Stories About Risk

Stories About Risk

Welcome to the Top 12 Stories About Risk for kids to read online! This fantastic collection is specially designed for children to enjoy at bedtime or any time during their day. We offer these enchanting tales in an easy-to-read pdf format which kids and parents can download and print for free, making it perfect for story time, read aloud sessions, or just some fun learning. Our educational short stories come with pictures that capture the imagination of girls and boys alike, ensuring that these famous stories can be enjoyed by preschool, kindergarten, and elementary students during their early years.

Stories About Risk are important as they teach valuable life lessons to children in an entertaining and engaging manner. These timeless tales, often presented with a moral, invite toddlers and EYFS children to reflect on the uncertainties and challenges that life can bring. While some of our stories are classic fairy tales passed down through generations, others are fun, modern, and longer narratives that keep kids captivated until sleep tugs at their eyes. Our collection provides the best risk-based stories for bedtime or just when you want to spark your child’s imagination and curiosity.

Our stories are suited for a wide range of kids, ensuring that there’s something for everyone – from fun and easy stories for beginners to more complex tales for intermediate English learners. And for those who prefer to listen as they drift off to sleep, many of our stories have an accompanying audio version. So join us in this adventure, exploring the world of risk through our incredible collection of bedtime stories for kids of all ages. And don’t forget to tell all your friends about this fantastic resource that can be enjoyed by everyone in the family!

Top 12 Stories About Risk for kids to read online:

  1. The Kid And The Wolf: A young Kid who has been left on a thatched roof to avoid danger, jeers at a Wolf, making faces and teasing him. The Wolf responds calmly, acknowledging that it’s not the Kid but the roof that’s talking. The story ends with a reminder of how much they all love a storyteller. A downloadable ebook (PDF) is also provided for offline reading.
  2. The Great Amazon Wildfire: A wildfire breaks out in the Amazon rainforest, threatening the lives of all the animals. A group of brave warriors called the “Guerreiros de Fogo” (Fire Warriors) come to the rescue. They fight tirelessly to extinguish the fire, even as it rages on for days. With determination and hard work, the Fire Warriors are able to save the rainforest and all its inhabitants. They become heroes and are remembered for generations to come. An ebook of the story is available for download.
  3. The Gentle Giant’s Rescue: The story is about a Newfoundland dog named Sammy who is a talented lifeguard that lives in a small town by a beautiful swimming lake. One day, Sammy sets out on a grand adventure to hike to the highest mountain peak in the area but ends up getting stuck too high up to climb back down. He howls for help until a group of hikers spots him and calls for firefighters who carry him down the mountain. Sammy is grateful to be rescued and promises to never go on such a big adventure alone again.
  4. Saving The Mill: A group of brave firefighters in Maplewood risk everything to put out a stubborn fire at an old abandoned mill on the edge of town. Just as they are about to run out of water, they come up with an idea to draw water from a nearby pond, working together as a team, they succeed in putting out the fire and saving the mill from destruction. Their bravery and dedication are hailed by the grateful people of Maplewood.
  5. The Fire Crew: This is a story about a fire crew in a small town. The fire crew consists of firefighters, emergency medical technicians, and a firetruck driver who work together to keep the community safe. One day, they work together to put out a fire and rescue a family. The story highlights the importance of teamwork and shows that when people work together and support each other, they can achieve anything. An ebook (PDF) is also available for download.
  6. The Rival Fire Fighting Planes: In a land far away, two fire fighting planes, Hawk and Scooper, compete to be the fleet’s hero by saving animals and extinguishing fires. They begin to take bigger risks to outdo each other until they both become stuck in a tree amidst flames. The rescue team arrives just in time, and they are scolded for putting themselves and others in danger. Realizing their mistake, Hawk and Scooper work together as a team, become the best fire fighting planes and put aside their ego.
  7. The Three Little Pigs and the Wolf: Three little pigs leave their mother’s house to find their own fortune. The first two pigs use easy and quick materials to build their houses, allowing the wolf to easily knock them down and eat the pigs. The third pig uses bricks to build his house, which the wolf cannot knock down, so he tries to trick the pig; however, the pig outsmarts the wolf and eventually cooks and eats him.
  8. The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats: A mother goat leaves her seven little kids at home and warns them of the dangers of the bad wolf in the forest. The kids ignore her warning and let the wolf in their home disguised first as their mother and then with white paws. The wolf eats six of the goats, leaving only the seventh hiding in a clock cabinet. The mother goat bravely saves her other six kids from inside the wolf’s belly by cutting it open and filling it with stones before sewing it back together. The wolf falls into a well and dies. The seven little goats live happily ever after.
  9. Princess Rosette: The story is about a princess named Rosette who was predicted to cause misfortune to her brothers. Her parents locked her in a tower for the rest of her life because of this, but her brothers freed her when they became kings after their parents’ death. Rosette saw a peacock and declared that she would only marry the King of the Peacocks. Her brothers went on a long journey to find him, and when they did, they brought a portrait of Rosette to show him. The King of the Peacocks agreed to marry her only if she was as beautiful as in the portrait. But on the way, Rosette’s governess and the boatswain threw her overboard and took her place, but Rosette was saved by a mattress filled with feathers. The fake princess arrived and was so ugly that the King of the Peacocks ordered the real princess’s brothers to be put in jail. Eventually, they were given a chance to prove their innocence, and the real princess was discovered. Everyone was forgiven, and there was a wedding celebration that lasted for 15 days.
  10. The Eatyoup: Dicky Duck is a wise young duck who catches lots of insects and worms, making his younger brothers envious. One day he encounters Mr. Fox, who hides and pretends to be a helpless animal seeking advice from a wise friend. Dicky Duck believes the deception and approaches the bushes, but Mr. Fox tries to grab him. Dicky Duck escapes and warns the other animals about the Eatyoup animal, which he now believes is actually Mr. Fox in disguise.
  11. The Adventure of the Daughter of the King of Ireland: In this story, the young king of Denmark seeks advice on finding a wife. One of his counselors suggests Hilda, daughter of King Hagen of Ireland, who is known for her beauty and fierce protectiveness. Yarl Wate, Morung, Horant, Frute, and Yrolt embark on a perilous journey to bring her back as a bride for the king. Along the way, they encounter battles and challenges, and Hilda’s father does not easily relinquish her. However, they manage to win her hand and bring her back to Denmark. When King Hagen comes to wage war, the two sides eventually make peace and the wedding feast lasts for twelve days.
  12. The Enchanted Elm: In the story, a prince is turned into an elm tree by an evil witch and his friends are unable to find him. A girl, who seeks respite under the elm tree’s shade, makes a plan to save the tree from being cut down by lumberjacks. She climbs up the tree and sings a song which scares off the lumberjacks. Later, the king of the trees visits the elm tree and introduces the girl to a powerful wizard. The wizard transforms the elm tree into the prince again, and he marries the girl and lives happily ever after.

In conclusion, the Top 12 Stories About Risk serve as an excellent resource for kids who are eager to explore the thrilling world of adventure and overcoming challenges. These stories introduce a colorful array of characters who bravely face their fears, take risks, and learn essential life lessons along the way. By reading these stories, kids will not only be entertained but also inspired and encouraged to embrace challenges and develop problem-solving skills, as well as learn the importance of resilience and adaptability. Finding the courage to take risks, as depicted in these tales, helps young readers understand that stepping out of their comfort zones can be a valuable and rewarding experience, ultimately contributing to their personal growth and self-discovery.