PDF ebook of the story is available to read offline.
  21. The Green Cat: A wicked witch called Old Betto spoils a village fête with her rain because she was not invited. A young man, Hans, sets out to find the green cat that she fears, with the help of a frog. The green cat is guarded by Old Betto’s son, a dwarf, but Hans manages to get it away. When he brings the green cat in front of Old Betto, it turns into a beautiful princess who reunites with her prince. The witch disappears, and the fête can start again, including the wedding of Hans and his beloved Gretchen, who is dressed in her new cap and embroidered petticoat.
  22. Billy Bull’s Lesson: The story is about a young frog named Billy Bull who, in his desire to explore the world beyond his pond, boasts about his abilities to a passing duck and sets out on a journey to Farmer Wilson’s farm. Along the way, he faces obstacles and dangers, including being caught on a fisherman’s hook. Eventually, he learns a valuable lesson from the wise duck that a frog should never stray too far from the water.
  23. The Sorceress And The Pearl: A good king accidentally drinks a potion from a wicked sorceress and turns into a toad. The sorceress replaces him with her son, who becomes a tyrant. The toad is told to find a magical pearl to regain his true form. The sorceress tries to kill the toad after he returns with the pearl, but it transforms the true king back to his original form instead. The king retakes his rightful place and restores peace to the kingdom, even forgiving the sorceress’s son and appointing him as a servant in the castle to mend his ways. Everyone lives happily ever after, and the sorceress is never seen again.

In conclusion, the Top 23 Stories About Frogs serve as an exciting and educational collection for kids, providing them with engaging tales that not only entertain, but also impart valuable lessons. They introduce young readers to a diverse range of frog characters who embark on incredible adventures, face challenges, and form lasting friendships. By exploring themes such as bravery, perseverance, and camaraderie, these stories cultivate an appreciation for the natural world, while also fostering a sense of empathy and wonder in the heart of every child. So, dive into this captivating world of frogs, and let your imagination leap into a magical realm of learning, fun, and unforgettable memories!