Australia ABC

A is for Aborigines, here long before. They respect Mother Nature, and her laws adore.

B is for Boomerang, sailing through the blue, A part of Aussie culture, that brings back fun to you.

C is for Cricket, a sport we adore, When the ball flies, it’s an Aussie score.

D is for Dingo, a dog that’s wild, In Australia’s outback, it roams for miles.

E is for Emu, running fast and free, In the heart of Australia, as happy as can be.

F is for Fairy Bread, a party treat so fine, With sprinkles on top, when it’s eating time.

G is for Great Barrier Reef, a colourful sea land, A beautiful part of Australia, simply grand.

H is for Harbour, bright and wide, where the Sydney boats all reside.

I is for Irwin, a famous name indeed, Steve’s love for wild creatures is an Aussie’s creed.

J is for Joey, jumping so high. In Australia, baby kangaroos reach for the sky.

K is for Koala, who sleeps in the tree, Cuddly and grey, as cute as can be.

L is for Lamington, a treat fluffy and light, Covered in chocolate and coconut white.

M is for Melbourne, a city full of cheer, Where bikes and trams are ways to steer.

N is for No Worries, it’s what Aussies say, To reassure you that all is okay.

O is for Outback, wide and vast, Where kangaroos hop, both slow and fast.

P is for the Pacific, an ocean so grand, On one side of Australia, with the golden sand.

Q is for Queensland, a state where the sun is so bright, Blessing everyone with golden light.

R is for Rugby, a game we love to play, Under the Australian sun, we could play all day.

S is for Sydney, city of lights Shining so brightly on warm starry nights.

T is for Tasmanian Devil, furry and a swirl, In the moonlight, around bushes, they whirl.

U is for Uluru, a big red rock, where Indigenous ancestors used to walk.

V is for Vegemite, spread thin or thick. Aussie kids love it quick, it makes them strong and slick.

W is for Wallaby, hopping with glee, in the Australian bushland, wild and free.

X is for Xanthorrhoea, you may also know as grass tree. In Australia’s wild they grow so free.

Y is for Yulara, where Uluru stands tall, Its ancient giant rock, is the greatest of all.

Z is for Zoologist, studying creatures galore, In Australia’s wild land, there’s always more to explore.

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