Frog Stories For Kindergarten

Frog Stories For Kindergarten

Welcome, little readers, to a fantastic collection of the top 16 Frog Stories for Kindergarten! You are about to leap into a world of unforgettable adventures, humorous tales, and enlightening lessons, all centered around our amphibious friends, the frogs. These stories have been carefully selected for their simplicity and charm specially designed for read aloud sessions. Each story comes with vibrant illustrations that make the narrative come alive. Each story is available in a PDF format to bring convenience and flexibility to your reading process.

Frog Stories for Kindergarten are vital for a child’s learning and development process. Frogs are depicted as interesting characters with funny antics that children love. These stories often impart valuable moral lessons about friendship, honesty, bravery, and persistence, to list a few, all wrapped up in an easily identifiable narrative that a child can relate to. Reading aloud from these frog stories not only enhances language skills among kindergartners but also improves their imagination and understanding of the world around them. So hop in and enjoy these froggy tales to the fullest!

Top 16 Frog Stories For Kindergarten

  1. The Frog Prince: Once upon a time, a princess lost her golden ball in a pond. A frog appeared and offered to help her retrieve it, but only if she would be his friend and let him eat from her plate, drink from her cup, and sleep in her bed. The princess agreed, but when she got her ball back, she didn’t keep her promise. The frog followed her home and demanded she let him in. Reluctantly, she did, and to her surprise, the frog turned into a handsome prince. They lived happily ever after. You can download an ebook of the story to read offline or print.
  2. The little tadpole: This is a story about a little lizard and a tadpole who become friends. The tadpole wants to sing like the birds, so the lizard tries to help him. But instead of growing wings, the tadpole grows legs. Eventually, they discover that the tadpole is actually a frog! The frog is happy because he can now join his frog brothers and sing with them. The lizard realizes that there are different ways to sing and learns to be content.
  3. Thumbelina: In this educational story, a woman wants a child but doesn’t know how to get one. With the help of an old witch, she plants a special barley grain in a flowerpot, and a beautiful little girl, Thumbelina, emerges from a tulip. Thumbelina has many adventures, including being taken by a toad and escaping with the help of fish and a butterfly. She eventually finds a loving home with a swallow and a boy with wings. This heartwarming tale teaches children about friendship, perseverance, and the beauty of nature.
  4. The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher: Once upon a time, there was a frog named Mr. Jeremy Fisher who lived in a little house near a pond. He loved getting his feet wet and went fishing in the rain to catch fish. However, things didn’t go as planned, and he ended up catching a spiky stickleback and getting swallowed by a trout. Luckily, he escaped and learned his lesson. In the end, he had a dinner with his friends and enjoyed a roasted grasshopper. You can download an ebook or print the story for offline reading.
  5. The Little Singing Frog: Once upon a time, a winemaker and his wife prayed for a child, even if it were a frog. God granted their wish and sent them a frog girl. The parents loved their daughter, but they hid her because they were ashamed. The frog girl grew up alone, singing for her father in the vineyard. One day, a prince heard her beautiful voice and wanted to marry her. The frog girl agreed, but asked for a white rooster and a golden dress. She arrived at the palace on the rooster, wearing the golden gown and holding a wheat stalk. The czar was impressed by her simplicity and beauty, and the frog girl married the prince and became a queen.
  6. Uncle Wiggily Goes Swimming: Uncle Wiggily, a rabbit gentleman, goes for a swim in a pond with two young frogs, Bully and Bawly. However, Uncle Wiggily’s head gets stuck in the mud at the bottom of the pond. The frogs work together to pull him out and then make a raft for him to rest on. Just when Uncle Wiggily thinks he’s safe, a fox tries to capture him. But the clever frog boys come up with a plan to defeat the fox and save Uncle Wiggily. They use a diving board to launch a rock at the fox, allowing them to escape. Uncle Wiggily is grateful for the frogs’ clever trick and they all become friends.
  7. Mr. Elephant And Mr. Frog: In this story, Mr. Elephant and Mr. Frog are good friends who love to go for walks together. One day, Mr. Frog plays a trick on Mr. Elephant by pretending to be his horse. He climbs on Mr. Elephant’s back and even uses cords and a twig to make it seem real. All the other animals in the woods are fooled, but when Mr. Elephant realizes the trick, he laughs and forgives Mr. Frog. It’s a fun and playful story that teaches us about friendship and forgiveness.
  8. The Frog Meeting: Once upon a time, there was a toad who felt tired of being around other toads all the time. So he decided to visit his neighbors, the frogs. At first, they were surprised by his appearance and thought he looked different. But after a frog meeting, they accepted him because he was kind and wise. The toad became popular and even received kisses from some female frogs. He decided to stay with the frogs and enjoy his new frog life every day.
  9. Mr. Frog’s Story: In the garden, there is a brook where tadpoles and minnows play. One day, a frog jumped out of the water and landed on a stone. He told a kindergartner that he was once a tadpole just like the ones in the brook. He grew from a tiny egg into a tadpole with a tail, then legs, and finally turned into a frog. He lives by the brook with his family and sings to his tadpole children about growing up to be frogs. Then, before the kindergartner could thank him, the frog said goodbye and jumped back into the brook.
  10. The Frogs and the Fairies: In this story, a family of frogs living in a pond decide to explore the valley next to their home. The young frogs are excited to see what’s there, but their old grandfather warns them to stay home. Ignoring his advice, the young frogs venture out and discover a party of fireflies, or so they think. It turns out the party is actually hosted by fairies, and the frogs are caught by the fairies’ magic wands. The Fairy Queen punishes the frogs by taking a toe from each of their front paws, and they are sent back to their pond. If they had listened to their wise grandfather, they would have avoided this fate. The story teaches children the importance of listening to elders and making wise choices.
  11. The Sorceress And The Pearl: Once upon a time, there was a good King who was always kind to his subjects. However, an old sorceress wanted her son to become the King and cast a spell on the real King. He turned into a toad and his horse into a rock. Meanwhile, the sorceress’s son disguised himself as the King and ruled with cruelty and greed. The toad, desperate to regain his true form, found a magic pearl that the sorceress desired. When the sorceress tried to take the pearl, the toad refused unless she restored him. In a flash of light, the true King was restored, the sorceress disappeared, and peace was restored in the kingdom. The sorceress’s son learned his lesson and became a loyal servant. Everyone lived happily ever after. You can download the ebook version of this story from the provided link.
  12. The Green Cat: In this story, Old Witch Betto is angry because she was not invited to a village celebration. She is causing it to rain and ruin the festivities. Hans, the protagonist, meets a talking frog who tells him that he can stop the rain by finding the green cat, which the witch is afraid of. Hans bravely goes on a journey to find the cat, with the help of the frog. They confront the witch and the green cat transforms back into a princess, while the frog turns into a prince. The rain stops, and Hans and his bride-to-be, Gretchen, are able to have their wedding. The story ends with Hans telling the tale to the children in their village.
  13. The Legend of Oliver’s Adventure: Once upon a time, there was a boy named Oliver who wanted to find the perfect gift for his mother. He ventured into the forest and came across a witch who offered him flowers and berries in exchange for his company. Oliver agreed, but he soon felt trapped. Years later, a wizard helped him break the witch’s curse, and Oliver returned to his mother. They were overjoyed to be reunited, and from then on, Oliver cherished every moment with his mother. He taught his own children the importance of love and family. The story of Oliver’s adventure became a legend in their village, reminding everyone to appreciate their mothers and overcome darkness with kindness.
  14. Dame Cricket’s Story: “Come on, children, it’s time to get up,” Mrs. Cricket told her ten little crickets. She explained to them that they needed to wake up and get dressed because it was almost bedtime for the birds. The little crickets didn’t want to get up, but their mother told them a story about their family. Long ago, their family used to sing during the day and sleep at night. But one day, they realized that their singing was getting weak. They found out that birds were eating their family, so they decided to sleep during the day and sing at night to stay safe. Mrs. Cricket told the little crickets that if they listened to their parents and followed their sleepytime routine, they would grow up to be happy and safe crickets.
  15. The Frog, Fox, Lion and Deer: In a forest, a Frog challenges a Fox to a race, claiming to be the fastest frog in the country. They ask a Lion to be the referee, a Deer to start the race, and a Skunk to try out the trail. The Frog tricks the Fox and wins the race, causing an argument. The Fox and Lion team up to catch the Deer but fail. The Lion tries to get revenge on the Deer but gets tricked multiple times and eventually dies. The Fox is sad, but the Deer is happy to live in peace.
  16. Uncle Wiggily In A Well: Uncle Wiggily and his friend Percival go on an adventure in the woods. They come across a sad grasshopper with a sprained leg, and Uncle Wiggily helps him by applying some salve. They continue on their journey and eventually part ways. However, Uncle Wiggily falls into a well after being tricked by a mean toad. Just when the wolves are about to come and eat him, the grasshopper and Percival come to his rescue and pull him out of the well. They escape before the wolves arrive. This story teaches the value of kindness and friendship. To read the story offline or print it, you can download the ebook (PDF) from the provided link.

In conclusion, the Top 16 Frog Stories for Kindergarten provided online offer a delightful mix of endearing tales that not only entertain but also educate young minds. They encourage children to embrace characteristics like courage, empathy, and resilience, as depicted by the frog characters in the stories. In these enchanting narratives, frogs become the unlikely heroes, defeating villains, overcoming challenges, and even finding friendships in the most unexpected places. The lively illustrations and child-friendly language make these stories an ideal choice for kindergarteners, consequently paving the way for a lifelong love of reading and learning.