Stories About Scarecrows

Stories About Scarecrows

Welcome little readers to our wonderful collection of the Top 3 Stories About Scarecrows for kids to read online. These exciting stories bring to life the funny and captivating tales of Scarecrows, a favorite theme among children. These short stories, best suited for preschool, kindergarten and elementary grade children, are perfect for a bedtime read aloud session. Written in simple and easy-to-understand English, these stories, available as a free eBook, have been complemented with colorful illustrations and pictures which will certainly tickle the imagination of children. Moreover, they can also be downloaded in PDF format for a print friendly option.

Scarecrow stories hold an important place in children’s literature. Children often find Scarecrows, with their comical attire and stationary posts, amusing. Through these stories, children learn about the different roles and significance of Scarecrows in fields and farms, along with gaining a valuable insight about our connection to nature and the importance of hard work. Each story has been thoughtfully written with a moral at the end, aimed at helping children learn important life lessons in a fun and engaging way. From toddlers to young readers, everyone will find these Scarecrow stories delightfully entertaining. Now, let’s dive in to the wonderful world of stories about Scarecrows, perfect for a fun-filled reading session right before bedtime.

Top 3 Stories About Scarecrows for kids:

  1. The Scarecrow: A farmer tries to scare away birds from his cherry tree by making a scary scarecrow. However, the birds soon discover that the scarecrow is harmless and make themselves at home in the tree. The birds are able to live happily and undisturbed thanks to the scarecrow.
  2. March Of The Scarecrows: In the land of the Great Fields, there was a group of Scarecrows who loved to march and dance. One day, they started their march to the music of ‘The Little Sandman’ and took turns being the leader. They performed a routine, sang a song about scarecrows, and entertained all the animals in the field. At the end, they bowed to their audience and marched off into the sunset, ready to return another day.
  3. The scarecrow and the tin woodman: In the Land of Oz, two best friends, a Scarecrow and a Tin Woodman, decide to take a boat ride on the river. When the Tin Woodman falls overboard, the Scarecrow tries to rescue him but ends up getting tangled in a tree with the Tin Woodman hanging from his neck. After some time, they are rescued by the Wizard of Oz and the Sawhorse. With the help of an oil can, they manage to free the Tin Woodman’s rusted joints, and they all return to the Scarecrow’s palace.

In conclusion, the top three stories about scarecrows beautifully demonstrate values of understanding, courage, and friendship through memorable characters and entertaining plotlines. Each narrative encourages children to respect all forms of life, portray bravery in the face of adversity, and uphold the importance of loyalty through the varied life experiences of these extraordinary straw-stuffed creatures. Reading these stories online will certainly fill children with inspiration and joy, encouraging generosity and heroism in their own lives.