Stories About Spiders

Stories About Spiders

Welcome to our free online collection of the top 11 stories about spiders. These short tales are some of the best, specially curated to ignite the curiosity and fascination of children towards the intriguing world of spiders. Our stories range from funny to educational, perfect for kids in preschool, kindergarten and the early elementary grades. Every story comes with colorful illustrations and pictures, making the reading experience more engaging for your little ones. Our stories can be read aloud, making for a lovely bedtime routine, or used as an entertaining way to improve kids’ reading skills.

Each story is available as a free pdf, allowing the stories to be easily printed for offline reading. Alternatively, you can enjoy the reading experience through our beautifully designed ebook. All our stories are written in English, making it easy for your children to improve their language skills. The theme of spiders woven into these stories helps children learn about this fascinating creature in a fun, entertaining, and gentle manner.

Reading stories about spiders is important as it helps children develop empathy and understanding towards something they might generally fear or find creepy. It introduces them to the idea that every creature has a role to play in the ecosystem, has its own set of challenges and adventures, nurturing a sense of respect for all living things. Furthermore, each story comes with a moral, helping them not only to appreciate spiders but also instilling important life values. Our selection of the top eleven spider stories will surely entertain, educate, and inspire your children, making reading time a treasured part of their day.

Top 11 Stories About Spiders for kids:

  1. Uncle Wiggily And Miss Muffet: Little Miss Muffet visits Uncle Wiggily’s bungalow and asks him to come to her birthday party. Uncle Wiggily tries to keep a spider from frightening her away, but Little Miss Muffet reveals that she isn’t afraid of spiders and has actually come to be measured for a new dress by Mrs. Spin-Spider. Uncle Wiggily agrees to attend the birthday party.
  2. How Anansi tied Tiger: Anansi, a hungry spider, goes fishing and catches a variety of fish. He lies to Tiger about having no fish, but Tiger catches him in the act. Tiger demands the fish and eats them all, leaving only bones for Anansi. Anansi decides to trick Tiger by tying him to a fruit tree while pretending to look for lice in his hair. Anansi taunts Tiger and leaves him behind. Later, a hunter kills Tiger. There is also a link to download an eBook version of the story.
  3. The search for eight little ice skates: In a forest, a spider named Spike wants to try ice skating but can’t find skates. He asks others for help but no one has skates. Spike goes to an ice rink and sees a centipede with extra skates; the centipede gives Spike eight skates and teaches him how to skate. Spike becomes the best skater in the forest and wears his skates everywhere.
  4. Little Miss Muffet: Little Miss Muffet is the story of a wealthy girl who is unhappy and neglected. She decides to run away to the countryside and ends up on a farm, where she finds joy in hard work and simple pleasures. Eventually, she is found and brought back home, but her experience in the country transforms her into a happier and healthier person.
  5. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: The Lion becomes the King of the Beasts: After climbing down from the china wall, the travelers find themselves in a disagreeable country full of bogs and marshes. They carefully make their way through until they reach a wild forest. The Lion finds it delightful, but the Scarecrow finds it gloomy. They rest for the night and continue the next morning. They hear a rumble and come across hundreds of beasts gathered in fear. The Lion learns that they are threatened by a giant spider-like monster that preys on them. The Lion bravely goes to fight the monster and succeeds, becoming the King of the Beasts.
  6. Little Miss Muffet’s Picnic Party: Little Miss Muffet plans a picnic party and invites her friends from Mother Goose Town. The Spider helps make the invitations, and Miss Muffet prepares the food. Along the way, she helps other nursery rhyme characters with their problems. With the help of the Spider, the picnic preparations come together just in time for the party to begin. All the friends have a merry and fun-filled picnic together.
  7. The Boastful Spider And The Clock: Once upon a time, a spider in an attic became proud of his ability to secure things in his web. He bound all the windows and furniture, and even spun a web over a clock. However, a maid swept away his webs except for the one on the clock. Later, a man picked up the clock, and as its hands moved, the spider’s web was destroyed. The clock realized that actions speak louder than words, and the spider learned a lesson in humility.
  8. Maya the Bee and the Lost Leg: In a tree hollow, Maya meets Fridolin, a hardworking beetle who takes care of his family. They discuss the challenges they face, including the presence of a woodpecker who invades their tree. Later, they encounter Hannibal, a spider with one missing leg, who shares his unfortunate encounter with a human. Maya and Hannibal briefly bond over their curiosity about each other’s abilities before a misunderstanding causes Hannibal to leave abruptly. Maya reflects on the diversity of creatures and flies off happily, embracing the beauty of life.
  9. The Too-Ambitious Spider: A curious spider discovers an empty storeroom and decides to make it his home. He diligently repairs a broken mirror, transforms a worn-out chair into a beautiful web-covered seat, and strengthens a table missing a leg. However, each time the maid cleans the room, she unknowingly destroys the spider’s intricate webs. Frustrated, the spider eventually gives up and builds a web in a corner where it remains undisturbed. Realizing that he is comfortable there, the spider concludes that mirrors and chairs were not made for spiders.
  10. Maya the Bee gets into trouble: Maya the Bee gets caught in a spider web and is at the mercy of the cruel spider. Just as all hope seems lost, the dung beetle Bobbie comes to her rescue and sets her free. Maya is filled with gratitude and flies away, never forgetting the kindness of Bobbie.
  11. The Daddy Long-legs And The Fly: In the town of Bumbledom, Mr. Daddy Long-legs and Mr. Floppy Fly, unlikely friends, lamented their physical shortcomings. Floppy Fly’s short legs kept him from going to court, while Daddy Long-legs’ long legs prevented him from singing. They embarked on an adventure and found a land where their differences were celebrated. There, they played their favorite games, battlecock and shuttledore, in the warm embrace of the Gromboolian Plain, where friendship triumphed over physical appearance.

In conclusion, the Top 11 Stories About Spiders has taken us on an exciting and fascinating journey, exploring the world from the perspective of our eight-legged friends. These captivating tales have revealed the ingenuity and resilience of spiders, showing us that they are not only crucial to our ecosystem but are also full of surprises. From adventurous hunts to building intricate webs, our spider heroes have demonstrated bravery, wisdom, and charm. It’s clear that there’s much we can learn from these small but mighty creatures. We hope that these stories have not only entertained, but also inspired a newfound appreciation and respect for spiders in our young readers.