Children’s Stories About Anxiety

Children’s Stories About Anxiety

In this modern, bustling world, it’s not uncommon for kids and children to experience anxiety, making the soothing routine of bedtime more challenging than it needs to be. For centuries, storytelling has been a powerful tool in helping children navigate through their worries, using the language of imagination to teach, soothe, and guide them. Today, we are delighted to share with you an extraordinary collection of the seven best children’s stories about anxiety for kids to read online.

These classic and contemporary tales are designed to help girls and boys understand and manage their feelings, offering reassurances that they are not alone in their worries. Perfectly curated for night time reading, these short stories make a fantastic addition to your child’s story time, acting as a springboard for important conversations about mental health.

Whether you prefer to tell these stories aloud or let your child explore them independently, we have catered to all needs. Every story comes with engaging pictures that will draw children into the world of the narrative, while also making the reading experience easy and fun.

To ensure accessibility for everyone, these stories are available for free in pdf format. You can conveniently download them, enabling your child to learn and enjoy anytime, anywhere. For those who want a physical touch, the printable version is also provided. These bedtime tales make learning about anxiety and emotions an enjoyable, educational journey.

Additionally, for those who love the warmth of a good audio story, we have included English read-aloud versions for each. This collection features both short, easy-to-read stories for younger children, and longer, more involved tales for older kids.

Moreover, our chosen stories range from fun modern narratives to famous classic fairy tales, each with a valuable moral that will not only soothe your child to sleep but also help them understand and manage their anxiety.

Join us on this magical literary journey that promises to make bedtime a fun, educational, and reassuring experience for your child. With our list of seven wonderful anxiety-themed stories, every night can be a good night. Happy reading!

Top 7 Children’s Stories About Anxiety

  1. Honey and Sunny by Evelyn Sharp is a heartwarming bedtime story that tackles anxiety in a gentle and imaginative way. The story follows Honey, a young girl with a lively imagination, and her loyal companion, Sunny, a brave and protective toy lion. Together, they embark on a magical adventure through a whimsical forest, encountering anxious creatures along the way. As they help these creatures overcome their fears, Honey learns valuable lessons about managing her own anxiety, discovering the power of friendship, resilience, and inner strength. With its enchanting narrative and relatable characters, “Honey and Sunny” offers a comforting and empowering tale that reassures children and adults alike that anxiety can be conquered with courage, compassion, and a touch of imagination.
  2. The Talking Animals: is a bedtime story that addresses anxiety by immersing readers in a magical world. Lost in an enchanting forest, the children encounter a series of talking animals who extend their hospitality and introduce them to their adorable babies. Along their journey, Hulda’s anxiety is gradually eased as the animals’ kindness and companionship help them navigate through the unknown. With its imaginative narrative and comforting message of connection and hope, this story inspires children to face their fears and believe in the possibility of rediscovering the magic that lies within their own lives.
  3. Chicken Little: is a cautionary bedtime story that addresses anxiety by illustrating the consequences of succumbing to irrational fear. Chicken Little’s panicky claims about the sky falling cause a chain reaction of panic among her friends. Despite their desperate attempts to escape, they fall victim to the deceitful Sly Fox, who takes advantage of their fear and devours them one by one. Through this tale, children learn the importance of not letting unfounded fears control their actions and the dangers of spreading panic without valid evidence. This story serves as a gentle reminder to approach fear with rationality and critical thinking, empowering children to navigate their anxieties with wisdom and discernment.
  4. The Teacher’s Back To School Jitters: is a heartwarming bedtime story that addresses anxiety by highlighting the power of support and camaraderie. Jada, a preschool teacher, experiences anxiety on the first day of school, reluctant to leave the freedom of winter break behind. The perceptive children notice her hesitation and come up with a plan to cheer her up. With a heartfelt banner and words of encouragement, they show Jada that she is loved and appreciated. Despite her lingering concerns, the children empathize with her feelings of pressure and loneliness, assuring her that they will be there for her. Through their understanding and shared experiences, Jada and the children learn that overcoming jitters is possible when they stick together and support one another. This story fosters a sense of community and resilience, providing a comforting message for children facing anxiety about new beginnings.
  5. Conquering The Dark: is a touching bedtime story that addresses anxiety by exploring the profound impact of loss and the power of love. Mila, a young girl grieving the loss of her mother, finds herself plagued by fear and imagination when it comes to bedtime. Shadows and unseen figures haunt her nights, hindering her sleep and deepening her anxiety. With the support of her father, Mila seeks help from a therapist who helps her navigate her emotions and understand the connection between her fear and her mother’s absence. Through therapy, Mila learns to express her feelings, cherish her mother’s love and memories, and find solace in knowing that her mother’s spirit will always be with her. This tender story offers a message of healing, resilience, and finding peace amidst anxiety, reminding children that even in the darkest times, love and support can guide them toward a good night’s sleep.
  6. The Lost Chicken:  is a bedtime story that addresses anxiety by exploring the worries of a mother hen when her beloved chick goes missing. Mrs. Crackle, desperately searching for Peepsie, encounters various animal mothers who kindly assist her in the search. Despite their efforts, Peepsie remains unfound until Little Bess, the farmer’s daughter, reveals that she had taken the chick indoors for a visit. The joyous reunion between Mrs. Crackle and Peepsie serves as a reminder that even in moments of distress and anxiety, love and care can lead to a happy resolution. The story highlights the importance of support and the enduring bond between a mother and her child, offering reassurance and comfort to children facing separation or worries about loved ones.
  7. The Christmas Princess: Princess Ice-Heart is cursed with a heart of ice and shows no emotions, but a young and spirited prince named Francolin is determined to awaken her feelings. With the help of the fairy godmothers and an unexpected suitor, Prince Jocko, a monkey, Princess Ice-Heart finally experiences laughter and the warmth of love, causing her heart to melt. The story teaches children the power of love, the importance of emotional connection, and the transformative nature of genuine affection in overcoming anxiety and emotional barriers.

As we conclude this journey through the enchanting worlds of bedtime stories designed to help children cope with anxiety, it’s clear to see how crucial these narratives are. Each tale brings a unique approach to understanding emotions, providing children with comforting insights into managing their feelings. This hand-picked collection not only aims to support children in overcoming anxiety but also endeavours to empower them. By offering free, easily accessible, and engaging stories, we are fostering an environment where children can thrive, turning bedtime into an enriching experience of learning and growth.

In the end, the power of a good bedtime story extends far beyond the realms of sleep. These tales become companions for your children, guides that help them navigate the complexities of their emotions. We hope that this curated list of seven best bedtime stories about anxiety will become a precious resource for many families, making bedtime a moment of comfort, connection, and shared understanding. May each night usher in peaceful dreams and every day bring new strengths and joys to your children.