Stories About Elves

Stories About Elves

Welcome to the enchanting world of the Top 24 Stories About Elves for children to enjoy online! These magical tales are perfect bedtime stories that can be read or downloaded as a PDF, absolutely for free. This fantastic collection includes short stories with lively pictures that are great for read aloud, story time sessions, and available in easy audio format, providing hours of enjoyment for kids. Boys and girls of all ages, especially preschool, kindergarten, elementary students, and toddlers in their early years (eyfs), will fall in love with these delightful tales crafted with famous characters and classic fairy tale themes.

Stories About Elves have always been a favorite among children due to their fascinating and educational nature. These entertaining stories whisk kids away to a world full of fun and adventure, while also teaching them valuable morals and life lessons. The magical elves that inhabit these stories often help to solve problems with their cleverness and creativity, encouraging children to think outside the box and stretch their imagination.

Featuring a wide range of elves, from mischievous tricksters to kindhearted helpers, this unique collection offers the best and most exciting tales to share during sleep success, night time, or any time you and your child have together. Not only do these stories provide enjoyment and spark curiosity, but they also foster learning by introducing new words and concepts in a way that is both fun and engaging. So, why wait any longer? Dive into the enchanting world of elves and let your child embark on a magical journey that they will treasure for years to come.

Top 24 Stories About Elves for kids to read online:

  1. Toinette and the elves: In the story, Toinette meets an elf named Thistle who rewards her kindness by giving her the ability to become invisible by putting fern seeds in her shoes. However, Toinette soon realizes that being invisible is not as great as she thought it would be and ends up realizing the errors of her ways towards her family. With the help of Thistle and his elf friends, Toinette learns to be kind and happy, ultimately living happily ever after. The story is available for download as a PDF.
  2. The Elves and the Shoemaker: A poor shoemaker had just enough leather to make one more pair of shoes. The next morning he was surprised to see two shoes made with great precision and care. A little while later a customer came and was so satisfied with the shoes that he paid much more than custom. The shoemaker bought enough leather for two pairs of shoes, but when he woke up the shoes were already done. This went on for a while, until one night the shoemaker and his wife hid and saw two little naked men making the shoes. Christmas came and they decided to make clothes and shoes to thank the little men. The men were delighted, sang a song, danced, and then disappeared, and the shoemaker and his wife lived happily ever after.
  3. The kite that went to the moon: In this story, Tom and Anna make the biggest kite in the village, but it doesn’t fly. They decide to go search for someone who can tell them why the kite won’t fly, and they meet a little old man with a magic bag. He gives them a cake that never runs out and disappears, and they eat it while searching for the kite. They meet an elf who takes them to the moon, where they find the Lady of the Moon. She scolds them for bringing the kite to the moon, and they hurry to get back home. Finally, they return home and show the other children that the kite did fly to the moon after all.
  4. The Mischievous Elf and the Gingerbread Man: A gingerbread man, feeling pleased with himself, is taken by a mischievous elf to be the centerpiece of his gingerbread village. Feeling trapped, he considers settling for his new life but is encouraged by a sweet elf, Lily, to escape. With courage and speed, the Gingerbread Man manages to escape and searches for Lily, whom he falls in love with and marries, living happily ever after. A downloadable ebook of the story is available.
  5. The Curious Reindeer and the Jack in the Box: The story follows Scamper, a curious little reindeer who loved to explore Santa’s workshop and would open gifts being wrapped for children causing chaos. The elves decided to teach him a lesson and placed a jack-in-the-box in one of the packages he opened, causing him to run away frightened. When he returned, he remained curious but learned to manage his curiosity, causing no further trouble for the elves. The story has an available ebook download in PDF format.
  6. The cranky elf of Elfsville: In the magical town of Elfsville, every day feels like Christmas, and the elves spend all year preparing for it. The decorations are a matter of pride, but one elf who was bullied in the past took revenge by stealing all the Christmas lights. Brave little Evie volunteered to talk to him and learnt about his sad story. She apologized for the elf’s bad treatment and invited him back to the village, which he accepted. The cranky elf gave back all the Christmas lights, and they all lived happily ever after.
  7. Peter Pan: In this story, Wendy Darling tells her brothers about Peter Pan and his adventures, which their father dismisses as childish. But unbeknownst to them, Peter secretly listens to Wendy’s stories every night. One night, he comes to their house to find his shadow and asks Wendy to come with him to Neverland where she can continue to tell her stories. Wendy agrees to go only if her brothers can come too, and Peter teaches them to fly with fairy dust. There they have many adventures, but Wendy eventually becomes homesick and wants to return to London. This leads to conflict with Peter and when Captain Hook kidnaps the children, Tinkerbell saves Peter’s life and they defeat the pirate in a fight. In the end, the children return home and are adopted by their parents.
  8. The Dwarves and the Elves: Odin and Thor view the foolishness and laziness of humans. Odin calls for the Dwarfs and Light Elves to be brought to his palace to be scolded for their wicked mischief. After Odin banishes the Dwarfs and assigns the Light Elves to something productive, he calls upon Niörd to find a suitable teacher for the Elves to prevent them from becoming mischievous like the Dwarfs. Frey and his sister, Freya, descend from a hill to be presented to Odin as teachers for the Light Elves. Frey boasts of his abilities to teach the Elves how to open folded buds, make blossoms bloom, pour sweetness into fruit, and more. Odin approves, and Frey takes his students to Alfheim, where they will be taught.
  9. How the Buttercup Became Yellow: In this story, all flowers were originally white and gained their colors through some magical power. The little Daisy with its yellow center was proud of its color and thought that the white flowers around it detracted from its beauty. When the little Daisy realised that the White Cups wanted to be golden like it, it suggested asking the mischievous Goblins to help. The Fairy Queen and her fairies tricked the Goblin into thinking that the white cups were their most beloved flowers and the Goblins coloured them golden. The White Cups became Buttercups and bloomed alongside the Daisies, but they knew they were the little golden cups for the fairies.
  10. The Rain Elves: The Rain Elf children are excited to go down to earth to play but their mothers, the Rain Clouds, warn them not to all go together because it would be too crowded. Some flowers, hoping to keep the Rain Elves in the garden longer, ask the Wind Witch to help. She tricks the Rain Elves into all coming down at once, causing chaos and sadness in the garden. The flowers learn a lesson and decide that only a few Rain Elves at a time are best.
  11. Maya the Bee and the Wonders of the Night: The story follows Maya, a curious bee who leaves her kingdom to explore the world and learn about humans. Along the way, she meets a mosquito who injures a sleeping girl and a flower elf who grants Maya’s wish to learn about humans at their best and most beautiful. The story ends with the elf taking Maya on a journey to see the wonders of the night, fulfilling her wish. The story teaches valuable lessons about adapting to change, not judging others, and finding beauty and goodness in the world.
  12. The Elf Knight: In this story set in Scotland, a brave girl named Janet defies warnings and ventures into Elf Land, where she meets Tam Lin, an Elf Knight who is trapped there. Tam Lin explains that he can only leave if a fair maid is brave enough to prove her courage in three ways, and Janet agrees to help him. On Halloween night, Janet waits at a crossroads for the Fairy Queen and her knights to pass, to claim Tam Lin. She manages to hold onto him despite his transformation into a lion, dragon, tree, and other forms, and in doing so, breaks the spell. Tam Lin and Janet return to the castle, where they are eventually married.
  13. Maya the Bee flies with the Flower Elf: In the story, Maya and a Flower Elf embark on a journey on a midsummer night. They encounter a large moth and a firefly, which gives them light in the dark foliage. They eventually witness two people in love sitting on a bench in complete silence. Maya realizes that people are at their most beautiful when they are in love. As daylight dawns, the Flower Elf disappears, and Maya is left alone.
  14. Twinkling Feet’s Halloween: In the story, “Twinkling Feet” is an elf who enjoys dancing with his friends in a fairy ring on Halloween. One day, he plays a trick on his dancing partner, causing all the elves to fall, and one elf is injured. Later, he realizes that he has lost his smile and seeks help from Little Fiddler and the Happy Little Witch. He joins the Happy Little Witch to search for her missing glasses and hears children laughing for the first time, which helps him find his smile again. The story ends with Little Fiddler advising Twinkling Feet to always keep an eye on his smile. The story emphasizes the importance of being careful and responsible for one’s actions.
  15. The story of the Norse about how everything began: This story describes the Norse creation myth. At the beginning, there was only a dim gap full of waves and two lands: the House of Fire and the House of Mist. When the waters froze, the giant Ymir was born, and from his body, the earth, sea, and sky were created. The gods then waged war against Ymir and the race of giants, eventually creating a home in Asgard and making humans. The story ends with the creation of the Tree of Life, which the gods protect from the dragon and squirrel who want to destroy it.
  16. Little Bo-Peep: The story is about Little Bo-Peep, a kind and beautiful girl. One day when she falls asleep, her flock of sheep led by the foolish and wild Bellwether, wanders off into the woods. Bo-Peep wakes up to find her sheep gone, and she embarks on a journey to find them. She asks people, but they laugh or threaten her, and she is dragged into a creepy house by an old woman who wants her to marry her son. Bo-Peep escapes and is led to a cottage by an owl. The owl tells Bo-Peep she needs to swing the leader’s tail over its head three times to break the spell. Bo-Peep finds her flock, but their tails are gone, and she witnesses elves playing with them. When the game ends, each sheep gets its tail back except for the leader’s tail, which the elves hide in a tree. Bo-Peep fulfills her promise to the owl, and a beautiful princess is restored. The princess gives Bo-Peep a cottage, and from then on, her sheep never leave her.
  17. The Rose Elf: This is a story about a Rose Elf who lived among the roses in a garden. One day, while trying to find shelter for the night, he overhears a murder committed by a young girl’s jealous brother. The Rose Elf tells the girl about the crime, and she eventually finds her lover’s remains and plants a jasmine twig in a pot containing his head. The jasmine blooms and eventually kills the girl’s brother as a form of revenge. The story highlights the interconnectedness of all living things, from flower souls to creatures like the Rose Elf.
  18. Marianna: The story follows Marianna, a princess raised by a kind dwarf in a forest after her mother, the queen, fled with her shortly before being killed by a wicked nobleman. Marianna travels the world with healing water, desperately seeking to find out who she really is. She eventually arrives in the land her father, the rightful king, rules, where she is mistaken as a witch and accused of poisoning the sick prince. Despite being sentenced to death, Marianna is saved by the prince’s love and a faithful bird and is eventually recognized as the queen of the land.
  19. The frost king and the power of love: The Queen seeks a way to stop King Frost’s war on flowers, and her lady-in-waiting, Star, volunteers to show him love and teach his subjects to plant flowers. She is imprisoned, but creates a beautiful garden in her cell and inspires the King to change his ways. The nymph army declares war and defeats King Frost, and they celebrate with a feast. The King promises to be a friend to the Queen, and they return home pleased with the battle, crediting Star’s bravery and love for their victory. An ebook (PDF) is available for download.
  20. How Sunflower Became An Outcast: In the story, the Dust Imps have taken over the garden, and the flowers are suffering. The Rosebush asks the Sunflower to request the Raindrop Elves to come and help, but the Sunflower refuses, as she loves the Sun too much. Honeysuckle overhears, and despite being overlooked by the other flowers, she decides to climb a tree and ask a passing breeze to inform the Raindrop Elves. The Raindrop Elves arrive just before daybreak and defeat the Dust Imps. The Rosebush and the other flowers credit Honeysuckle for saving them, and they start treating her as one of their own. However, they outcast the Sunflower for refusing to help.
  21. Jack Frost’s Sweetheart: In the story, a Flower Elfin awakes prematurely and is afraid and lost in the winter. However, Jack Frost finds her and takes her to the festival of the Frost King, where he introduces her to all the winter creatures. They decide to make her a member of their winter society and give her the name Christmas Rose. The story ends with the revelation that Jack Frost is in love with Christmas Rose, and that’s why she sometimes blushes pink instead of being white like other winter roses.
  22. The Fairy Queen’s Jewels: A group of elves plot to steal the fairy Queen’s jewels but have trouble finding them. They follow the fairies to an open field and watch as the Queen hands her jewels to the other fairies to disperse among the flowers, turning them into beautiful jewels. The elves, unaware of this, search the fields for the missing jewels but find nothing. It is revealed that the fairies’ jewels are actually the flowers themselves and only appear as jewels at night when the fairies gather them.
  23. The Sandman’s Sand: In the story, the Moon Man plays hide-and-seek with stars behind clouds. The Moon Man explains that he has to hide sometimes to prevent naughty elves from stealing all the Sandman’s sand, which would keep children awake. The Moon Man shows the little stars the Sandman, who puts fairy sand in his bag that fairies give him, which helps children sleep, and goes to put sand in children’s eyes, so they sleep soundly. The naughty elves sometimes steal the Sandman’s sand and leave bad-dream seeds in its place. The Moon Man hides behind a dark cloud, and the elves come and replace the Sandman’s sand with the bad-dream seeds. The Sandman leaves them in his bag and goes back to put sand in children’s eyes. Because the bad-dream seeds look like fairy dust, the Sandman has to leave both in his bag.
  24. The Vanity Of Annie: The story is about a vain little girl named Annie who spends a lot of time admiring her looks in front of the mirror. One day she meets an elf who tells her that her self-centered behavior makes her an unpleasant person. As a punishment, the elf changes her appearance to look less attractive. Annie learns to be kinder to her family and classmates and becomes a more pleasant person. When the elf returns to her, he tells her that her behavior and kindness are what make her beautiful. A downloadable version of the story in PDF format is available.

In conclusion, the Top 24 Stories About Elves offer a delightful, magical and enriching experience for children as they delve into the enchanting world of these mystical creatures. Each tale brims with adventure, friendship, and important life lessons, providing both entertainment and valuable learning opportunities. Engaging the imagination of young readers, these stories foster creativity and curiosity, while promoting a love for literature in the hearts of children as they journey alongside their elvish friends. So gather your little ones, and let the magic unfold through these captivating tales of Elves, as they embark on thrilling quests and create memories that will last a lifetime.