A is for Airbags, to keep us safe and sound, They puff right up if trouble is found.

B is for Brakes, in a car they’re a must! Stop is their work, in their power, we trust.

C is for Convertible, sleek and bright, Driving through the day with all its might.

D is for Dashboard, with dials and lights. We watch it closely on long driving nights.

E is for Engine, the car鈥檚 heartbeat does it bring, it purrs so softly that it doesn’t even sing.

F is for Fuel, filling up the car tank. Blink goes the pump, going clankety-clank!

G is for Gear, we switch it with cheer, With neutral, drive, and reverse, the journey’s clear.

H is for Headlights as bright as the sun, They help drivers see when the day is done.

I is for Ignition, where the car’s key goes in, Turn it with your right hand, and the journey can begin.

J is for Jumper Cable, a useful tool. Just connect it right, and you鈥檒l be cool.

K is for Keys, to start the car with glee. Turn them in the ignition, as easy as ABC.

L is for License Plate, a car’s ID, Traveling together, just you and me.

M is for Mechanic, with wrenches and tools, Fixing our cars, following the rules.

N is for Navigation that helps us steer, Guiding us to places far and near.

O is for Overheating, cars feel the sun, If it gets too hot, the engine’s done!

P is for Pedal, pushed to go fast. Slow down for safety, to make the journey last.

Q is for Quick, the race cars zoom by, They go so fast, quicker than a fly.

R is for Reverse, going back, not ahead. It helps us adjust when we’ve mistakenly sped.

S is for Seatbelt, we must wear, For safety and protection, whenever we steer.

T is for Tyres, round and big, Driving on them, we do the jig.

U is for U-turn, driving round in a bend, Round we go, back where we tend.

V is for Vehicle, a term quite broad, It includes cars, trucks and even a rod.

W is for Windshield, clear as day, Through it we see the joyful way.

X is for X-Valve, it helps the car to dash, Across the roads we zoom, in a lightning flash.

Y is for Yards, where our cars park at night, where they rest until dawn, out of everyone’s sight.

Z is for Zooming, on a track so wide, Up and down, come enjoy the ride.

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