New York ABC

A is for Apple, the Big Apple to be sure,
That’s what we call NY, big city allure.

B is for Broadway, bright lights shine at night,
Where the big shows bring people such delight.

C is for Central Park, green as a pea,
Come along, join the fun, there’s so much to see!

D is for Downtown, with all its loud cheer,
Skyscrapers touching the sky, oh so near.

E is for Empire State, standing tall and straight,
It’s worth a visit, it’s great!

F is for Fifth Avenue, a New York City street,
Here, fashion and fond memories meet.

G is for Grand Central, a station that’s bright,
Where trains leave the station, day and night.

H is for Hudson, a river so wide,
Sailing its waves is a thrilling ride.

I is for Island, Ellis Island, what a history,
Forever important to NYC it will be.

J is for Jazz, listen to the beat,
In New York’s Music Clubs, where cool and rhythm meet.

K is for Kings County, also known as Brooklyn,
A place of charming spots, where ever you are lookin’!

L is for Lady Liberty, standing tall,
She greets us in New York, welcoming all.

M is for Manhattan, a borough full of zoom,
With sparkling lights that twinkle from morning till noon.

N is for NYC, so much to see,
a city where everyone feels free.

O is for One World Observatory, that’s way up in the sky,
We see all of New York, oh so high!

P is for Pizza, New York’s favorite treat,
Thin and cheesy, a delicious street eat.

Q is for Queens, a borough oh so nice,
Home to Flushing Meadows, where you can skate on ice.

R is for Riverside, a place where the boats flow,
Sailing across the Hudson, their horns blow!

S is for Subway, running day and night,
Under New York’s twinkling lights, it’s quite a sight!

T is for Times Square, glowing so bright,
A sea of colors, dancing in the night.

U is for Uptown, towards Harlem we glide,
Many wonderful places in New York City abide.

V is for Visitors, strolling Times Square,
In New York, you鈥檒l find people from everywhere.

W is for Wall Street, where the big bulls roam,
In this New York place, many people call it a busy-ness dome.

X is for Xavier, a school known far and wide,
Where young minds roam and learn with pride.

Y is for Yankees, a team we adore,
Games full of cheers and so much more.

Z is for Zoo, at the Bronx quite a view,
With zebras on show, it’s a wonder, it’s true!

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