Stories About Clocks

Stories About Clocks

Welcome to a magical world of time ticking adventures with our Top 8 Stories about Clocks for kids to read online. These delightful stories will take your children on an exciting journey through tales about extraordinary timepieces, tick-tocking to the beat of every story. Perfect for read aloud sessions or independent reading, these amusing short stories are some of the best curated for kids ranging from toddlers, preschoolers to kindergarteners and elementary grade children.

Our collection of funny tales includes high-quality illustrations and pictures that will engross young readers, fostering a love for reading in English. Available in a free and print-friendly PDF format, these top-notch story sets also serve as fundamental bedtime reading material, guaranteed to make your children look forward to storytime.

In the digital era, reading stories online have a distinct charm of their own; our clocks themed ebook enhances this experience. But why are stories about clocks essential? Well, they not only entertain but also subtly introduce kids to the concept of time – a fundamental life skill. Moreover, they encourage young minds to think and engage with the narrative, fostering creativity, thinking ability, and language skills.

Every story comes with a moral, helping children learn important values and life lessons. So, dive into these enchanting stories about clocks with your little ones, and embrace a world of tick-tocking adventures and timeless lessons today!

Top 8 Stories about Clocks for kids:

  1. What the Clock Told Dolly: Dolly Dimple sits in her old-fashioned hallway, captivated by the tall clock that strikes at odd times. The clock begins to speak and tells Dolly the story of its life, from the days when time was measured using sticks and shadows to the invention of clocks. The clock shares its wisdom with Dolly, reminding her to keep her hands busy, do right, and appreciate the importance of time. Dolly is left with a newfound appreciation for the clock and its teachings.
  2. Uncle Wiggily And The Clock-mouse: Uncle Wiggily, the rabbit gentleman, takes a nap and is awakened by a little mouse who hurt its leg falling out of a clock. Uncle Wiggily helps the mouse by bandaging its leg and lending it a crutch. Later, when Uncle Wiggily gets stuck in a grapevine, the mouse, named Hickory Dickory Dock, comes to the rescue and gnaws through the vine to set him free. They both express gratitude for each other’s help, illustrating the importance of kindness.
  3. Little Sleepyhead: In a quiet morning, various attempts are made to wake up a little child who is still sleeping peacefully in bed. The Clock ticks, the Bird sings, the Southern Wind blows, and the Rooster crows, but it is the sunlight that finally rouses the child. He calls for his mother, unaware that it was the sun that woke him up.
  4. The Shadow Child: In this story, a girl named Goldy Locks constantly refuses to go to bed. Despite the attempts of fairies and her mother to convince her, she throws a tantrum and ends up being taken to Shadow Land by a Shadow Child. There, she learns the importance of sleep and eventually returns home, happily going to bed.
  5. The Boastful Spider And The Clock: Once upon a time, a spider in an attic built webs to secure the windows and furniture, thinking he was the lord of the attic. He spun a web over a clock, believing it to be unbeatable. However, a maid swept away the webs, except for the one on the clock. Later, a man picked up the clock and the spider believed it couldn’t be moved. But as the clock ticked, the spider’s web snapped and he realized his mistake. The clock taught him that actions speak louder than words.
  6. Hickory, Dickory, Dock!: In an old brick mansion, a family of mice lived happily, cared for by their brave mother. One night, the mother mouse went to find food in the pantry, leaving her three curious children behind. The adventurous mice ventured out into the house, discovering a clock and a tasty bun. However, one of them got scared when the clock struck one, and they all returned to their nest, realizing the importance of obeying their mother.
  7. The Discontented Pendulum: An old clock in a farmer’s kitchen suddenly stopped working and the parts blamed each other for the malfunction. The pendulum admitted to being tired of ticking and the dial accused it of laziness. The pendulum argued that it had a monotonous and confined life, unlike the dial. After some debate, the dial convinced the pendulum that its work was not as burdensome as it seemed, and they resumed their duties. The clock started working again, and the farmer noticed that his watch had gained half an hour.
  8. The Little Clock in the Schoolroom: In a charming schoolhouse, there was an ordinary clock that always showed the correct time and had a clean face. The wise teacher explained to the children that the clock’s secret was doing what is right and staying out of trouble. The children realized that they could keep their lives clean and bright by doing the same.

In conclusion, the top 8 stories about clocks present a world filled with endless adventures and exciting lessons about time. These tales highlight the importance of time management, patience, resilience, and the magic that can be found in each moment. Each clock story not only sparks the imagination but also teaches valuable morals. They offer children an exciting online reading journey, where each tick-tock introduces a new throng of characters, thrilling events, and magical destinations, reminding them that every second truly counts.