Stories With Doves

Stories With Doves

In the quiet hush of bedtime or the eager excitement of story time, children around the world have always been enchanted by tales of animals. Whether they’re toddling in their early years (EYFS), bright-eyed preschoolers, or attentive elementary students, kids universally revel in stories that light up their imagination. Today, we bring you a carefully curated collection of the 10 best stories about doves, perfect for boys and girls alike, available for free online reading.

Doves, known for their peaceful demeanor and gentle behavior, have graced numerous famous tales and fairy tales throughout history. Their benevolent nature and soft cooing sounds have a calming effect that can ease children into a restful sleep, making these tales ideal for night time. But why just limit these stories to bedtime? They are equally enjoyable during the day and serve as a wonderful learning tool.

From short, quick tales to tell your toddlers, to longer, classic stories to captivate your kindergartners and elementary students, these dove stories come with beautiful pictures to capture children’s attention. The narratives are presented in easy English, keeping them accessible and fun, even for those just starting on their reading journey.

For the parents and teachers looking for versatile options, these stories aren’t just available to read online. They can be downloaded as pdf files, making them conveniently printable for offline reading sessions or classroom storytelling. What’s more, some stories in our collection come with an audio version, giving children an engaging read aloud experience that can further enrich their learning.

Not only are these stories educational, they also incorporate a moral at their heart, making them a good tool for teaching children values and life lessons. As doves often symbolize peace, love, and harmony, these stories naturally convey messages of kindness, empathy, and understanding—traits we all wish to imbibe in our children.

So, let’s fall into these tales of feathered friends with our kids, immersing them in an enchanting world where they can learn and grow. These dove stories, appealing to children from toddlers to early teens, will surely be a hit during your next story time.

Remember, a good story isn’t just an entertainment—it’s a bridge to a world of imagination and learning. So, snuggle up with your little ones and get ready to dive into our selection of the best dove stories to read online. Happy reading!

Top 10 Stories About Doves:

  1. Ozma And The Little Wizard: In the Land of Oz, Princess Ozma and the Wizard embark on a journey to ensure the happiness of the kingdom’s inhabitants. Along the way, they encounter three mischievous Imps who have been causing trouble for the locals. Using his magic, the Wizard transforms the Imps into bushes, but they quickly regain their mobility and chase after the Princess and the Wizard. After several unsuccessful attempts to transform them into harmless creatures, the Wizard finally turns them into buttons, containing their spirits. He plans to watch over them until they repent and transform into better versions of themselves. Princess Ozma praises the Wizard for his cleverness and hopes for a brighter future for the Imps in the Land of Oz.
  2. Protective Wings: In a bitterly cold winter, with freezing temperatures and snow-covered streets, the birds of a town struggle to survive. Pigeons seek shelter under a porch, trying to stay warm, while sparrows approach them, pleading for refuge. The pigeons hesitate, aware that the sparrows’ frozen feathers might only make their own situation worse. But in an act of compassion, some pigeons invite the sparrows to seek warmth under their broad wings, despite the risk to their own lives. As the night grows colder and the wind howls, a man discovers the fallen pigeon on his porch and brings it inside. To his surprise, the revived pigeons each carry a sparrow under their wings, while those who did not survive had no sparrows with them. In their selflessness, the pigeons find not only survival but the promise of brighter days ahead.
  3. The Singing Ring: In a kingdom ruled by a King, a beautiful Princess falls in love with a Prince, but her father disapproves because the Prince doesn’t have as much wealth as the King. The Princess becomes heartbroken and refuses to eat. One day, she sees the Prince from her tower window and waves to him. That night, she discovers a magical ring in the garden that sings a song about true love. The ring brings her comfort, and the next day, when the Princess waves her handkerchief with the ring-adorned hand, it transforms into a dove carrying a message from the Prince. Later, a fire engulfs the castle, but the Prince rescues the Princess with the help of white doves. Grateful for her rescue, the King offers the Prince a reward, but he asks for the Princess’s hand in marriage instead. The King agrees, and they marry the next day. The magical ring continues to sing, bringing happiness to the newlywed couple as they embark on their journey together.
  4. How The Pigeon Became A Tame Bird: In this story, a father gives his three sons melons, instructing them to open them only where there is water nearby. The eldest son disobeys and a beautiful maiden springs forth, demanding water or milk, but she dies when none is provided. The second son meets the same fate. The youngest son follows his father’s advice and opens the melon near a fountain, where the maiden is satisfied with water. He helps her hide and goes to find food. A servant girl, mistaking the maiden for causing trouble, attacks her and transforms her into a pigeon. When the young man returns, he finds the maiden changed but marries her anyway. Years later, he orders the pigeon that always followed him to be killed, revealing the beautiful maiden once more. His deceitful wife confesses and dies, and the young man marries the maiden again. She builds birdhouses in their garden, and pigeons begin nesting near human homes, continuing the tale through generations.
  5. A Valentine’s Gift For The Princess: In this tale, a young prince is determined to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the little princess from a neighboring kingdom. Seeking advice from wise individuals, he embarks on a search for a beautiful and invaluable heart. However, the prince’s initial choices—a diamond heart and a heart-shaped cake—prove unsuitable. Eventually, he encounters a bird seller with a special dove, blind yet singing with a loving heart. The prince gifts the little princess the dove, which she cherishes as the best Valentine’s gift. The dove’s enchanting song brings joy and serves as a symbol of their shared love.
  6. The Ant And The Dove: a Dove witnesses an Ant falling into a brook and struggling to reach the bank. Out of pity, the Dove drops a blade of straw near the Ant, who clings to it and safely reaches the shore. Later, when the Ant sees a man preparing to harm the Dove with a stone, it stings the man’s heel, causing him to miss his aim. Startled, the Dove escapes to the safety of a distant wood. The story highlights the importance of kindness and reciprocity, as the Ant’s act of saving the Dove is repaid when the Ant defends the Dove from harm.
  7. The Fantail Pigeon: a little white fantail pigeon feels sad and useless because she believes she lacks any special abilities like the other animals on the farm. Seeking guidance, she approaches the wise owl, hoping to learn how to be of use. However, the owl simply states that she is foolish and advises her to make the best of it. Disheartened, the pigeon returns home and continues to mope until the old drake, noticing her distress, offers his counsel. He reminds her that everyone has their own unique qualities and that she should focus on making the best of what she can do rather than dwelling on what she can’t. Encouraged by the drake’s words, the little pigeon embraces her beauty and returns to her cheerful and purposeful self, bringing joy to her mistress once again. The story highlights the importance of recognizing one’s own worth and embracing individual strengths.
  8. Pearl And Her Pigeons: Pearl receives two white pigeons named Dot and Phil from her brother when she is seven years old. Pearl adores her pets and loves playing with them, but she doesn’t like keeping them confined in a cage. She often opens the window and encourages them to fly and play with other birds. Dot and Phil become devoted to Pearl, landing on her head and seeking kisses from her. Dot eventually lays two eggs, and Pearl watches with joy as the little family grows. She provides food and listens to the sweet cooing of the mother pigeon as she cares for her babies. This story highlights the bond between a young girl and her cherished pigeons, showcasing love, care, and the beauty of nature.
  9. The Constant Dove: In this story, Daisy the white dove and Nuthatch the little bird have a conversation about how they will handle the approaching cold weather. Daisy, being a kind and gentle dove, knows that she can rely on the kindness of humans for food during the winter and patiently wait for spring. Nuthatch, on the other hand, plans to fly south in search of warmer climates. Nuthatch finds Daisy’s approach to be silly and urges her to join him on his journey. However, Daisy remains content and confident in her decision, believing that she will be cared for and loved throughout the winter. The story emphasizes the contrasting perspectives and choices made by the two birds, highlighting the importance of kindness, patience, and finding comfort in the familiar.

In conclusion, our collection of the 10 best dove stories for kids provides a rich tapestry of learning and fun. Accessible online for free, they cater to children of all ages, from toddlers to elementary students, offering both short and longer narratives with captivating pictures. These classic tales, available to read, download, or even listen to as audio, are more than just entertainment—they’re an avenue for instilling good moral values in children through the symbolic traits of doves. So, whether you’re looking for a bedtime story to lull your child to sleep, or an educational resource for story time, our dove stories are the perfect fit. No matter the time of day, these stories promise to make reading an adventure and learning an absolute joy for your little ones.