Cow Stories

Cow Stories

Welcome to a delightful journey into the world of storytelling! We have compiled a fantastic collection of the 9 best cow stories for kids to read online. Whether it’s story time, night time, or just an attempt to wind down a whirlwind of a day, these fun, educational tales are sure to enchant children, from toddlers to preschoolers, kindergarteners to early elementary students.

Cow stories hold a special charm for both girls and boys. Cows are such gentle and warm creatures; they have found their way into many a classic tale and fairy tale, their stoic demeanor teaching valuable morals and lessons. While these stories often have a light, fun element to them, they can also carry a more profound message for children to internalize.

Our selected stories range from short, easy reads to slightly longer ones, each beautifully crafted to captivate young readers. Each of these stories is available free to read online, perfect for bedtime or anytime! What’s more, you can also download these tales as PDF files to build your own collection.

We understand that young children, especially those in their early years foundation stage (EYFS), appreciate stories that are illustrated. Therefore, all of our stories come with colorful and engaging pictures that bring the stories to life and make for an immersive reading experience. Some stories also offer a read-aloud feature, providing an audio version that’s ideal for children learning English or who just enjoy being told a story.

Printable versions of these stories are available as well. These can be a godsend for busy parents looking for offline resources to keep their children entertained and learning. Having a physical copy can also encourage children to fall in love with reading, as they can hold the story in their hands and flip through the pages at their own pace.

All these stories have been handpicked for their ability to educate while entertaining. Whether it’s about the classic tale of the cow jumping over the moon or a famous fable about a cow’s adventures, these tales offer fun-filled learning for children.

This collection is perfect for sleep time, quiet time, or any time you want to cultivate a love of reading in your children. So, download these enchanting cow stories for your kids today, and embark on a magical adventure full of lessons, laughter, and love.

Remember, whether it’s the courageous cow saving the day or the friendly cow making new friends, these stories are not just about bedtime entertainment. They’re about creating a better understanding of these incredible creatures, instilling good values, and sparking a lifelong passion for learning. So, let’s get moo-ving!

Happy reading!

Top 9 Cow Stories:

  1. Was It The Field Fairy?: Jack and his sister Nina, two orphaned children, are taken in by a seemingly kind man named Simon, who promises them a home in exchange for their hard work. However, they soon discover that Simon is actually cruel and greedy, providing them with meager accommodations and minimal food. When Simon decides to sell their beloved cow to the butcher, Jack encounters a Field Fairy who offers to help. The Fairy suggests transforming Simon into a kind and good man instead, sparing Cow from the butcher’s fate. Miraculously, Simon suffers a burn accident and undergoes a remarkable transformation, becoming a changed person. He treats Jack and Nina with kindness, sending them to school and improving their living conditions. While the children wonder if the Field Fairy played a role, they also acknowledge the power of their own compassion and forgiveness in influencing Simon’s change of heart.
  2. The Boy And His Dog: In a picturesque village, young George and his loyal dog Rover embark on a daily quest to bring their cows safely home. The idyllic pasture, adorned with lush grass, a meandering brook, and vibrant flowers, provides a tranquil haven for the cows. When George grows tired or the cows wander far, Rover eagerly steps in, skillfully guiding the herd back to the cottage. Beyond their herding adventures, George and Rover share a profound friendship, filled with love and kindness. As they navigate their days together, George and Rover epitomize the unwavering bond between a boy and his faithful canine companion, showcasing the strength of loyalty and the beauty of teamwork.
  3. The Story The Milk Told Me: As the author raises a glass of fresh milk to their lips, they engage in a whimsical conversation with the creamy liquid. Curious about its origins, the author asks the milk to reveal its story. The milk recounts its journey, starting from the distribution center’s ice box where it chilled alongside other bottles. Before that, it explains that it resided in a large milk can in the countryside, waiting to be transported to the city. The author’s surprise at learning the milk’s country origins leads to laughter and an explanation that it was once tall, green grass on the river bank, consumed by a contented cow. As the author ponders where the milk goes after being consumed, it reveals its transformation into rich, red blood to nourish and strengthen the drinker’s body. Grateful for the milk’s sustenance, the author expresses thanks to the cow before savoring the sweet and refreshing beverage, cherishing the tale it shared.
  4. Waiting For Spring: The cows on Solberg Farm eagerly await the arrival of spring, longing to be set free from the barn to graze on fresh green grass and drink from the brook. Every time the barn door opens, they hope it’s their chance to roam, but it’s always a false alarm. One morning, however, they hear the delightful sound of cowbells and realize it’s time to be released. The mistress selects Dagros, a wise and trusted cow, to be the leader of the herd, adorning her with a new bell. Excitedly, the cows are let out one by one, creating a commotion as they prance and bellow in joy. Led by Dagros, they make their way to the forest pasture, bells tinkling and jingling in a merry chorus, celebrating the end of winter and the arrival of spring.
  5. The Rescue Of Red Top: Dagros, the wise and experienced cow, takes charge when Red Top, another member of the herd, falls into a deep ravine. Unable to assist Red Top on her own, Dagros decides to find help from the menfolk. She rushes to the high point above the summer barn-pasture, calling and roaring loudly to grab their attention. Despite her initial frustration, the men eventually respond and come running towards her. Overjoyed, Dagros leads them back to the ravine, where Red Top is in distress. The men work together to lift Red Top to safety, relieving her from the frightening predicament. As a gesture of gratitude, the men break a branch from a rowan tree and offer it to Red Top, surprising Dagros when they present an even larger branch to her. It becomes evident that they wish to reward Dagros for her quick thinking and for bringing them to Red Top’s aid.
  6. The Tree Of Swords: a wicked witch transforms the king’s daughter into a brindle cow after being slighted at her birth feast. Desperate to restore her daughter’s true form, the king offers a reward for a pear from the tree near the icy mountain, which is guarded by a three-headed troll. Many have tried and failed to obtain the pear due to the danger presented by the tree’s sharp swords and treacherous ice. However, a poor peasant youth, seeking the brindle cow as his reward, embarks on the perilous journey. With the help of fairies and the weakening of the troll’s power, he successfully retrieves the pear, fulfills his promise to the troll, and returns to find the cow transformed back into the princess. Grateful for his bravery, the king and queen kneel before the peasant youth, but he humbly refuses their offers of wealth and instead chooses to marry a peasant girl. The princess, regretful of her earlier arrogance, sends the newlyweds a generous gift, and the troll is forever transformed into a fruitful pear tree, leaving the youth as the sole keeper of its secret.
  7. Farm Animal Preschool: In a farm far away, a lively group of young animals—Penelope the pig, Chuck the chicken, Shirley the sheep, Henry the horse, and Clarabelle the cow—embarked on their first day of preschool. With their mischievous nature, they caused chaos in the classroom, but with the patient guidance of their teachers, Mrs. Sheep and Mr. Pig, they settled down and began to enjoy the day. They painted, sang, played, and learned new things, and despite their antics, they were proud of their accomplishments. As they bid farewell to their teachers, the animals looked forward to returning to preschool the next day for more fun and adventures, eager to continue their journey of learning and friendship.
  8. How Patty Gave Thanks: On a cold November night, the animals in the barn were snug and content. As they settled in for the night, the Cow shared a heartwarming story of little Patty, who had shown her gratitude to each of the animals. Patty had stroked the Cow’s forehead, given the Horse a mouthful of hay, and brought an extra dish of salt for the Sheep. Even the Hens had received corn and thanks from Patty. The animals were touched by her gratitude and realized the significance of Thanksgiving Day. With thankful hearts, they drifted off to sleep, grateful for the kind and appreciative gestures of little Patty.
  9. Christmas In The Barn: With only two days left until Christmas, Johnny watched the snowfall from the window when he spotted a wagon delivering two large Christmas trees. Wondering why there were two, Johnny realized that his parents had each bought one without knowing about the other. He came up with a plan to have a Christmas tree in the barn for his pets. Johnny received bones, hay, potato parings, and other treats from the kitchen, which he carefully arranged on the tree for each animal. On Christmas morning, Johnny’s family and the animals enjoyed the unique and delightful sight of the pets happily feasting on their special tree. The joyful commotion signaled the end of the tree festival, leaving Johnny feeling the warmth and love of a merry Christmas.

In conclusion, the magical world of storytelling awaits your children with these 9 best cow stories for kids available to read online. This assortment of tales, perfect for bedtime reading or daytime fun, imparts valuable morals while also illuminating the essential role cows play in our lives. From quick, enjoyable tales to longer, more detailed narratives, we’ve compiled a collection to suit all preferences. With their free availability online, in printable PDF versions, and in an engaging read-aloud audio format, these stories offer a diverse, enjoyable, and educational experience for your little ones. Let’s embark on this reading journey together and instill a love for reading and an appreciation for these magnificent creatures in the hearts of our children. Happy storytelling!