Alaska ABC

A is for Anchorage, where many people stay,
With lots of things to see and do every day.

B is for Bering, a sea so wide,
Many creatures beneath its tide.

C is for Caribou, brown and tall,
In Alaska, you can hear their call.

D is for the Denali Peak, standing oh so high,
It smiles down at Alaska, beneath the Northern sky.

E is for Eagle, a bird so pretty,
Flying high, above the city.

F is for Fairbanks, a city to see,
Full of Alaskan history and natural glee.

G is for Gold, shiny and bright,
Found in the rivers, day and night.

H is for Humpback, breaking through the bay,
They splash and they dive in their own playful way.

I is for Inuit, a people who live there,
In Alaska treating the environment fair.

J is for Juneau, chilly and nice,
A cool Alaskan city, a snowy paradise.

K is for Klondike, where there once was a gold rush,
Miners digging hurriedly, in the quiet, evening hush.

L is for Lights, the northern ones glow,
Casting mystical colors on the snowy plateau.

M is for Mat-Su Valley, where the rivers meet,
It’s a place in Alaska, both stunning and sweet.

N is for Nanook, the polar bear so white,
Catches fish in the cool daylight, then sleeps snug at night.

O is for Otter, playing by the bay,
In Alaska’s waters, they love to swim and play.

P is for Permafrost, deep in the ground,
In the Alaskan soil, it is often found.

Q is for Quad, roaring through snow,
On the broad Alaskan plains, that’s how we go!

R is for Reindeer, running with delight,
Racing through Alaska’s frosty night.

S is for Salmon, swimming in the stream,
Bright and shiny in the sun’s gleam.

T is for Thimbleberries, quite a sight,
Alaska’s fruit, red and bright.

U is for Ulu, a knife, rounded and neat,
In Alaska, it’s a tool to cut fish and meat.

V is for Vacation, many spend it in Alaska,
People from California to Nebraska.

W is for Wilderness, stretching far and wide,
In Alaska’s terrain, many animals reside.

X is for Xanadu, in the wild Denali,
Where everything’s peaceful, calm and jolly.

Y is for Yukon, a river powerful and wide,
Carving paths through Alaska, with salmon by its side.

Z is for Zephyr which blows quite cold,
In Alaska’s winters, so we are told.

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