Stories About The Ocean

Stories About The Ocean

Welcome to our amazing collection of Top 12 Stories About The Ocean, designed especially for kids, children, and toddlers who are eager to dive into the enchanting world of sea tales! Our captivating, easy, and fun bedtime stories are perfect for children of all ages, including preschool, kindergarten, and elementary students. Our stories are perfect for story time, read aloud sessions, and night time reading. They are available for free online, and can be easily downloaded as a PDF or printable document, making them easy to access on any device or as a hard copy.

Our Stories About The Ocean are designed with illustrations and colorful pictures to make learning both educational and entertaining. These stories are also available in audio format, so children can listen to them in English, which helps them improve their language skills. The ocean is a magical and mysterious place, full of fascinating creatures and captivating legends. These enchanting stories will spark children’s imagination, curiosity, and love for the marine world. Some of them are famous classic fairy tales, with valuable moral lessons, while others are longer and more modern tales that will entertain both girls and boys. Whether you’re an early years teacher, a parent, or an eyfs enthusiast, our collection offers a great opportunity to teach children the importance of oceans, taking care of our marine life, and inspiring them to appreciate the beauty of nature. So, snuggle up together and let the waves of imagination sweep you away into the magical ocean world with our Top 12 Stories About The Ocean!

Top 12 Stories About The Ocean for kids to read online:

  1. The Hungry Baby Sea Horse: The story is about a baby sea horse named Shelden who was very hungry and loved to eat. One day, he got too greedy and tried to eat an octopus, which got stuck in his mouth. His sea horse friends tried to pull it out, but they couldn’t. The cleverest among them came up with a plan, and with all their strength, the sea horses finally freed the octopus. Shelden learned an important lesson and lived happily ever after. The story is available as a downloadable ebook in PDF format.
  2. The Sea Horse’s Love Story: Two sea horses, Stormy and Nibbles, regularly crossed paths and got into territorial disputes. Stormy was angry that Nibbles had a larger territory and started trespassing, leading to conflict. However, over time they developed a fondness for each other and fell in love. Nibbles transferred her eggs to Stormy, who self-fertilized them in his pouch. After gestating for two weeks, Stormy gave birth to 500 baby sea horses, and they all lived happily ever after. An ebook of the story is available for download.
  3. Neptune: The story is about Neptune, the ocean god, who is disturbed to find his once clear and calm waters disrupted and filled with debris. He sends a dolphin to investigate and learns that a terrible storm is raging above. Neptune goes to calm the storm with his chariot and guidance from his faithful dolphins. He also rescues ships in distress and reproves the winds for their rough play. In the end, Neptune restores order and leaves a peaceful scene with the dolphins playing about him.
  4. Hilda’s Mermaid: In this story, Hilda lives in a cottage by the coast and loves the water. She often goes out on her boat to fish and wishes to see a mermaid. One night, during a storm, she finds a mermaid at her door seeking shelter. They spend the night talking and the mermaid tells Hilda about her life under the sea. The next morning, the mermaid is gone, but Hilda finds pieces of seaweed on the floor and hopes to see her friend again.
  5. The Jellyfish and the Monkey: In ancient Japan, the Dragon King of the Sea wants to find a bride and sends his advisors to find a Dragon Princess. They bring one to him, and they get married and live happily. One day, the Dragon Queen becomes ill and needs a live monkey’s liver to cure her. The Dragon King sends his servant, a jellyfish, to find one. The jellyfish tricks an ape into getting on his back and taking him to the Dragon King’s palace. However, he foolishly tells the ape that he needs his liver, and the ape refuses. The jellyfish returns empty-handed and loses his shell as punishment, leaving jellyfish completely soft today.
  6. The Sandpipers: A teacher shows a picture of a sandpiper to her students and explains that it has long legs because it lives near the sandy beach. She then tells a story about a sandpiper family who were playing on the beach when some men with guns approached. The mother and babies hid, but the father pretended to be injured and led the men away to protect his family. The story ends with the family feeling grateful and returning to the beach to play. The story is available for download as an ebook.
  7. The Sea: In this story, a group of children ask questions about the sea and its characteristics, such as its vastness, the topography of the ocean floor, and the depth and color of its waters. The children’s curiosity about the sea is satisfied through the detailed answers of their knowledgeable companion.
  8. Waves, Salt and Seaweed: The story is a dialogue between children and an adult explaining the power of the sea and the role of waves in keeping the ocean healthy. The adult discusses the taste and salt content of seawater, the harvesting of salt from salt marshes, and the various plants and creatures that live in the sea. They emphasize the importance of the ocean’s salutary agitation and explain how waves renew and vivify the water.
  9. Prince Roul’s Bride: In this fairytale, Prince Roul falls in love with a beautiful, poor girl named Leta. However, the King doesn’t approve and tries to keep them apart. They ride away from the King’s servants and over a cliff, where Leta discovers a magic powder that saves them and brings them to a beautiful white castle by the sea. They live in the castle and give the ogre’s stolen wealth to the poor. In the end, the King accepts Leta and they all live happily ever after.
  10. The Dolphin’s Bride: The story is about a beggar girl named Nitta who is turned out-of-doors by her hard-hearted aunt. She wanders through the woods and comes across the ocean where she meets a dolphin who offers her a home to take care of his house. Nitta agrees and jumps on the dolphin’s back and they swim to his house under the sea. The dolphin allows Nitta to choose a room to live in, and Nitta picks a beautiful blue room. The dolphin tells Nitta that a witch has put a spell on him and the only way to break it is to strike off his head. Nitta refuses to do so until she realizes that the dolphin is actually a prince and agrees to strike his head. She does so and the spell is broken, and the prince and Nitta get married.
  11. The Queen of the Sea: In the story, Father Neptune decides to give up his rule of the sea and asks the fish to choose a new ruler. They all choose the beautiful and kind mermaid, who is not happy with any of the materials for her crowning gown. She then offers to make the fish who bring her a satisfactory material sit beside her and help her rule. While the other fish are searching, an oyster shows the mermaid the most beautiful mother-of-pearl lining in his shell, which she uses to make her gown. The other fish return with their findings, but the mermaid is already wearing the gown made from the oyster’s shell. The story ends with the oyster resting on the arm of the mermaid’s throne, and the other fish not knowing the origin of her beautiful gown.
  12. The Battle of the Winds: Father Neptune tells the Little Mermaid the story of a battle between the North Wind and the East Wind which caused the waves to rise and the sea to become turbulent, debunking the popular myth that he causes storms. He explains that the restlessness of the sea is caused by the anger of the winds, and that he helps sailors. Father Neptune also mentions that he doesn’t allow the mermaids to come out on the rocks often because their beauty attracts sailors’ attention and can cause ships to run aground. A ship approaching signals the end of their conversation.

In conclusion, the Top 12 Stories About The Ocean offer young readers a captivating and educational journey into the deep blue. Featuring remarkable tales of underwater exploration, unique sea creatures, daring rescues, and creative ways to protect our oceans, these stories foster an appreciation for the vast and mysterious world beneath the waves. With colorful illustrations and engaging narratives, each tale inspires curiosity, promotes environmental awareness, and fuels the imagination of children, paving the way for future generations of ocean enthusiasts, adventurers, and caretakers of our marine ecosystems.