Stories About Anger

Stories About Anger

Welcome to the Top 10 Stories About Anger specially curated for kids to read online! This exciting collection of bedtime tales is filled with learning and educational experiences to help children explore the complex emotion of anger. Available for free in PDF format, with both printable and downloadable options, these short tales are perfect to tell during story time with pictures to captivate the imagination of young minds. We’ve tailored these easy-to-read stories for early years and older children – from preschool and kindergarten to elementary students and even toddlers in the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage).

These top 10 stories are infused with fun and entertainment, transcending beyond being just a bedtime ritual. The best feature about the tales in this collection is the ability to enjoy them in multiple formats, including audio and English read-aloud versions. Furthermore, these classic stories cater to both girls and boys, ensuring that everyone has a good time.

The importance of Stories About Anger lies in enabling kids to understand and cope with their emotions effectively. Through these stories, children can learn valuable lessons and morals about handling anger and channeling it positively, providing lifelong skills that they can carry throughout their lives. Fall into the captivating world of these tales with your little ones, and enjoy lively night-time adventures while also fostering emotional growth in a fun and engaging way.

Top 10 Stories About Anger for kids to read online:

  1. Bluebeard: The story is about a wealthy man with a blue beard who wants to marry one of his neighbors, but they both refuse because he had been married before and each of his wives had disappeared. He invites them to stay one week in one of his mansions, and they accept. One of the neighbors agrees to marry him after having a great time. After the wedding, Bluebeard tells his new wife that she can access any room except for one, but she disobeys and finds the dead bodies of his previous wives. Bluebeard discovers that she has entered the forbidden room and tries to kill her, but her brothers arrive and rescue her. She inherits all of his money and mansions and marries a nice man.
  2. Little Claus and Big Claus: In a village, Big Claus had four horses and Little Claus had one. Little Claus would borrow Big Claus’s horses on Sundays and shout out “Hup, my horses” to make everyone think he had five horses. Big Claus found out and beat Little Claus’s horse to death. Little Claus sold the horsehide and ended up at a farm where he discovered that the farmer’s wife and sexton had delicious food and wine. Little Claus tricked the farmer by pretending the squeaking horsehide was a magician and sold him the sexton in a coffin. Little Claus became rich and Big Claus killed his own horses to make money, but failed. Angry at Little Claus, he put him in a bag and planned to drown him. But the sack was too heavy, so Big Claus went to church and an old drover swapped places with Little Claus. Little Claus tricked Big Claus into thinking he had water cattle, so Big Claus crawled into a bag and was thrown into the river.
  3. The Elephant and the Tailor: This story is about the importance of treating elephants, and everyone else, with kindness and respect. It tells two stories about elephants-one where an angry elephant avenges the harm done to it by a tailor, and the other where an elephant saves a child’s life even though it was mistreated. The moral of the story is to ensure that we treat all creatures with respect and love, not just elephants.
  4. Battle of Frogs and Mice: In this story, the land of the Frogs is ruled by King Puff-jaw and they hold a big party in the summer. During the celebration, a little frog informs the king that five strange men have arrived. The king sends soldiers to investigate, and they bring back the Prince of Mice. King Puff-jaw and the Prince of Mice become friends, but things turn sour when the mice prince drowns. The mice king plans to avenge his son’s death and a battle between the frogs and mice ensues, but peace is eventually restored with the help of the lobster army.
  5. A Monkey Objects To Criticism: A monkey shivering in the cold on a tree was observed by a bird sitting comfortably in its nest on the same tree. The bird wondered why the monkey, with hands and feet like a man, couldn’t make itself a shelter. When the bird asked the monkey about it, the monkey replied that it had no strength to build a house but it had strength to destroy the bird’s nest, which it did, leaving the bird and its young in the rain. An ebook download link is provided.
  6. The Old Grey Hen: The Old Grey Hen is tired of her life on the farm where she lays eggs every day, scratches for food, and has to raise chicks in the spring. She decides to stop laying eggs and scratching and becomes a burden on the other animals. Despite the Greedy Turkey’s attempt to cheer her up, she ends up being eaten by the farmer. The story shows that dissatisfaction with life, coupled with a desire to bring others down, can lead to a sad end.
  7. The Rose Elf: The story is about a tiny Rose Elf who lives in a rose bush. One night, he can’t get back into his rose to sleep and so flies to the honeysuckle bush where he overhears a plot by the angry brother to kill a young man in love with his sister. The Rose Elf hides in a lime leaf on the killer’s hat and follows him home. He witnesses the murder and tells the sister, who steals the lover’s head and plants it in a pot with a jasmine twig. She grieves by the pot, and the Rose Elf visits her every day. The killer soon dies, and the Flower Souls take revenge on him by poisoning him. The Bee Queen and her swarm also seek revenge on the killer.
  8. The Green Cat: Old Witch Betto, who is angry at not being invited to the village fête, calls down a destructive storm. Hans, the groom-to-be, sets out to find the green cat, old Betto’s only fear, in the hope that it will stop the rain. With the help of a talking frog, he finds the cat being guarded by a dwarf on the other side of the mountain. Hans retrieves the cat and takes it to old Betto. The cat turns into a princess, and the prince tells Hans stories of old Betto’s treachery and how she turned him into a frog on the night of his wedding.
  9. The Battle of the Winds: Father Neptune tells the Little Mermaid a story about the battle of the winds, explaining that he does not cause the sea to make big waves. The Little Mermaid is then relieved to know that Father Neptune does not harm sailors despite popular belief, and he actually helps them. He keeps the mermaids hidden from sailors because their beauty could distract them, and he dismisses the myth that mermaids wreck ships. The story ends with Father Neptune telling the Little Mermaid to hide because a ship is approaching.
  10. Tiktok and the Nome King: In this story, Tiktok, a clockwork man made entirely of metal, goes to see the Nome King to ask for new springs to improve his thoughts and speech. However, the angry Nome King attacks him with his mace, crushing him into pieces. The King comes to regret his hasty actions when realizing that Tiktok was a favorite of the powerful Princess Ozma of Oz and that she would retaliate. Kaliko, the Nome King’s Chief Steward, picks up the broken pieces and restores Tiktok to his former glory. In the end, the Nome King apologizes and promises to never get angry again, except when something annoys him.

In conclusion, these Top 10 Stories About Anger provide valuable lessons for kids to navigate their emotions and better understand the consequences of uncontrolled anger. By reading these engaging and thought-provoking tales, children can learn the importance of staying calm and patient in difficult situations, as well as the power of empathy, forgiveness, and compassion. These stories remind us that anger is a normal emotion to experience, but it’s how we choose to respond to it that truly matters. Thus, these stories serve as a helpful guide for kids to build emotional resilience and develop critical life skills that will help them overcome challenges and form strong relationships with others.