Stories About Brothers

Stories About Brothers

Welcome to our unique collection of the Top 7 Stories About Brothers for kids to read online. This compilation of short, best, and exciting tales will undoubtedly win every child’s heart. Ideal for preschool, kindergarten, and elementary grade students, these stories have been crafted to be read aloud, transforming reading into a fun-filled experience. The stories, available both online and in pdf format, can be read directly from the screen or printed out for a traditional bedtime reading session.

Our selection includes a mix of funny tales and moral stories. With the help of beautiful illustrations and vivid pictures, the stories bring to life the theme of brotherhood, teaching children valuable lessons. Whether your kids are just learning to read or are already fluent readers, our stories are presented in simple English, making them approachable for toddlers and older kids alike.

The significance of Stories About Brothers lies in the valuable life lessons they pass on. These stories often share morals of sharing, caring, resolving conflicts, and the undying bond of sibling love. Reading these stories exposes children to various emotional scenarios between brothers, helping them understand and navigate their relationships better. They offer a wonderful opportunity for children to learn about the joys and challenges of having siblings, fostering empathy and understanding. Plus, the bonus fun and funny themes make these stories a guaranteed hit with kids.

You can access these incredible brother stories for free. They are also available in an ebook format that can easily be downloaded in pdf. Start a new reading adventure now and explore the wonderful world of brotherly tales, complete with captivating illustrations. It’s an enlightening and entertaining way to make bedtime or any other reading time, to be just right for your little ones.

Top 7 Stories About Brothers for kids:

  1. Brother and Sister: Brother and Sister run away from their wicked stepmother and end up in a large forest. The stepmother bewitches all the water, but Brother becomes a deer after drinking from a spring. Sister ties a golden ribbon around his neck and they find shelter in an empty house. Brother goes on hunting adventures and the king falls in love with Sister. The evil stepmother is punished, Brother becomes human again, and they all live happily ever after in the king’s castle. The story is available for download as an ebook.
  2. The Twelve Brothers: Once upon a time, a king and queen had twelve sons. The queen was expecting a thirteenth child, and if it was a girl, the king ordered that the twelve sons must die. But the youngest son, Benjamin, discovered the plan and helped his brothers escape. Years later, the sister went in search of her brothers and found them. However, a curse turned her brothers into ravens, and she had to live in silence for seven years to break the spell. Eventually, they were reunited and lived happily ever after.
  3. The Four Skillful Brothers: Four brothers set out to learn trades and make their way in the world. The eldest becomes a skilled thief, the second becomes a stargazer, the third becomes a hunter, and the youngest becomes a skilled cutter. After four years, they reunite and return home. They are tested by their father and showcase their skills. Later, they rescue a princess from a dragon and each claims the right to marry her. The king decides that none of them will marry the princess, but rewards them with land. They live happily ever after.
  4. The Pin Brothers: In a work-basket, the scissors, pins, and threads argue about who is the most important. The scissors claim their sharpness and usefulness, while the pins argue that they can prick. The threads and silks boast about their colors. The argument escalates until all the threads and silks become tangled and snarled. Eventually, the mistress of the house untangles the mess and cuts off the tangled threads with the scissors.
  5. Big Brother Bear: A clever fox tricks a bear by pretending to have a sore foot. The fox convinces the bear to get honey from a tree, but instead traps the bear. The fox then teams up with a badger to deceive the bear again, this time into getting honey from a beehive and getting stung. In the end, the bear learns his lesson and avoids beehives, while the other animals remain unaware of what happened.
  6. A Brother’s Plan: Worthington, also known as Worthy, was a boy who loved playing with his sister, Mimmie. He taught her various activities like climbing trees, swimming, and even tricks on the trapeze. One summer, Worthington came up with a plan to work in his aunt’s garden in order to earn money for skates and boots to give Mimmie as a gift. His aunt agreed, and Worthington became her assistant gardener.
  7. The Two Brothers: Two brothers, once inseparable, go their separate ways as adults. The older brother becomes a counselor to the king, while the younger brother becomes a blacksmith. When the kingdom faces a threat, the older brother is sent to gather information from a neighboring duke. However, he faces challenges on the journey and his horse loses a shoe. In desperation, he finds a blacksmith who helps him. It is revealed that the blacksmith is his younger brother, and together they deliver the message of peace and goodwill to the king. The king rewards both brothers for their service.

In conclusion, the Top 7 Stories About Brothers eloquently capture the loving, competitive, and complex relationships that characterize brotherhood. These tales, ranging from adventurous escapades to heartwarming reunions, brilliantly showcase the brotherly bonds even in the face of adversity. They powerfully convey lessons of loyalty, forgiveness, courage, and sacrifice that children can learn and draw inspiration from. Reading these stories will not only entertain the young readers but will also help them appreciate the value and beauty of sibling relationships in their own lives.