Legends Stories

Legends Stories

Welcome to the Top 12 Legends Stories collection, exclusively designed for kids, children, and toddlers to enjoy during story time or bedtime. Each easy-to-read, short, yet classic tale is available free online and includes educational, learning elements that are perfect for preschool, kindergarten, elementary students, and those in the early years foundation stage (EYFS). Our handpicked selection of Legends Stories charms both girls and boys with fairy tale-like plots and pictures that are sure to make them fall in love with these famous characters.

The importance of Legends Stories lies in their captivating nature, where the combination of real-life elements and fantastical components engages children’s imagination and encourages their curiosity. These stories make learning fun and provide life lessons along with a strong moral foundation, serving as a crucial aspect of their developmental journey. These entertaining tales can be enjoyed in various formats such as audio, pdf, printable, and read-aloud versions, catering to different reading preferences and enhancing the learning experience. So gather around for story time, and let’s dive into this fascinating collection of Legends Stories that’s perfect for kids’ night time or sleep rituals, ultimately helping them create long-lasting memories. Don’t miss the chance to download the best stories that have inspired generations of children!

Top 12 Legends Stories for kids to read online:

  1. The Flying Dutchman: A captain defies a storm and Easter traditions to set sail with his crew, determined to depart come what may. As they embark, the ship turns into a ghost ship with fiery red sails and a burned hull, and is said to sail through eternity, terrifying those at the Cape of Good Hope. Legends abound about the Flying Dutchman, which sails without finding a harbor, but its fate remains unknown even though sightings have become rare. The crew’s terrible fate emphasizes the importance of finding peace and a resting place, as there is nothing more dreadful than sailing forever on the sea.
  2. Till Eulenspiegel: In the story, Till Eulenspiegel is a mischievous boy who doesn’t like to learn or work. He enjoys entertaining people with his silly tricks and pranks, such as dancing on a cord above the river and tricking people into giving him their shoes before making them all fall into the water. He also outwits two thieves who tried to steal the beehive he was sleeping in and teaches his friends a lesson about enjoying the present moment. Despite his misbehavior, Till is a playful and happy-go-lucky character who brings laughter and joy to those around him.
  3. Genevieve of Brabant: The story is about a count’s daughter, Genevieve, who is married to Count Siegfried. When Siegfried goes to battle, Knight Golo becomes disloyal and imprisons Genevieve for several months, but allows her and her newborn son to live under oath that they would never come out of the forest. Genevieve manages to survive with her child by luring a deer, eating blueberries, and hiding in a cave. Meanwhile, Siegfried returns home but never receives the letters Genevieve wrote to him due to Golo’s betrayal. Several years later, Siegfried finds Genevieve and their son in the forest and recognizes his wife. They reunite and live happily ever after.
  4. Theseus and the Minotaur: The story is about a young boy named Theseus who sets out on a perilous journey to defeat the Minotaur, a creature that lives in a labyrinth on the island of Crete and devours seven young Athenians every year. He is successful in his quest with the help of Ariadne, the kind daughter of the cruel king who keeps the Minotaur. Afterward, he becomes the king of Athens, but his father tragically takes his own life due to a misunderstanding about the color of his ship’s sails. The story ends with Theseus becoming a beloved king.
  5. The Loch Ness Monster: The story is about Nessie, the famous creature that lives in Loch Ness. For centuries, she would swim to the surface and play with the people near the loch. However, an evil man tried to capture her, and Nessie had to hide in her secret cave at the bottom of the loch. Even though she would sometimes be seen, Nessie stayed hidden to stay safe and happy in her private world. People would always tell stories about the beautiful and mysterious Loch Ness monster. The story is available for download as a PDF.
  6. How Finn McCool became the leader of the Fianna: In ancient Ireland, there were kings, chiefs, lawyers, merchants, farmers, and the Fianna, a group of exceptional hunters and warriors who fought for the High King. When Cumhal, the leader of the Fianna, was killed by the jealous Clan Morna, his son, Demna/Finn, was hidden and raised in secret to protect him from his father’s enemies. As he grew older, Finn’s bravery and strength drew followers, and after fulfilling a prophecy, he was made the leader of the Fianna.
  7. The Tale of Vivionn the Giantess: Finn and his companions encounter a giantess named Vivionn on a hill and she requests their protection from her forced marriage to a king named Æda. Later, Æda appears and kills Vivionn in front of them, prompting Finn to order his companions to avenge her. They chase Æda to the bay but are unable to catch him. Vivionn reveals that the spear and shield Æda carried belonged to the King Oversea before she dies. The Fianna bury her and set up a pillar stone with her name and lineage carved on it.
  8. Saint Nicholas and Pete: This story tells about the character of Saint Nicholas, also known as the patron saint of children. It shares stories of his generosity and highlights how he has been celebrated in various parts of the world throughout history. In Holland, children put out their shoes for him to visit, and he brings gifts and fun things for them. His helper, named Pete, also takes care of his horse and helps distribute gifts. The story concludes by noting that the location of Saint Nicholas and Pete’s home in Spain remains a mystery.
  9. The Star Lovers: The story is about the Weaving Maiden, the daughter of the God of Light, who spends all day weaving at her loom. Her father insists that she stop and live like other gods. Eventually, she falls in love with the Guardian of the Heavens, but when her father banishes him, she becomes very sad. On the Seventh Day of the Seventh Moon, magpies come from far and wide to create a bridge over the Bright River of Heaven so that the Weaving Maiden can join her lover. However, if the weather is bad, they cannot create the bridge. So, true lovers are asked to pray to the gods for good weather.
  10. The Building of the Wall of Asgard: In this Norse mythology story, the gods of Asgard need a wall to protect them from giants, but they don’t have time to build it themselves. A stranger arrives and offers to build an indestructible wall in one year for the price of the sun, the moon, and the love goddess Freya. The gods are shocked by his price, but Loki advises them to let him continue with the condition that it is completed by the first day of summer. The stranger is revealed to be a giant who works with his horse, but Loki disguises himself as a mare and leads the horse away, causing the giant to fail to complete the wall on time. The gods are relieved to have the wall but feel uneasy about their trickery.
  11. The Legend of Oliver’s Adventure: A young boy named Oliver ventures into the forest to find the perfect gift for Mother’s Day. He stumbles upon a witch’s cottage, who offers to give him the berries and flowers he seeks in exchange for keeping her company. He ends up trapped by a curse that he can only break with the help of a kind wizard who saves him. Oliver returns home to his mother and cherishes every moment he has with her, passing down the story of his adventure to his own children. The story teaches the importance of love, family, and cherishing time with loved ones.
  12. The Indian Legend of the Trailing Arbutus: This story is about a Native American legend surrounding the creation of the arbutus. A beautiful maiden enters an old man’s lodge during a harsh winter and turns out to be a manifestation of nature, Mannaboosho. They converse and smoke two pipes, with each revealing their powers. As the old man sleeps, the maiden imbues the arbutus plant with her virtues and sweet breath, ensuring that only those who pick it on bended knee can do so. The arbutus grows only where the maiden had walked. Alongside the story, readers can download an ebook of the tale.

In conclusion, the Top 12 Legends Stories collection offers a captivating journey through time and cultures, providing kids a fascinating window into the realms of folklore and mythology. These timeless tales not only capture the imagination with their colorful characters and magical events but also impart valuable life lessons and cultural understanding. By exploring these enchanting stories, children develop a broader perspective, nurturing their creativity and empathy, all while being thoroughly entertained. Enriching and inspiring, these legendary tales will undoubtedly become cherished reading experiences that young readers will want to revisit time and again.