Stories About Appreciation

Stories About Appreciation

Welcome to the Top 13 Stories About Appreciation for kids to read online! This collection of bedtime stories is perfect for children who love to explore the wonderful world of literature right before they drift off to sleep. Featuring stories for girls and boys alike, each tale has been carefully chosen to engage the minds of preschool, kindergarten, and elementary students in a fun and educational way. These stories have been crafted to be both easy to understand and enjoyable for kids of all ages, even toddlers in their early years (EYFS). As such, reading these tales will ignite their imagination and expand their learning.

Each story in our collection features beautiful pictures to enhance the reading experience while also being available in various formats: free online, to download, as a pdf, printable, and even in audio for story time or night time read alouds in English. This makes it suitable for even longer storytelling sessions, so that children can fully immerse themselves in these classic, good, and sometimes even famous bedtime stories. Every tale in this Top 13 list comes with a moral lesson for kids to ponder, helping them develop their understanding of appreciation.

Stories About Appreciation are important because they teach children to be grateful for what they have. These tales encourage children to recognize the value of kindness, friendship, love and generosity. By reading these stories, kids will develop a deeper understanding of the world around them, while also nurturing their love of learning and the joy of storytelling. So, get ready to embark on a magical journey with your little ones as you explore our wonderful collection of bedtime stories about appreciation! Happy reading!

Top 13 Stories About Appreciation for kids to read online:

  1. The Three Sillies: The story is about a farmer’s daughter and her boyfriend, who find a hammer in the basement. They start crying thinking if they got married and had a son, the hammer could fall on his head. The father, mother, and boyfriend also cry. Later, the boyfriend travels and meets other silly people, like a woman who tries to push a cow onto the roof and a man who struggles with putting on pants. He decides to return and marry the farmer’s daughter, realizing that there are sillier people out there, and they live happily ever after.
  2. A Christmas Carol: In this story, a rich businessman named Ebenezer Scrooge is shown the error of his ways regarding his miserliness and hatred of Christmas through visits from three ghosts that show him his past, present, and potential future. After seeing the impact of his actions on others, Scrooge has a change of heart and becomes a kind, generous person, making amends with those he has wronged and enjoying the holiday with family and friends. The story ends with the message that it’s never too late to change and become a better person.
  3. Making Santa Smile: In a small village nestled in the snowy mountains, the villagers surprise Santa Claus and his reindeer by leaving gifts and treats out for them on Christmas Eve. Santa Claus is touched by the kind gesture and thanks the villagers, delivering handmade gifts to the good boys and girls in the village. The tradition continues every year, and an eBook download is available for offline reading or printing.
  4. The Spoiled Timmy and Wise Santa: A story about a spoiled boy named Timmy who was never satisfied with his toys until Santa took him on an adventurous trip to deliver gifts to poor families. Timmy learned gratitude and humility through seeing the joy of others and became a kind and caring child who was willing to share his toys with others. The story ends with Santa being happy to see Timmy’s change of heart.
  5. The Snow Globe Family: A boy named Jack who has a bad attitude towards his family tells them he won’t miss them when they’re gone during an argument. The next day he finds his house filled with snow and his family trapped inside a snow globe by an evil snow queen to teach him a lesson. Jack makes things right by helping others but nothing works until the snow queen appears and tells him he learned his lesson. Jack’s family appears safe and sound, and Jack realises the importance of family and learns to be kinder and more grateful towards them. The snow globe serves as a reminder of the power of forgiveness.
  6. The Unappreciated Fire Hydrant: The story is about a fire hydrant in a small town that feels unappreciated despite its important role in case of a fire. Despite being ignored by humans and even used as a target for dogs, the fire hydrant always stands ready to provide water in case of need. One day, during a raging fire, the fire hydrant decides to withhold its water to protest the way it’s been treated. However, a firefighter approaches him with kindness, promising to ensure he’s appreciated if he helps them, and the fire hydrant agrees to provide water. After the fire is extinguished, the firefighter and his colleagues hug the fire hydrant and give him a plaque, finally recognizing his valuable service. From then on, people appreciate and admire the fire hydrant whenever they pass by.
  7. The Old Grey Hen: The story is about an old grey hen who is tired of her daily routine on the farm. She confides in other animals but ultimately decides to stop laying eggs and scratching. This becomes a burden to the other animals and the farmer ends up eating her. The greedy turkey and Mrs. Duck discuss her departure and the turkey concludes that the hen was most satisfied when others were unhappy.
  8. Child and bird: The story is about a beautiful bird named Birdie who values its freedom and nature more than material possessions, including diamonds and a silver dish. When a girl tries to offer Birdie these things, it ultimately chooses to fly away, leaving the girl to realize the wisdom in appreciating the simple things in life and the beauty of nature. The story teaches the importance of valuing non-material things in life.
  9. Mother’s Day Mayhem: Two siblings, Ricky and Sienna, plan a surprise breakfast-in-bed for their mother on Mother’s Day. However, a series of mishaps including spilled flour, dropped honey jar, and overturned milk carton cause chaos in the kitchen. Despite feeling disheartened, the siblings clean up with their mother’s help, and they all prepare a delicious breakfast together as a family. They then spend the day at the park before going to bed with full hearts.
  10. Sunflowers and Strawberry Shortcake For Mother’s Day: A little girl named Lottie wanted to do something special for her mother on Mother’s Day. With the help of her friends, Lottie decided to create a sunflower garden and bake a strawberry shortcake for her mom. They worked hard and were able to surprise her with a beautiful garden filled with sunflowers and a delicious cake. From that day on, they made it a tradition to celebrate Mother’s Day in their magical sunflower garden, filled with love, laughter, and heartwarming memories that would last a lifetime.
  11. The Time-Traveling Tie: A young boy named Timmy finds his father’s magical tie, which transports him back in time to his father’s childhood home. Timmy and his dad embark on an adventure together, exploring the town and meeting important people from Mr. Thompson’s past. Through their time together, Timmy learns about his father’s passions and fears, and gains a deeper understanding of his journey. They form an unbreakable bond and, upon returning to the present, share a newfound love and appreciation for each other. The story emphasizes the importance of cherishing our past, embracing the present, and valuing family ties.
  12. The Queen of the Sea: In this story, Neptune, the King of the sea, decides to give up his rule and choose a new Queen to take his place. The mermaid is chosen to be the Queen, but she struggles to decide what to wear for her coronation. She eventually realizes that the mother-of-pearl lining of an oyster’s shell is the perfect material for her gown and is crowned in the beautiful dress. The fish who attend the coronation do not know where she got the material for her gown, and she keeps the secret to herself.
  13. The Quarrel of the Months: In this story, Mother Earth has twelve children (each representing a different month) and she calls them together to prepare for the new year. Each month argues that they are the most important and deserving of praise, causing a quarrel to break out. When they finish, Mother Earth reminds all her children that they are equally important, as each month serves a unique purpose throughout the year. The story ends with all the siblings reconciling, having learned that they are all loved equally.

In conclusion, these Top 13 Stories About Appreciation serve as wonderful reminders for kids about the importance of gratitude and acknowledging the goodness around us. With heartwarming and engaging tales, children can explore the many ways in which appreciation can be expressed, learn the impact it has on others, and discover the lasting happiness it brings to our lives. Through these delightful stories, young readers will not only be entertained but also inspired to cultivate gratitude in their daily lives, fostering a positive mindset and strengthening their relationships with both the people and the world they cherish.