Stories About Fish

Stories About Fish

Welcome to our unique collection of the Top 12 Stories About Fish for kids. These stories, designed to be read aloud, include some of the best tales for children in preschool, kindergarten, and elementary grades. Our stories offer a delightful mix of short, funny themes perfect for their bedtime reading routine. Every story is available online for free, in English and are an entertaining way for children to learn important morals. Our colored illustrations and vivid pictures of underwater adventures will leave the young readers enthralled and full of laughter. In addition, every story also comes in a convenient PDF format, ensuring that every ebook can be printed to provide a more traditional reading experience for your child if they prefer.

The importance of Stories About Fish cannot be overstated. These aquatically themed tales come with diverse and colorful characters that help children improve their reading skills, gain a better understanding of nature, and learn vital life lessons alongside their underwater friends. These creative narratives offer an introduction to marine life and promote the values of friendship, courage, and respect for nature. The magical underwater setting stimulates the children’s imagination while the narratives strike a perfect balance between education and entertainment. Not only will children be engaged by the humor and adventure in these stories, but they’ll also be exposed to lessons about the importance of good behavior, hard work, and kindness towards others. So, give your toddlers and kindergarteners the opportunity to dive into these fantastical marine tales for a reading experience they won’t soon forget!

Top 12 Stories About Fish for kids:

  1. Nicko and the Ogre: Once upon a time, an ogre terrorized a town by eating all the fish in the river and causing sleepless nights with his snoring. A young man named Nicko went to a witch who revealed that only a mermaid knew how to get rid of the ogre. Nicko disguised himself as a fish and swam to the mermaid’s home. He discovered she was a king’s daughter and proposed to her. They sought the help of Father Neptune and the forest witch, who transformed the ogre into a rock in the middle of the river. Nicko and the mermaid married and lived happily ever after, eventually becoming the rulers of their kingdom.
  2. The Heron: A Heron is searching for a meal by a stream but is not satisfied with the small fish it finds. Eventually, when all the fish swim away, the Heron settles for eating a tiny Snail. There are download links provided for an ebook version of the story.
  3. Uncle Wiggily In A Paper Boat: Uncle Wiggily awakens in the morning to find his paper house flattened by an alligator. He continues his journey and comes across a beautiful goldfish in a pond. The goldfish offers to help him one day. After some more adventures, Uncle Wiggily needs to cross a stream, but he can’t swim with his crutch and valise. He finds a piece of paper and makes a paper boat, but it starts to leak. Just as an alligator jumps into the water to grab him, a kind goldfish comes to the rescue and takes Uncle Wiggily to safety. He spends the night in a wooden house and dreams of finding a gold dollar.
  4. The Master Mariner: A young fisherman saves the life of the King of the Caves of the Sea and is rewarded with a talisman that brings him luck. He becomes a wealthy master mariner and falls in love with the beautiful princess of Silkland. However, when a pirate ship captures the princess, the master mariner is thrown overboard. The princess’s talisman summons a storm that destroys the pirates and saves the master mariner. With the help of the King of the Caves of the Sea, the master mariner rescues the princess and they marry, bringing joy to the kingdom.
  5. The Seven Families of Pipple-Popple: In the land of Gramble-Blamble, there were seven families living on the edges of Pipple-Popple lake. Each family consisted of two parents and seven children, and they had unique habits and diets. The parents decided to send their children out into the world, but unfortunate events led to the demise of all the young ones. The story ends with the parents sealing themselves in bottles and being displayed in a museum.
  6. The Fisherman And The Little Fish: A poor fisherman catches a small fry and the fish pleads to be spared because it will grow into a better meal. However, the fisherman decides to keep the small fish, realizing that even a small catch is better than nothing. No links or title mentioned.
  7. How a fish flew in the air and a hare swam in the water: An old man discovers a pot of gold and silver in the forest but worries that his talkative wife will reveal their secret. He devises a plan to trick her by pretending he has found a fish in a tree and a hare swimming in the water. When his wife believes these stories, he convinces the mayor that she is delusional, and they keep the treasure for themselves. The wife’s attempts to expose the truth are met with laughter, and the man opens a successful shop in the city using their newfound wealth.
  8. The Fisherman and the Genie: Once upon a time, there was a poor fisherman who cast his net into the sea four times a day. One day, he pulled up a donkey carcass, then rocks and slime, and finally a vessel containing a powerful genie. The genie offered the fisherman wealth, but the fisherman was wary of the genie’s intentions. After witnessing the genie’s power and meeting a young man with half a body made of black marble, the fisherman learned the young man’s tragic story. The young man had been cursed by an evil sorcerer and trapped in the castle by the lake. The fisherman promised to help free him and unravel the mysteries of the lake and the fish.
  9. The Story of the Fisherman and His Wife: Once upon a time, there was a poor fisherman and his wife who lived in a shack by the sea. The fisherman caught a talking flatfish, who turned out to be an enchanted prince. He released the fish, and his wife urged him to make a wish for a better home. The fish granted their wish and they moved into a fisherman’s cottage. However, the wife became greedy and kept making bigger wishes, leading to them living in a stone castle and the wife becoming queen, emperor, and even pope. Still unsatisfied, she wished to be like God. The fish granted her wish by taking away all their riches and returning them to their old shack.
  10. Rosy’s Journey: Rosy, a young girl, sets off on a journey to find her father. Along the way, she encounters various challenges, but with the help of kind creatures such as a fish, a mouse, a fly, and an eagle, she overcomes them. Eventually, she reunites with her father and they find happiness together.
  11. The Queen of the Sea: The story is about Father Neptune, the King of the sea, who decides to give up his rule and appoint a new ruler. The fish unanimously choose the mermaid to be their Queen. Preparations are made for her crowning, but she is unhappy because she can’t decide what to wear. The fish search for the perfect material, but it is an oyster who reveals that the beautiful gown can be made from the mother-of-pearl lining of their shells. The mermaid is crowned Queen, and the oyster is allowed to remain on the throne as a symbol of where her gown came from.
  12. The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher: Once upon a time, there was a frog named Mr. Jeremy Fisher who lived by a pond. He enjoyed getting his feet wet and decided to go fishing for minnows. However, his fishing trip didn’t go as planned. He caught a spiny stickleback instead of a minnow, and a large trout tried to eat him but spat him out. Mr. Jeremy Fisher returned home with torn clothes but was grateful it wasn’t worse. He still had dinner with his friends, Sir Isaac Newton and Alderman Ptolemy Tortoise, even though they had roasted grasshopper with ladybird sauce instead of fish.

In conclusion, these top 12 stories about fish have transported us to an amazing underwater world, full of fascinating creatures and intriguing situations. They’ve introduced us to brave, clever fish, and taught us valuable lessons such as importance of friendship, courage, and perseverance. Each story, whether whimsical or educational, has highlighted the wonderful diversity of aquatic life, sparking our imaginations and hopefully inspiring a life-long love for marine life among young readers. Despite their fins and scales, these fish characters have proven to be surprisingly relatable, providing both entertainment and learning in a truly engaging way.