Stories About Fire

Stories About Fire

Introducing the Top 18 Stories About Fire, a fantastic collection specially curated for kids looking to ignite their imagination and embark on an exciting journey before bedtime. These stories are perfect for children to read online, with the option of downloading a free PDF, making them easily accessible and printable for never-ending fun. Each story is accompanied by mesmerizing pictures that will capture the attention of boys and girls alike. Engaging audio is also available, making this collection incredibly versatile as a delightful story time treat for early years, preschool, kindergarten, and elementary students.

Stories About Fire are much more than just entertaining tales for a night-time read; they also carry valuable moral lessons and provide educational content for young readers. Written in easy-to-understand English, these tales make learning fun and engaging while providing a good balance between classic fairy tales and contemporary short stories. The diverse range of stories cater to children of all ages, including toddlers and EYFS students. As children explore these stories, they will not only fall in love with the timeless charm of these fiery adventures but also expand their vocabulary and develop crucial language skills in the process. So let’s dive into this marvelous collection and spark a love for reading in the hearts of every child, setting them ablaze with the magic of storytelling!

Top 18 Stories About Fire for kids to read online:

  1. Uncle Wiggily’s New Year’s Horn: In this story, Uncle Wiggily, a bunny rabbit gentleman, overhears some children talking about blowing the old year out and the new year in with their horns. One poor boy doesn’t have a horn, so Uncle Wiggily gets creative and makes two from the old horns of a goat named Billie. He leaves the horns on the doorstep of the poor boy and his sister, and they happily join in with the other children in blowing their new horns to celebrate the new year. There are also download links provided for an e-book version of the story.
  2. Chasing the Fireworks: The story is about a boy named Bauro and his dragon friend Blaze who missed the New Year’s Eve fireworks show on their island and decides to fly across the international date line to watch the show from another part of the world. As they fly across the ocean, they witness a beautiful sunset and eventually arrive in Hawaii just in time for the fireworks display. They watch the colorful explosions and return home feeling excited about their journey. The story is available to download as an ebook in PDF format.
  3. Johanna’s New Year’s Eve dream of sunny Sydney: The story is about a young girl named Johanna who lived in northern Finland and dreamed of visiting Sydney, Australia for New Year’s Eve. Her parents, who ran a reindeer farm and couldn’t afford such a trip, secretly saved money each year to make her dream come true. When she turned 14, they surprised her with the news that they would be spending New Year’s Eve in Sydney together. Johanna was ecstatic and grateful, and was even allowed to keep the money she had saved up to travel to Sydney again when she turned 18.
  4. The Brave Firefighters and the Stuck Koala Family: A family of koalas in the Australian bush discovers that their tree is surrounded by fire. They panic and are unable to escape until a team of brave firefighters come to rescue them. The koalas are grateful and live happily ever after in a new home, while the firefighters continue to work hard to protect the land and its animals from devastating bushfires. The story highlights the importance of firefighting and animal rescue efforts in the face of natural disasters.
  5. The Great Amazon Wildfire: In this story, a wildfire rages in the Amazon rainforest, and animals flee for their lives to escape the flames. However, a group of brave warriors known as the “Guerreiros de Fogo” or “Fire Warriors” spring into action to fight the fire and protect the rainforest. They tirelessly work for many days to put out the flames, not giving up, and finally, the winds change direction, bringing much-needed rain to extinguish the wildfire. The Fire Warriors are hailed as heroes for saving the rainforest and its amazing inhabitants.
  6. Ollie the Elephant Firefighter: The story is about Ollie, an elephant who dreams of becoming a firefighter and applies to join the local fire department. Despite facing challenges due to his size and clumsiness, he works hard and graduates with flying colors. However, on his first real fire, Ollie freezes and feels like a failure until he hears his former classmate in danger. Overcoming his fear, Ollie charges into the burning building, saves his classmate and the family, emerging as a hero and proving his worth as a firefighter.
  7. Fiona the Firetruck Driver: The story follows Fiona, a dedicated and hardworking firefighter at Station 9. She prepares her firetruck every morning, ready to respond to emergencies whenever they arise. Throughout the day, she and her team respond to multiple emergencies, including a car accident, a forest fire, and a small building fire. Despite encountering a pump malfunction, Fiona uses her expertise to fix the problem and keep the community safe. At the end of her long day, Fiona prepares the firetruck for the next shift and goes home, proud to make a difference as a firefighter.
  8. The Unappreciated Fire Hydrant: A fire hydrant in a small town feels underappreciated despite its important role. One day, during a fire, it refuses to release water until one firefighter kneels down and apologizes for the way they have treated it. The fire hydrant releases a powerful stream of water and helps put out the fire. The firefighters thank the fire hydrant and give it a plaque. From then on, people stop to admire and appreciate the fire hydrant’s service. The fire hydrant is finally getting the recognition it deserves.
  9. The Fire Crew: This is a story about a fire crew in Millville, who work together to keep their community safe. The fire crew is made up of firefighters, emergency medical technicians, and a firetruck driver who all play an important role in helping to extinguish fires and rescue people. When a fire breaks out in a house on the edge of town, the fire crew rushes to the scene to put out the flames and save a family who were injured in the fire, showing the importance of teamwork in achieving anything. There is a downloadable PDF of the story available.
  10. The Rival Fire Fighting Planes: Two fire fighting planes named Hawk and Scooper are in constant competition to see who can put out the most fires and save the most animals. They take big risks, trying to outdo each other, but when they both get stuck in a tree surrounded by flames, they realise the danger of their behaviour. The rescue team saves them, and the operator scolds them for putting themselves and others at risk. Hawk and Scooper apologize and promise to be more careful. They work together as a team and become the best fire fighting planes in the land.
  11. Uncle Wiggily’s Fourth of July: Uncle Wiggily is warned by Nurse Jane Fuzzy Wuzzy to be careful the next day as it will be the Fourth of July, and the children may explode a torpedo under his nose. Uncle Wiggily encounters a sick boy in a hammock who cannot have any fireworks due to his sickness. Uncle Wiggily takes it upon himself to find a substitute so the boy can still enjoy the holiday. He brings green puff balls that pop like torpedoes and make the boy happy, while Uncle Wiggily calls together ten thousand firefly-lightning bugs to light up the boy’s night.
  12. Uncle Wiggily and the Campfire: In this story, Uncle Wiggily is stuck inside a berry bush and needs to find a way out without getting scratched. The bush suggests he digs a tunnel under it, and he successfully does so, filling his valise with berries before departing. Uncle Wiggily then visits various places in search of his fortune, eventually stumbling upon a tin bank filled with pennies in a cat’s little house made of clothespins. After a misunderstanding over ownership of the bank, the cat accompanies Uncle Wiggily to search for his fortune in the woods, where they build a campfire to keep them safe from the three-headed wushky-woshky night visitor. The campfire scares the wushky-woshky away, and the cat and Uncle Wiggily continue their journey together.
  13. The Storm: Uncle Paul and Jules set out to collect caterpillars, taking refuge under a tree during a storm. Uncle Paul’s intuition dictates they find more shelter, as he was fearful of the neighborhood of a big branching pine. The lightning bolt strikes the pine they were previously going to take shelter under. The famous caterpillar nest they were collecting was not forgotten even after the storm. Uncle Paul shares with Jules about taking shelter during a storm and explains that it is dangerous to take shelter under a tree. They find the perfect nest, all the caterpillars had returned to their lodging to take refuge in anticipation of bad weather.
  14. Electricity: In the story, Jules and his siblings ask their Uncle Paul to explain thunder and why it’s dangerous to take refuge under trees during a storm. Uncle Paul first explains that there is no “vault of the sky,” only a thick layer of air around us. He goes on to explain that electricity is a material substance that is invisible and can’t be touched, but it can be produced by rubbing certain materials together. The children are fascinated by this new knowledge and excited to learn more.
  15. Thunder and Lightning: The passage explains the nature and properties of electricity, lightning, and thunder, and describes the precautions one should take during a thunderstorm. The article emphasizes that lightning is a natural phenomenon that benefits the environment by purifying the air; however, it poses a danger to humans. Tall buildings, towers, steeples, and trees are the most exposed to lightning strikes, and one should avoid seeking shelter under these during a thunderstorm. The article recommends using lightning conductors as a necessary precaution for tall buildings. Additionally, the passage clarifies some common misconceptions, such as the usefulness of shutting windows during a thunderstorm.
  16. The Thunderbolt: The passage describes the destructive power of lightning, explaining that it is much stronger than the electric spark created by machines. Lightning can injure or kill humans and animals instantly by giving a sudden and violent shock to the body. Death is usually not caused by wounds but rather the shock itself. However, sometimes the electric shock can only paralyze a body part or cause a passing disorder. The passage concludes by stating that to revive someone who has been struck by lightning, they should be treated similarly to a drowning person.
  17. The Box of Flames: A poor peddler named Joga sells a ring to a girl who directs him to go to a King for his payment. When Joga and his wife, Damar, reach the King and request payment, he initially refuses. However, the girl had told Joga to tell the King about a box of streaming flames, and the flames vanished as the King opened the box, revealing the exact amount of money Joga requested. The group follows the King through long passages to a tower where he found his beautiful wife, who had been bewitched by a witch. The King had to feed her the contents of a tiny glass bottle to revive her. In the end, the grateful King rewarded Joga and Damar with a bag of gold.
  18. How Mr. Fox was saved by his Friends: During a long and difficult winter, Mr. Fox manages to accumulate a large amount of food while other animals in the woods struggle to find enough to eat. His friends come to call on him, hoping he will share some of his food, but he sends them away hungry. One night, Mr. Fox decides to have a feast, mistakenly falls asleep near the stove, and catches fire. He runs outside and his friends come to his rescue. They manage to extinguish the fire, but Mr. Fox’s house is not habitable for the night. Mr. Bear invites him to stay over, and Mr. Fox learns the value of friendship, deciding to share his food with his friends in the future.

In conclusion, the Top 18 Stories About Fire showcase the awe-inspiring power, beauty, and significance of fire in a way that captures the imagination of young readers. These tales not only provide valuable lessons about fire safety, the importance of taking caution when dealing with fire, but also inspire a sense of wonder by exploring the magical and mystical aspects of this natural element. By journeying through different cultures, mythologies, and fantastical worlds, these stories ignite the spirit of exploration, learning, and understanding in children, making them an engaging and captivating collection to be enjoyed online.