The Daddy Long-legs And The Fly

Once in the quaint little town of Bumbledom, there lived two unlikely friends: Mr. Daddy Long-legs, dressed in brown and gray, and Mr. Floppy Fly, adorned in blue and gold. On one fine summer’s day, they strolled upon the sandy shores, shivering slightly in the cold wind. To pass the time, they drank some periwinkle-wine, and played their favorite games, battlecock and shuttledore, for hours on end.

Curious, Mr. Daddy Long-legs asked Mr. Floppy Fly, “Why do you never come to court? With your splendid attire, you’d surely dazzle everyone there. Don’t you want to see the grandeur of the king and queen, one in red and one in green?”

Mr. Floppy Fly, with a sigh, replied, “Oh, Mr. Daddy Long-legs, it’s true, I’ve never been to court, and I’ll tell you why. If I had six long legs like yours, I would surely go. But, alas! My legs are so short that I fear the king and queen would ridicule me and say I’m unfit to be seen at court.”

Wistful, Mr. Floppy Fly then asked Mr. Daddy Long-legs, “I remember the days when you would sing beautifully, your melodious voice echoing through the town. Why have you stopped singing? The shrimps, cockles, and crabs would love to hear you sing ‘Ah, Hum di Hum!’ once again.”

With a heavy heart, Mr. Daddy Long-legs replied, “I cannot sing anymore, my dear friend. The sad truth is that my legs have grown too long, and they weigh down my chest with despair, making it impossible for me to sing, stand, lie or sit without discomfort.”

The two friends, dejected, sat in silence by the sea, pondering their predicaments. They lamented the world’s injustice, where one had legs too short for courtly endeavors, and the other’s legs were too long to sing a joyful song.

Suddenly, Mr. Daddy Long-legs and Mr. Floppy Fly were struck by an idea. They hurried to the foamy sea, crying out in unison, and discovered a little boat with pink and gray sails. The two friends embarked on an adventure, sailing far away across the silent main, until they reached the great Gromboolian Plain.

And there, in that distant land, they found a place where their differences were celebrated, not scorned. Forevermore, Mr. Daddy Long-legs and Mr. Floppy Fly played their beloved games, battlecock and shuttledore, in the warm embrace of the Gromboolian Plain, where the length of one’s legs mattered not, and the melodies of friendship rang true.